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This simple trick makes your bathroom & toilet smell amazing! (No more urine smell)

Have you ever visited someone’s home and noticed a slight smell in the bathroom, even though it looked clean?  Or are you worried that you’re too used to the smells in your toilet, but guests to your home might notice? No worries, because we’ll tackle those little-known areas that might harbor grime and odors, yet go unnoticed. Pretty […]

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Sprinkle A Handful of Salt In The Toilet – The Results Are Powerful

Are you guilty of letting salt sit unused or expire in your kitchen cupboard? While salt is a staple in food preparation, its potential goes beyond seasoning dishes—it’s a powerful disinfectant too. Salt kills bacteria on fabrics and surfaces because it has natural properties that fight against germs. It’s like a natural disinfectant. Also, salt is great for […]

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Mom Surprised to Find That Other Parents Clean Bathtubs Before Their Kids’ Baths

The newest parenting discussion making the rounds online is all about bathtubs. Some parents argue that it’s necessary to thoroughly clean the bathtub with soap before letting their kids bathe. Others, though, say they’ve never even thought about it and just plop their kids in without any extra scrubbing. So, who’s got it right? It all started with a […]

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