Best Silent Hamster Wheel Reviews 2024 and Buying Guide

how to make a hamster wheel quiet

Almost all hamster owners and behavioral researchers agree on this one thing: Hamsters absolutely love their wheels.

They can clock up a couple of miles in just one night which is almost like running several marathons (for them).

The one problem with this is the amount of noise the hamster wheels make, especially since hamsters are particularly fond of exercising at night while we sleep.

Buying a wheel for your little hamster pet is not as easy as it may seem. There are many decisions that must be made such as the design, the material used in its making, the size, etc.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Silent Hamster Wheels

You must also be in a position to know the risks, if any, that a specific wheel has, and how to spot a problem early before things go very wrong.

Being a hamster owner myself, I can tell you that it's not about the design, but more on the material used in its making.

Choosing the right wheel will definitely make the wheel safer for your precious hamster.

  • Top selling product
  • Specially designed for quiet spinning
  • Ideal for large hamsters
  • Safe and solid running surface
  • No risk of spinal injury or tail / fur entanglement
  • Ideal for large hamsters i.e hedgehogs, chinchillas
  • Sacuer-styled hamster wheel
  • Totally toe and tail safe
  • Perfect for small hamsters
  • Free standing or a fixed hamster cage
  • Smooth and quiet motion
  • Ideal for smaller hamsters
  • Automatic nail filer - prevents scratches
  • NOT recommend for sugar gliders
  • Perfect for a Syrian Hamster
best silent hamster wheel

In this review, I shall concentrate mostly on the quietest hamster wheels in the market for obvious reasons.

Since your hamster will be on the wheel for most of the time, you will need one that shall cause the least amount of distraction to you and anyone else in the household.

The following 5 hamster wheels are the best and most quiet hamster wheels in the market today.

Best Silent Hamster Wheels 2021

This Wodent wheel from Transoniq is made of a tough, yet stable plastic material that is recyclable making it eco-friendly.

It has a very strong base that consists of a heavy-gauge painted steel that is either baked-on or powder coated.

It is safe and extremely quiet compared to the other types of wheels in the market.

The beauty of this wheel is that it can easily be disassembled for cleaning purposes. Maintaining a clean environment for your hamster is important for their health and well-being, so this feature will come in handy.

Your pet hamster will enjoy the wheel's entry holes that also offer a nifty effect for you as you watch him running up and down. They also help to avoid accidents such as strangulations and broken legs.

You should however NOT use this type of wheel on a sugar glider as their tails can easily be damaged by the center axle.

It is a semi-enclosed design with a solid rear wall which makes it safe for hamsters who are natural "wall-huggers".

It also helps pet owners who have hamsters with a scratchy nails issue.

This is because the Wodent wheel has an automatic nail filer inserted that automatically files the hamster's nails as he runs up and down which keeps him safe in case, he wants to scratch himself.

Other important features:

  • It is 11 inches in diameter, which makes it perfect for a Syrian Hamster.
  • It is expensive compared to the other hamster wheels in the market.
  • It has been approved by the ASPCA - This means the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which should give you peace of mind.

The Kaytee hamster wheel provides a safe, and solid running surface for your pet. Its tail-safe design makes it easy for the hamster to enter and exit with minimal difficulty.

This wheel is also very comfortable and strong because it is reinforced with a 2-way attachment clip that you can either use for freestanding or attaching to a wire cage.

It measures 10 inches in diameter, making it ideal for large hamsters such as a Syrian hamster, a Hedgehog or a gerbil. You can also use it with rats or chinchillas.

The wheel mechanism employs a ball bearing patented technology which is on a plastic spoke. This is what makes it extremely quiet, and allows you to have peaceful nights.

It will also not cause a disturbance during the day when you need to concentrate on other jobs.

There is no wire spacing, and little hamster feet can therefore not get caught up. It also has raised treads which improves on the grip making it extremely firm and eliminates any instances of accidental slips while the hamster is running around.

This wheel encourages a healthy exercise regime for your pet and keeps them occupied for long periods of time. It is also very reasonably priced.

This hamster wheel is 12 inches in size, which makes it ideal for most large hamsters such as hedgehogs, chinchillas, sugar gliders, etc.

You can also use it on mice, gerbils, and rats. 

It has a safe and solid running surface that does not have any pinch areas.

Its textured running tracks are non-slip and offer an excellent grip for your pet.

The package includes a cage attachment that you can use for mounting. It does not have any center axle and therefore has no risk of spinal injury of tail entanglement.

You will appreciate the bean-shaped openings which provide your pet with a safe and contained environment free from accidents.

Its solid back wall is also a great addition to the design and comes highly recommended by pet owners.

The design also consists of some innovative ball-bearings which allow the wheel to roll completely. This is done smoothly and very quietly.

You will not be disturbed while you attend to other duties or while you sleep and you shall be completely oblivious to what the little hamster is doing.

To finalize on the design, this wheel does not consist of any sharp edges and is ideal for pets with lots of furs, it has a large wheel whose width is regular and it makes exit and entrance very easy on your pet.

This is a medium size flying exercise wheel that is perfect for small hamsters.

It is safe on their tails as well as the toes. This is because it has a round design and does not have any sharp edges that the hamster can get caught up in.

It has a solid and non-slip running surface that ensures your pet runs for long periods of time without any incidents of sliding and falling off.

Made of a strong plastic material, the saucer offers both comfort and safety for the hamster as a semi-closed wheel. He can run and run nonstop without stopping, which gives him a great opportunity to exercise all day long.

The spinning mechanism of the wheel makes for a quiet exercise appliance that will be beneficial for the overall health of your pet.

You will also have sound nights and quiet days as the hamster will play without causing a disturbance to the rest of the house.

It is available in a variety of colors which can greatly enhance the décor of any room you place it in. It is reasonably priced.

This can either be free standing or a fixed hamster cage.

Because of its optimal size and how smooth its movements are, this hamster wheel is extremely gentle on your pet's spine and will keep him running for hours on end without causing him to have a hunched back.

It has a sealed back which prevents any form of entrapment on the hamster's toes and tail. This will definitely cut down any risk of accidental injuries.

The wheels mechanism of spinning makes it extremely quiet and does not cause any disturbance to you or anyone else in the household. You can work and sleep easy.

It comes with lateral reinforcements with a solid running surface to make it non-slip and have a better grip.

It is made of a strong and safe plastic material that is both long lasting and easy to clean.

The only downside with this hamster wheel is that it is a little costly compared to the other wheels in the market, and it is only ideal for smaller hamsters. The big ones will not fit on the wheel.

What to consider when buying hamster Wheels?


This goes without saying that the wheel you buy should fit your hamster comfortably.

A wheel measuring 6.5 inches is ideal for a dwarf of Roborovski hamster, while an 8-inch wheel would be suitable for a Syrian hamster or other larger hamsters.


It is best to choose a wheel that offers a solid running surface. Wheels made of meat rungs may easily trap the hamster's feet and lead to a nasty infection known as 'Bumblefoot'.

A solid metallic wheel is a much better option and it will also last you a very long time.


In the past, the wheels were completely open. The front offered an ease of access.

Nowadays, however, they come with a partially closed off front. The logic behind this is that the hamster cannot be flung off the wheel while at high speed and the partial closing will help cut down on injuries.

A common design is one that has a solid back wall design, whose idea is to make your hamster feel confident on the wheel.

Some ambitious designs will have sidebars put across the diameter. This is not recommended at all as it may cause injuries to the hamster if he attempts to stick his head out.

Other novelty wheel designs look like toy vehicles which the hamster can propel around the house.

They seem to be great fun as they have a comical side to them, but they are only suitable for short intervals of time. You cannot leave your hamster on them all night long, and they are likely to make a lot of noise.

Choose a design that is both safe for the hamster and quiet for you. You will appreciate this, especially at night when you need to sleep.

Stands and fixings

Most wheels will come with attachment mechanisms that can be affixed on the cage. This definitely will add stability to the wheel, and also ends up cutting down the amount of room needed for the wheel.

A two-way attachment stand can even be used outside the wheel.

Choose a wheel that comes with these attachments so you can reinforce its strength and stability, and of course, limit the chances of accidents.

More than one wheel

If you have more than one hamster, you will certainly require more than one wheel.

The size of the cage you choose may limit you on the number of wheels it can accommodate, so, choose a large wheel so you can keep all your hamsters in one place.

So, why should hamsters have a wheel anyway?

quiet hamster wheels

When hamsters live in the wild, they are very active creatures, and they spend most of their waking time looking for food, scurrying around or simply digging burrows.

Once you house them in a cage, their biological programming is still turned on, and it is important that they remain active.

This is where a hamster wheel comes in.

The wheel enables them to run for miles without ever leaving the cage, which makes them feel like they are still in the wild.

According to research done by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) hamsters have been known to run up to 6 miles a night on the wheel.

Other benefits include:

Physical Health

A hamster wheel is essential for its overall physical health. Without exercise, your pet will become obese. Obesity puts a strain on their lungs, heart and other vital organs which could shorten their lifespan.

Another serious condition that can arise as a result of lack of exercise is called "cage paralysis" it is a form of muscle and bone degeneration that can even lead to the hamster losing their hind legs.

In very severe cases, this causes the hamster to become completely paralyzed.

If this is caught early, however, it can be treated with a combination of vitamin supplements and a daily exercise regime on the hamster wheel. In case you suspect this condition in your hamster, consult a vet immediately.

quietest hamster wheels

Mental Health

A busy hamster is a happy hamster. Hamsters are naturally inquisitive creatures who require mental stimulation. Toys and hamster wheels solve this problem perfectly.

If you do not engage them mentally, they will result in destructive behavior such as chewing their hair, breaking their teeth and gnawing on the cage bars.

A hamster such as the Syrian has a very high need of being stimulated because they tend to become restless and depressed.

On the Quietest Hamster Wheels

With the right information, it is now easy for you to find the right hamster wheel for your precious little pet.

I would recommend the Transoniq Wodent 11 Inch Wheel because it has some of the best features and it is also one of the quietest hamster wheel you will find in the market.

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