Aries Compatibility: Ranked From Best To Worst Pairing

Finding true love can be hard for an Aries. These fiery signs often dive headfirst into love, but their passion can fade just as rapidly – making it hard for relationships to stick. Despite this, Aries possesses many lovable qualities, as long as they find the right match.

This article will guide you through the best and least romantically compatible signs for Aries, so keep reading!

All About Aries

Ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and action, people born under Aries have fiery and bold personalities. They often lead with confidence, directness, and have a knack for risk-taking. Always up for a thrill, they're the daredevils of the zodiac, ready to conquer new horizons at the drop of a hat.

As the first sign of the zodiac and a cardinal sign, Aries are natural leaders, a habit they take on with them in their relationships. Aries is usually the one to initiate dates, plan outings, and mapping out the couple's next big adventure.

This masculine sign can sometimes come off as aggressive, but at their core, they have good intentions. As a spontaneous and competitive fire sign, Aries tends to be most compatible with other fire signs, as well as air signs.

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Most Compatible Zodiac Signs for Aries


Leo and Aries tend to make a powerful soulmate pairing, filled with passion, energy and enthusiasm. As fire signs, they are both spontaneous, adventurous, and love to take the lead.

They're a great match as Aries is a cardinal sign, which provides the drive to start new projects. Leo, on the other hand, is a fixed sign, which fuels stability, determination, and loyalty once they commit to something.

This combination of cardinal and fixed qualities can create a well-balanced partnership where Aries initiates new ideas and ventures, while Leo provides stability and support to see them through!

Leo's ruling planet, the Sun, also represents creativity and self-expression – which is a perfect complement to Mars, Aries' planet of action and energy. Additionally, Leo's warm-hearted nature provides the support and loyalty that Aries values in a romantic relationship.

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Like Aries, Sagittarius is also a fire sign, making them highly compatible. Both signs share a spontaneous and adventurous nature that creates an exciting and passionate relationship. Sagittarius' love for exploration and freedom aligns well with Aries' energetic and independent personality.

Since Sagittarius is a mutable sign, which signifies adaptability, flexibility, and openness to change, it pairs well with Aries as a cardinal sign. In this pairing, Aries can take the lead in the relationship, while Sagittarius adds flexibility to the mix.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good vibes, while Aries brings fiery gusto with Mars. Together, this duo is driven by a sense of adventure, exploration, and a thirst for knowledge.

Sagittarius also values honesty and seeks intellectual stimulation - traits that resonate strongly with Aries's straightforwardness and curiosity. Their shared desire for new experiences makes them natural companions, always seeking excitement in their journey together.


Aries and Gemini are traditionally compatible, given the former is a fire sign and the latter is an air sign. Fire needs air to keep burning, so they can fuel each other's enthusiasm and ideas.

They make a great team too because Gemini is a mutable sign, meaning they're good at adjusting to different situations, while Aries's cardinal quality helps the duo come up with new ideas on the fly.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, intellect, and curiosity. This gives Gemini a quick wit and a thirst for knowledge. Naturally, both signs find each other mentally stimulating, and enjoy lively debates and discussions.

But hold your horses, because both Aries and Gemini can be impulsive. They're the type to jump headfirst into things without even peeking at the warning signs. This could brew up disagreements or conflicts if they go charging ahead without so much as a second thought.


Aries and Aquarius make quite the power couple! Both are independent and forward-thinking, always seeking excitement and innovation. Aries, ruled by Mars, adds the fiery passion, while Aquarius, ruled by Uranus and Saturn, brings intellectual depth and humanitarian spirit.

Aquarius' creative nature complements Aries' passionate energy, creating a powerful team that knows how to get things started (and finished!)

However, this pair will need to pay attention to this potential weak spot:

Aquarius tends to approach relationships intellectually, which can make them seem cold. When fiery Aries meets Aquarius's cool demeanor, they might wonder, "Are they even feeling anything?" But with a bit of effort and understanding, they can find their groove and make it work.


For an Aries-Aries pairing, it's like doubling down on fire energy! These two share a lot in common, both being passionate, energetic, and driven.

Only an Aries can truly understand an Aries, and they'll easily match each other's pace, thriving on their shared energy. They also understand each other's need for independence and excitement, making for a dynamic and exhilarating relationship.

However, with two strong-willed individuals, conflicts may arise if they both try to take the lead. They'll need to learn to compromise and balance their fiery tempers to keep the flames of their love burning bright.


As an air sign, Libra seems like a good match for fiery Aries. They're astrological opposites, and naturally these signs will find themselves drawn to each other.

Represented by the scales, Libra helps bring balance and thoughtfulness to energetic and spontaneous Ram. Meanwhile, Aries encourages forever-diplomatic Libra speak their mind.

However, Aries should be aware that a relationship with Libra involves compromise and patience. Aries may prefer to make quick decisions based on their instincts, while Libra tends to weigh all options carefully before committing.

Despite potential challenges, if both signs are willing to communicate openly and find common ground, they can make the relationship work in the long run.

Least Compatible Zodiac Signs for Aries


This pairing can be like mixing fire and water - fire can either warm water or cause it to boil over. Although it can be a steamy union, bold and assertive Aries may find it challenging to connect with Cancer's watery emotional depth and sensitivity.

Like Aries, Cancer is also a cardinal sign, but in a more subtle and nurturing way. These sensitive signs are driven to explore the emotional realm, resulting in them being moody at times. For rational and fiery Aries, this can be both attractive and a turn-off.

In the same vein, Aries rules the 1st house that's all about "me, myself, and I", while Cancer rules the 4th house (valuing emotional ties and family bonds). So, they tend to run into clashes since Aries craves independence, while Cancer wants that warm, fuzzy feeling of being part of a close-knit clan.


This dynamic pairing blends fire with earth, and may complement each other well. In fact, given that Capricorn rules the 10th house, associated with career & ambition, this pair can achieve great heights if they can make their differences work.

The biggest potential pitfall for them is perhaps how Capricorn values stability and security, while Aries craves excitement and change. Think of it this way: If Aries is blazing wildfire, Capricorn is a sturdy mountain, unmoved by the tempestuous flames.

They may need to navigate potential conflicts arising from Aries' impulsiveness clashing with Capricorn's cautious nature, as well as differences in communication styles and priorities.


Virgo, though meticulous and pragmatic, may clash with Aries due to differing temperaments. Virgos are known for their analytical nature and attention to detail, which may conflict with Aries' impulsiveness and spontaneity.

While both signs value hard work and dedication, Virgo's practical approach to life might not align well with the daring and sometimes reckless energy of Aries. Additionally, Virgo's tendency towards caution can contrast sharply with Aries' bold decisions.

A relationship between Aries and Virgo could encounter challenges in finding common ground due to their contrasting personality traits.


Pisces, a water sign, can be both seductive and confusing for Aries. Pisces' dreamy and sensitive nature may find it hard to deal with Aries' directness and perpetual commitment issues.

In truth, Pisces' adaptability can be attractive to Aries’ fiery energy at first, creating a bond rooted in creativity and compassion. It's essential for the duo to communicate openly and respect each other’s emotional needs without feeling suffocated by them.

Aries should approach relationships with Pisces with patience and understanding of their partner’s deep emotions. Understanding that differences don’t necessarily hinder compatibility will help build a strong foundation for this relationship.


Scorpio, a water sign known for its intensity and passion, tends to clash with Aries due to their contrasting traits. Scorpios value privacy and emotional depth, which can be at odds with Aries' outgoing nature.

Their shared stubbornness and assertiveness can lead to power struggles rather than harmony in the relationship. Despite this, both signs tend to share a deep commitment to each other if they enter a relationships, which may provide common ground if they are willing to compromise.

Aries could find themselves drawn towards Scorpio as they admire the scorpion's magnetic personality and determination. However, navigating the complexities of these two strong-willed signs requires understanding and patience from both parties.

Other Factors That Affect Compatibility for Aries

Moon Sign (AKA Emotional Connection)

While your Sun* sign reflects your personality, drive, and ambitions, your Moon sign reveals your inner feelings and emotions.

For example, an Aries with a Cancer moon can be deeply sensitive and nurturing, adding emotional depth to their bold Aries nature. In contrast, an Aries with a Sagittarius moon may crave freedom alongside their adventurous Aries demeanor.

In relationships, understanding your Moon signs is perhaps even more important – because it predicts depth of emotional connection, and compatibility dynamics within a partnership.

*When people refer to their Zodiac sign, they usually mean their Sun sign.


1. Can signs incompatible with Aries still enjoy a happy relationship together?

Yes! Compatibility isn't solely determined by your astrological (sun) sign. In fact, a Moon sign reading provides predictions that are more accurate and precise, especially for relationships. For a free Moon reading, check out this free online tool.

2. How does astrology determine Aries' compatibility?

Astrology uses the positions of stars and planets at your birth time to show how well Aries meshes with other zodiac signs in romantic relationships.

4. Can horoscope help me find my perfect match if I'm an Aries?

Reading your horoscope can give insights into your astrological compatibility with others by highlighting relationship strengths and challenges based on your signs. You should still consider other factors such as individual personalities, communication skills, shared values, and mutual respect!

5. What makes the Aries personality desirable in romantic relationships?

An Aries personality is adventurous, energetic, and passionate, making them exciting partners who often bring enthusiasm and novelty into their romantic relationships!

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