20 Unexpected Ways to Use Crisco in Your Home And Garden

Always, always keep Crisco in your pantry! Besides being great for cooking, baking, and frying, Crisco has many other practical uses in and around your home.

Crisco, also known as crystallized cottonseed oil, was invented as a substitute for lard in soapmaking.

Initially made from plant fats, fibers, and partially hydrogenated oils with cottonseed oil as a base, Crisco is now mostly made from soybean oil.

The Shelf Time of Crisco

Because Crisco liquifies at room temperature and solidifies when cooled without going rancid, it has a long shelf life.

According to the label, Crisco can last for about 24 months in an unopened container, but it can remain viable for much longer, especially for many of the uses listed below.

Apparently you can put a wick in a can of Crisco to make a candle that burns for 45 days – Reddit/JiveMonkey

20 Surprising Uses of Crisco at Home

Leather conditioner: Apply a small amount of Crisco to leather boots, bags, or furniture to moisturize and restore suppleness.

Rust prevention: Rub Crisco onto metal tools or outdoor furniture to create a protective barrier against rust.

Remove adhesive residue: Use Crisco to loosen and remove sticky residue left behind by stickers or labels.

Wood polish: Mix Crisco with a bit of vinegar to create a natural wood polish for furniture or wooden surfaces.

Lubricate squeaky hinges: Apply a small amount of Crisco to squeaky door hinges or cabinet hinges to silence them.

Prevent snow buildup: Coat shovels, snow blowers, and other winter tools with Crisco to prevent snow from sticking to them.

Waterproofing: Use Crisco to waterproof leather boots or gloves by applying a thin layer and allowing it to absorb.

Garden tool care: Coat garden tools with Crisco to prevent soil from sticking and rust from forming.

Candle making: Use Crisco as a base for homemade candles by mixing it with wax and essential oils.

Crayon removal: Apply Crisco to walls or surfaces with crayon marks, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe away.

Pet paw protection: Rub a small amount of Crisco onto your pet’s paw pads to protect them from hot pavement or icy sidewalks.

Bicycle chain lubricant: Apply a thin layer of Crisco to bicycle chains to keep them lubricated and prevent rust.

Garden slug deterrent: Create a barrier around plants by spreading Crisco to deter slugs and other pests.

Makeup remover: Use Crisco as a gentle and effective makeup remover for waterproof mascara and long-lasting lipsticks.

Prevent door freeze: Rub Crisco along the rubber seals of car doors to prevent them from freezing shut in cold weather.

Bird feeder lubricant: Apply Crisco to the pole or hanger of bird feeders to prevent squirrels from climbing up and accessing the food.

DIY lip balm: Mix Crisco with beeswax and essential oils to create your own moisturizing lip balm.

Furniture scratch repair: Rub Crisco into scratches on wooden furniture to help minimize their appearance.

Prevent soap scum: Apply a thin layer of Crisco to shower doors and tiles to help prevent soap scum buildup.

Polish stainless steel: Use Crisco to shine and polish stainless steel appliances and fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom.

These are just a few creative ways to use Crisco beyond the kitchen!

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