Best Hanging Laundry Hamper Bags for Small Spaces


Space is a premium in your house.

You’re kicking over that huge laundry basket every time you walk past it.

Your kids leave their dirty clothes all over the floor.

Your bathroom looks messy.

Then you need to get a hanging laundry hamper. This brilliant invention will save you some precious space in your apartment, help you clear up the messy clothes and your kids will start to put away their clothes.

Here, we look at some of the best hanging laundry hampers in the market that will get the job done.

  • Wide opening
  • Zipper at bottom
  • Over-the-Door + Adhesive Hooks
  • Wide opening
  • PU-Coated
  • Over-the-Door Hooks Only
  • Wide opening
  • Nice design
  • Over-the-Door Hooks Only
  • Circular opening
  • 3 Colors
  • Over-the-Door Hooks Only
  • Circular opening
  • Thin and light
  • Over-the-Door + Adhesive Hooks

Best Hanging Laundry Hamper for Small Spaces

After buying and testing some of the popular options, this is our top choice.

Firstly, this laundry bag is made up of a tough and durable Oxford fabric material. This material is breathable and waterproof, meaning you can toss it into the washing machine together with the clothes inside.

This is the only slim laundry hamper we found that has the zipper actually at the bottom. The other options have their zipper at the back – and not at the bottom – and that causes small pieces of clothes to get stuck when you want to unload.

But not this hamper. It allows for super easy unloading into a laundry basket or directly into the washing machine. No need to ‘wrestle’ with the bag to pull out those stuck items. That means less frustration on an already boring chore.


Unlike many other options where the opening is a small hole, this laundry bag has a wide opening. This allows for easy tossing into the bag and is especially encouraging to kids who like to pretend they are playing basketball.

I also like that they provide 2 types of hooks. One over-the-door option that is easy to install; literally just place it over the door. The paint on it makes it tougher than the other options.

The other hook is a nice bonus for people who are not as tall and might not be able to reach the top. It appears as an adhesive hook and you can paste it on the middle of the door, on the walls, inside a closet and any other smooth surfaces.

This seriously helps to save more space and encourages our kids to use it.

There’s no need to use a step stool if you’re vertically challenge like me. I’m surprised the other sellers haven’t thought of this.

Now I have to admit, the adhesive hook isn’t the strongest quality out there. You’ll first have to let it stick in place for an hour before tossing your clothes in. It can hold about a week’s worth of clothing without falling off.

Not a big deal for most users because you should really start doing laundry after one week.

Not to mention the design is just so cute! My kids really love it. It serves as a constant reminder for us to do our laundry.

Like the previous option, this laundry hamper has a wide opening at the top. It allows for easy tossing in of our clothes.

The bag is also made of a durable material and is PU coated – which makes it water-resistant.

They also provide 2 very strong chrome hooks. They are great for using on the door, though there were a handful of customers who didn’t receive the hooks.

What they lack is a pair of hooks for the shorter users and children. My kids couldn’t reach the bag without using a step stool.

This bag has a huge capacity, so it’s a good option for those who hate doing laundry regularly.

Even though it is advertised as having the zipper at the bottom, it isn’t at the true bottom. I had a few pieces of socks and undies left in it when I unloaded them into the washer.

It’s kinda frustrating to have to keep finding them.

I thought this is a great option for those living in RVs and campervans or traveling where laundry is not a regular chore.

This is another hanging laundry bag with a creative design. If appearance is something you care about, this might be a good option.

The features of this bag are very similar to the previous one we reviewed:

  • Pu-coated, strong fabric.
  • 2 Chrome door hooks.
  • Wide opening.

It feels like the exact same bag just with a nicer design.

However, upon receiving it, I realized they have changed the material and it’s more of a flimsy plastic material, not that cloth material they advertised.

Not a big deal, as it gets the job done.

Wish they came with adhesive hooks for my kids though!

Oh, did I mention this is pretty expensive?

This narrow laundry hamper from Urban Mom carries a different look.

Instead of a wide opening like the previous 3, this one has a circular hole at the top of the bag. This does make it look cool and new, though it is a struggle getting the clothes in.

It comes in different colors; grey, teal and green so it’s nice to mix it up.

It is carry-friendly, meaning you can carry the entire bag by its handles and bring it to the washer.

The zipper on this bag is lower than the previous 2, but not at the true bottom. It’s not as frustrating as the other options when you’d have to ‘wrestle’ to get out the bags.

The biggest complaint I have with this bag is that the hooks are very weak. Looking at the other customers’ reviews, many would agree. It didn’t take long for the hooks to bend and scrape my wooden door.

Also, the bag is smaller than the others and get filled up in 4 days. Otherwise, it gets the job done.

The first thing I like about this laundry hamper is that it comes with different hooks.

Like our first option, it comes with 2 over-the-door hooks, 2 adhesive hooks and they throw in 2 extra suction hooks. This seriously helps with the shorter users and especially my kids.

It is made of nylon material and is pretty smooth to touch, and might be washable.

It is super thin and lightweight and makes it a great option for traveling or college dorms.

This bag has the circular hole design which makes it look cool but not as easy to toss in the clothes.

And like the previous bag, the zipper is low but not at true bottom. So, it’s a compromise.

The suction hooks seem useful but they can only be used on smooth surfaces and honestly, not that strong.

What to consider when a Hanging Laundry Hamper?

There you have it, 5 of the best-selling hanging laundry hampers on the market.

Here is a quick summary and buying guide.

  • You’d want one that has a wide opening so you can easily toss clothes in.
  • You’d want one that has a way to hang the bag lower so that shorter user and children can reach it easily.
  • You’d want one that has the zipper at the bottom, not at the back, so that you won’t be frustrated trying to pull out the pieces stuck at the bottom.
  • You may want to consider the design. Either a plain bag or a cute/creative design.

Based on all these factors, I’d say that this bag (Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow) is the best hanging laundry hamper in the market right now.

P.S It also comes with a special bonus ebook: 65 Space-Saving Storage Tips for Your Home.

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