Best Quiet Kettles 2024: Reviews and Buying Guide

best quiet kettles

The kettle we boil water with is one of the very first appliances we use once we wake up.

While it may not seem that important, for me, having a good silent kettle can make all the difference to my morning routine.

I like having a quiet and calm environment in my house especially in the mornings.

Therefore, it is important to me that my kettle gives a fast and quiet boil for my morning cup of tea – which is my favorite part of the day!

There are many benefits to using a kettle to boil your water over simply using your stove or microwave. A quiet kettle gives you not only a faster but also a more energy efficient boil. 

Also, if you are a tea drinker like me who is precise about the temperature of your water to get the best flavor out of your hot beverage, kettles are usually the best option for you to go.

best quiet kettles

What to consider when buying Quiet Kettles?

In this quick guide, I will review 5 of the best quietest kettles which you can purchase online.

Other than the quiet factor, the following are the features that I considered when picking out these products.

Speed of the Boil

Let’s face it, nobody likes waiting for hours to boil water in the morning!

Multiple temperature options

One of the main differences between boiling water using a stove and a kettle is the ability to select different temperature options other than a full boiling point.


The cost of a silent kettle differs depending on the quality and the capacity.


This is an often-overlooked factor that you should pay attention to, especially if you have children around the house. It is always better to pick a kettle with less exterior heating.


As an appliance that is used almost daily, it is important that the kettle is made of durable materials which require minimal maintenance.

Best Quiet Kettles 2021

Cuisinart has been a big name in the home appliances industry since the 70s.

This very sophisticated programmable kettle by them is one of the bestselling and most highly rated electric kettles online, and deservedly so!

It comes with 6 different preset settings for the temperature that you can set when you want your water in a specific temperature.

The power base is designed to swivel, making it more convenient for you when it comes to plugging it.

The handle will stay cool regardless of the condition of the water, and it is made of a material that has a strong grip which makes the product extra safe especially for children.

If you are an avid coffee drinker who is very specific about your coffee flavors, the "French Press" preset of this quiet electric kettle will help you bring the perfect flavors out of your fresh coffee grinds.

You will not have any mineral build up issues with this product as well. The scale filter of the product is removable and cleanable when needed, always keeping your water fresh and clean.

It also has a 30 minute "keep warm" option and a memory feature that can be set to automatically lift the kettle up to 2 minutes without shutting it off.

The operation of the product is quiet, and you will be able to get perfectly boiled water without having to wake up everybody with the noise every morning.

These features make this product ideal for everybody with hectic and busy mornings - from moms who need to get the kids ready for school in the mornings to the people who need their coffee pick me up in the morning before they rush to work.

This jug kettle is for those who like a simple, quiet and rapid boil of water, without too many features.

Made of stainless steel, the product has a handle that does not get heated and a spout that does not drip unnecessarily.

The sturdy design and the make of the product ensure that there will be no leaks, cracks or warping of it even if you do not be too careful or gentle with the use.

You simply have to fill it with water, close the lid firmly and switch it on and it will deliver exactly what it promised: a fast boil of water.

When it comes to the safety aspect of electric kettles, this one gets a high score for sure.

From the rotary power base to the dual water level indicators, it is quite sophisticated technologically, without it being too overwhelming or difficult to use for the new users.

According to the previous users, the product is highly durable due to the great quality stainless steel design.

The stylish exterior of the product is a bonus, adding quite the trendy look to your kitchen counter. It also does not make any noise, adding even more value to it!

Due to the seemingly simple design and the minimal features, you might feel like that it is a splurge for the price, but the extremely rapid boil it delivers and the great durability of the product more than make up for it for sure.

This is a rather advanced quiet electric kettle that comes with 7 different preset temperatures for you to choose from, which is ideal for tea drinkers.

It has a quiet and fast operation and has the ability to maintain the temperature for up to 30 minutes.

Optionally, you can add a sound alert to make sure you would not forget that you put some water to boil, which is very common to happen in the busy mornings when you are busy!

The capacity of this quiet kettle is also quite impressive. You can boil up to 7 cups of water in one go, which makes the product great for families.

Kenwood gives you a "Quiet mark certification" which means that it will not make any sounds during operation, making it one of the quietest kettle.

The cordless design and the light weight allows you to carry it around when you need a fresh cup of coffee in any part of your house.

The "keep warm" setting is convenient when you cook food that needs boiling water a few times during the process.

The instant-read thermometer is a nice touch on top of the pre-set temperatures since you can know the exact temperate of the water during the boil itself.

The product gets a high score when it comes to safety as well since the exterior heating of the kettle is very low even at the boiling point of the water inside.

Made from great quality German made Schott Duran glass, this electric kettle by Molla is reasonably priced and great for personal use.

The clear and transparent design helps you easily control the water levels, and also add a sleek touch to your countertop as well.

The glass material used in the kettle is heat and shock resistant, and the heat will not be transferred to the exterior.

If you have children and want a simple and safe kettle, this is surely a good option to go for.

Due to the non-porous surface, it is not likely that the kettle will attract any stains or other unattractive substances even with frequent usage.

There are a few plastic components in the product that has direct contact with the water, but they are all have been certified to be BPA free.

The sprout of the kettle creates a funneling effect when you pour and makes sure that there are no spills or drips.

The temperature control feature in the product is called Strix, which is advanced and fully accurate. The Púro quietly boils water in its maximum capacity in 5 minutes.

Most importantly, this silent kettle is very easy to clean. The sprout of the kettle has an anti-calcium filter to ensure that you get the purest possible water.

This filter is removable and can be washed and re-used when needed. The product comes with a manual that has tips for easier and longer maintenance.

For those who love some stylish and almost futuristic vibe on their kitchen counters, this kettle by Dualit is a good option to go.

It has an illuminated window with indicates the water level and lights up in a bright blue when the water is boiling. 

You get an impressive 1.5L in capacity, and with the light and sturdy design of the kettle, you can use it to boil a small amount of water for a quick cup of tea, and a large amount for a gathering of people as well.

The entire kettle is made of good quality stainless steel, keeping away from any mineral build-up and being extremely durable even with frequent use.

The lid of the kettle can be opened with a quick push of a button, keeping your fingers safe from the hot steam when you want to open the kettle. 

The product has a power of 1200W, which means that you get an extremely rapid boil that does not make any noise during operation.

Some users have experienced a noise build up over the years of continuous use, but overall, this great looking kettle does deliver what it promises.

On the Quietest Kettles

When picking out these products, I paid great attention to the speed, safety, design, easy maintenance, and the different pre-set temperature levels that the kettle features.

Considering all these factors along with the price, I think that Molla Púro Electric Water Kettle is the best quiet kettle that you can buy online.

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