Aquarius Compatibility: Dating The Most Emotionless Zodiac Lover

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It’s not easy being an Aquarius. They often get labeled as cold, distant, ruthless and unsympathetic. But truth be told, they’re just choosy about where they invest their energy. If you’re boring, don’t blame them for keeping you at arm’s length. Ahem.

Yet many signs find Aquarius lovers intriguing for their unique perspectives, often drawn to their aloof “bad boy” or “bad girl” archetype, while secretly hoping to uncover their hidden good heart.

All About Aquarius

Here’s the truth: Aquarius isn’t your typical hearts-and-flowers kind of lover; they’re the ones who’ll woo you with their unconventional charm and quirky deadpan sarcasm.

They’ll challenge your perceptions, push your boundaries, and keep you on your toes with their unpredictable nature. Forget about candlelit dinners; with Aquarius, you might find yourself stargazing on a rooftop or dancing in the rain just for the heck of it.

But beware, their independent spirit means they value their freedom fiercely. Don’t try to clip their wings or box them in!

Despite being emotionally reserved at times, they deeply care about people and secretly wish they were more like other more expressive signs. Aquarians usually care about humanitarian causes, and dating one might just inspire you to think bigger and aim higher in everything you do.

What Each Sign Thinks About Aquarius As A Lover


Gemini, an air sign like Aquarius, shares their intellectual energy and love for talking your ears off. They’re like two peas in a pod, staying up all night on a date swapping conspiracy theories. Sure, Gemini might raise an eyebrow at some of Aquarius’s unconventional ideas, but they don’t care as long as they’re down for a little adventure. Aquarius’s aloofness might send a few mixed signals, but Gemini’s curiosity is piqued, and they’re ready to play.


Libra thinks dating Aquarius is like trying to read a book with half the pages missing—frustratingly perplexing. Libra thrives on connection but sometimes Aquarius seems to be floating in their own bubble, lightyears away.

Coupled with the fact that Aquarius can be maddeningly unpredictable, Libra might feel like they’re always playing a game of emotional chess, with Aquarius making moves that leave Libra simultaneously baffled and intrigued.


Sagittarius is a great match for Aquarius due to their shared passion and love for life. They’re drawn to Aquarius’ unconventional ideas and love that they’re always down to join in on the fun. With Sagittarius by their side, they feel empowered to dream big and think outside the box. And when Sagittarius and Aquarius hit the bedroom, it’s like fireworks on the 4th of July – they’re thrilled by Aquarius’ unconventional approach and love that they’re always up for trying something new.


Taurus, an earth sign, and Aquarius do not naturally jive. Taurus will struggle trying to ground free-spirited Aquarius, which is bound to create tension. Similarly, Taurus might find themselves scratching their head at Aquarius’ seemingly “robot mode”, when they’re trying in the mood for that warm, fuzzy feeling of love.


Cancer, a water sign, brings intense emotions that may overwhelm the logical Aquarian mindset. At the start of the relationship, Aquarius might appear to be allergic to Cancer’s need for reassurance, but Cancer can’t help but see it as a challenge.

They’re determined to crack through Aquarius’s cool exterior and show them the warmth and comfort they secretly desire. When dating Aquarius, Cancer’s mind races with questions. They’ll wonder if Aquarius is plotting something or just lost in thought.


Leo, with their majestic mane and flair for the dramatic, might initially be drawn to Aquarius’s unique personality. But Leo thrives on attention, and they’ll be frustrated that Aquarius isn’t as much an adoring fan as they want. In fact, Aquarius’s detached demeanor can leave Leo feeling a bit… well, unloved.


Virgo, the organized perfectionist, eye Aquarius with a mix of fascination and mild horror. They’re both intellectual signs, so Virgo admires Aquarius’s intellectual prowess and finds their sometimes odd, offbeat conspiracy theories kinda cute. I mean, who wouldn’t be?

But deep down, Virgo is also silently freaking out over Aquarius’s unpredictability. I mean, where’s the to-do list? Where’s the agenda? Virgo treats meticulous planning and maintaining order like a religion, but Aquarius is like, “Let’s just wing it and see where the wind takes us!”


For Capricorn, dating Aquarius is a dance of admiration, frustration, and a touch of skepticism. At the onset, Capricorn admires the free-spirited and intellectually stimulating nature of Aquarius. However, as the dance progresses, Capricorn may start to feel frustrated by Aquarius’ unpredictable nature. Skepticism may come into play as they question Aquarius’ commitment too. Aquarians’ detachment can sometimes be misconstrued by Capricorn as a lack of interest or investment in the relationship.


Dating your own kind? Well, this is interesting… On one hand, Aquarius appreciates someone who’s equally passionate about saving the world and discussing the latest scientific breakthroughs. But it’s hard for two fiercely independent souls to make a relationship work. It’s like they’re both standing on opposite ends of the emotional spectrum, waving from a distance.


Aries and Aquarius have a compatibility that’s like mixing fire with lightning – it’s electrifying! These two signs share a lot of common ground despite their differences. Aries admires Aquarius’ intellect and originality, while Aquarius is drawn to Aries’ passion and fearlessness. Aquarius’ detachment might frustrate Aries’ need for emotional intensity. But hey, what’s a little friction in the midst of all that sizzling chemistry?


Pisces can’t help but be drawn to Aquarius, but again, Aquarius is as emotionally aloof as a cat in a sunbeam. Pisces, on the other hand, wears their heart on their sleeve like a neon sign. So, you can imagine the internal tug-of-war Pisces is going through.

Yet, despite the uncertainties, Pisces can’t help but hang onto the relationship. Who knows? Maybe underneath that cool exterior lies a soft, squishy center just waiting to be discovered.


If Aquarius is “emotionless”, Scorpio is on the other end of the spectrum. This intense water sign feels things on a level that could make the ocean jealous. Aquarius, on the other hand, is more cerebral and detached. They’re not always comfortable diving into the emotional deep end like Scorpio is. Dating Aquarius is like playing with fire, but Scorpio can’t help but want to embrace the heat and see where the flames take them.

Other Factors That Affect Compatibility for Aquarius

Moon Sign (AKA Emotional Connection)

While your Sun* sign reflects your personality, drive, and ambitions, your Moon sign reveals your inner feelings and emotions.

For example, an Aquarius with a Cancer Moon might have a sensitive, nurturing side that they may not show to just anyone. In contrast, an Aquarius with an Aries Moon can create a fascinating individual – someone who’s not only creative and forward-thinking but also incredibly organized and methodical.

In relationships, understanding your Moon signs is perhaps even more important – because it predicts depth of emotional connection, and compatibility dynamics within a partnership.

*When people refer to their Zodiac sign, they usually mean their Sun sign.


1. Can signs incompatible with Aquarius still enjoy a happy relationship together?

Yes! Compatibility isn’t solely determined by your astrological (sun) sign. In fact, a Moon sign reading provides predictions that are more accurate and precise, especially for relationships. For a free Moon reading, check out this free online tool.

2. Why do certain zodiac signs have better romantic chemistry with Aquarius?

Certain zodiac signs like Gemini and Libra share similar values and outlooks on life with Aquarius, making their astrological compatibility strong for love.

3. Are there any star signs that might not be a good match for Aquarius?

While all relationships require work, Taurus and Scorpio might struggle more with relationship compatibility due to differing personality traits from those of an Aquarius.

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