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Nostalgic items you’d find in a 1970s living room

Things You’ll Find In A 1970s Living Room1. Shag CarpetsShag carpets were a defining feature of 1970s décor, known for their long, fluffy pile that provided a cozy and luxurious feel to living spaces. Often found in bold colors such as burnt orange, avocado green, or harvest gold, shag carpets added warmth and texture to […]

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What happened to Sunday Dinners?

When I was young, Sundays were quite different from what they are now. We’d start with Sunday School, then head to church at 11 a.m. After church, we’d come home to the delicious smell of Sunday Roast Dinner, which my parents had prepared early in the morning while we were at church.We’d eat around 1 […]

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14 Home Appliances Popular in The 50s But Not Anymore

Step back in time to the 1950s, a period when homes buzzed with a different set of appliances. Back then, chores like laundry and cooking were tackled with tools that may seem ancient by today’s standards. Let’s take a nostalgic journey and explore home appliances from the 1950s that have faded into obscurity!Iceboxes: Before the […]

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Why Have We Stopped Making Good, Strong Hooks?

Metal slip-in hooks were once a popular choice for hanging curtains with pinch pleat or pencil pleat headings. These hooks featured two prongs that slid into the fabric folds of the curtain heading, providing a really secure attachment to the curtain rod or track.While slip-in hooks were widely used in the past due to their […]

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13 Creative Ways To Use Up Soon-To-Expire Yogurt

Why do we always end up with too much yogurt before our next grocery trip? It’s easy to overestimate how much we’ll eat, especially when it’s a healthy option like Greek yogurt that’s convenient and loved by kids. Despite our good intentions, we often find ourselves facing a container that’s about to expire, with too little […]

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