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What do you make sure to clean before guests come over?

Introducing guests into your home is always an exciting but nerve-wrecking experience, especially when you want your home to look clean and inviting! Experts agree that paying attention to certain cleaning tasks can make a BIG difference in the overall presentation of your home. So, here are eight things you should always clean before guests arrive!1. Places […]

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26 Amazing Uses For Original Blue Dawn Dish Soap… Not Just For Dishes Anymore!

Wild Life CleanerDawn Dishwashing Liquid is the top choice for cleaning wildlife after an oil spill because it effectively removes grease without harming animals’ skin. It’s biodegradable, phosphate-free, and safe for our environment.BubblesMake your own giant bubbles with Dawn dishwashing liquid. Mix it with warm water and glycerin or White Karo syrup to create a […]

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