10 Obvious Signs Of An Aquarius In Love

Are you noticing some unique changes in the Aquarius you know? It's a fact that Aquarius can be quite enigmatic, especially in matters of the heart. This article will guide you through the obvious signs an Aquarius is falling for you, making it easier to understand their feelings.

How An Aquarius in Love Behaves

Shares dreams and plans

An Aquarius in love opens up about their future and includes you in their plans. They will talk about dreams they want to achieve, places they wish to visit, and life goals they aim to accomplish with you by their side.

This gesture shows that they see a long-term relationship with you and value your presence in their future.

They also ask for your opinions on big decisions because your thoughts matter to them. Sharing plans becomes a way for Aquarius individuals to show trust and commitment. It's their form of saying you are important, and they want you in every part of their life journey.

Flirts when alone

When alone, an Aquarius shows subtle signs of attraction and affection through flirty texts and playful teasing. They may express their feelings through affectionate touches and increased interest in spending time with you.

Aquarius men, especially, gradually ramp up their romantic gestures as a way to show their growing confidence and interest in the person they like or love.

They become more open about their feelings and seek opportunities to be close to the person they are interested in, showing a gradual transformation from aloofness to flirtatious behavior when alone.

Engages in deep conversations

Aquarius in love engages in deep conversations about their dreams and aspirations, showing a genuine interest in your thoughts and ideas. They enjoy discussing meaningful topics and sharing their innermost feelings, connecting with you on an intellectual and emotional level.

Aquarians show their love by diving into thought-provoking discussions while remaining loyal lovers who genuinely care for their partner's well-being. Their inclination towards deep conversations aligns with the traits of an Aquarius, emphasizing intellectual connection as a vital aspect of their loving nature.

Talks about you to others

Aquarius in love speaks highly of you to others, lauding your qualities and expressing pride. They want everyone to know how special you are to them. They share stories about your achievements and their admiration for you, demonstrating the depth of their affection publicly.

Gives full attention

An Aquarius in love gives you their undivided attention. They focus on you when you speak, maintaining eye contact and actively listening to every word. Their body language also shows that they are fully present, leaning in and nodding as you talk.

When with you, an Aquarius is not easily distracted by their surroundings or electronic devices but rather completely engrossed in the moment with you. This attentive behavior reflects their genuine interest and adoration for the person they love.

Wants to spend time with you

An Aquarius in love will actively seek your company, wanting to spend time with you whenever possible. They'll initiate plans for outings or quality time together and genuinely enjoy being in your presence.

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Whether it's a romantic date night or just hanging out as friends, an Aquarius will prioritize spending meaningful moments with you. This increased interest and desire to be around you are clear signs of their affection and growing feelings.

Shows physical affection

An Aquarius in love will show physical affection by initiating gentle touches and seeking closeness. They may hold hands, give hugs, or cuddle to express their warmth and care without words.

Treats you as their best friend

Aquarius, when in love, will treat you as their best friend. They'll share their innermost thoughts and feelings with you easily, just like they would with a close friend.

This means you're likely to have deep conversations about everything from dreams and aspirations to fears and worries. They will involve you in decision-making and ask for your opinion, just like they would with a best friend.

Romantic outings

Aquarius, as an air sign ruled by the planet Uranus, is known for their innovative and unconventional approach to love. They are drawn to unique and exciting experiences, especially with the one they love, so romantic dates are their way of showing their love.

If you find yourself going stargazing at a secluded spot away from city lights, or taking a spontaneous road trip to a nearby town or scenic spot with your Aquarius, chances are they've fallen head over heels for you!

Makes you a priority

While they typically prioritize independence, when Aquarius fall in love, they are more willing to make their partner a priority. This shift in behavior is normal for Aquarians when they find someone they deeply care about.

Teases you playfully

Aquarius is often perceived as distant and aloof, but its ruling planet, Uranus, also brings an element of unpredictability and eccentricity to its personality. In fact, Aquarius signs actually possess a hidden playfulness.

This playful side only emerges when they are in the company of loved ones, as they feel comfortable enough to let down their guard. In these moments, Aquarians in love may engage playful teasing, showing that they enjoy your company and wants to keep the mood light between you both.

Shows care and non-judgment

Although Aquarius folks have a reputation for being judgmental of people who are too emotional or "conventional", an Aquarius in love shows care by being a supportive and understanding partner. They prefer to tend to the emotional well-being of their partner while providing unwavering support without passing any judgment.

Conclusion: Aquarius in Love

In conclusion, an Aquarius in love may show signs such as sharing dreams, engaging in deep conversations, giving full attention, talking about you to others and showing physical affection.

Furthermore, they may take you on romantic outings, treat you as their best friend, tease you playfully, show care and non-judgment and ultimately trust and commit to you. If an Aquarius likes you, they will display increased interest in spending time with you and flirt when alone.

These are the clear indicators that an Aquarius is smitten with love.

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1. How can you tell if an Aquarius man is in love?

You can tell an Aquarius man is in love by his romantic gestures, increased loyalty, and the way he adores and flirts with the person he loves.

2. Does astrology say anything about who an Aquarius might be compatible with?

Yes, astrology suggests that compatibility for an Aquarius involves matching their intellectual curiosity, need for independence, and desire for a meaningful connection which varies from one zodiac sign to another.

3. Can I attract an Aquarius man if our signs are incompatible?

Yes, it's possible to attract an Aquarius man even if you're seemingly incompatible. Check out these Aquarius man secrets on the next page.

4. What is the love language of an Aquarius?

The love language of an Aquarius often includes acts of service and quality time spent together engaging in intellectually stimulating activities or exploring new ideas.

5. Are there any obvious signs when an Aquarius has a crush?

When an Aquarius has a crush, they might show it through constant attention towards the person's interests, making grand romantic gestures based on what they know about them, and trying to connect on a deeper emotional level.

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