What Are Some of the Best Sound Deadening Materials?

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You are probably already familiar with the concepts of soundproofing and sound absorbing, but what do you know about sound deadening? Or sound dampening?

As a matter of fact, both sound deadening and sound dampening refer, in most cases, to the same thing. Frankly, not a lot of people know what these are. Do you?

I know that my husband does. Since he cares for his car so much, he must be well informed about soundproofing as well as sound deadening.

And why is that?

Well, it is because sound deadening is used to prevent vibrations, rattles, and any dissipation of a noise. This especially refers to the cars but it may be applied to other things, too.

Therefore, it could be said that sound deadening presents a process of reducing rattles, road noises, engine clutter, and vibrations, for example, inside a car.

With this in mind, the materials for sound deadening are massive and dense, which makes a sound dissipate and reduce its energy. 

Depending on the location of the noise you are trying to block, there are various and different solutions which you could apply.

best sound deadening materials

Best Sound Deadening Materials

  • Mass Loaded Vinyl
  • Top Seller
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Mass Loaded Vinyl
  • Good for car
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Mass Loaded Vinyl
  • Good for car and floor
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Mass Loaded Vinyl
  • Best for car
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Floor Underlayment
  • Good for floor
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Sound Deadening Paint
  • Good for walls
  • 1 or 5 Gallon
  • Sound Deadening Spray
  • Good for hard to reach places
  • 1 or 5 Gallon
  • Sound Deadening Spray
  • Good for hard to reach places
  • 18 oz

There are some things which should never be vibrating, such as your car, the walls of your house, and the floor beneath.

With this in mind, manufacturers made certain products using very specific materials in order to avoid those things vibrating and to keep everyone satisfied. Here are the best of them.

Mass Loaded Vinyl

This automotive material deserves to be in the first place of the list since it is the best and most popular one, especially for sound deadening a car.

If you are having a problem with your car noises, mass loaded vinyl will not disappoint you in any sense. Although it is more expensive than other materials, every cent that you give will be worth it.

MLV provides great sound deadening but also both vibration and heat deadening.

This high quality material is permanently adhesive and flexible. Also, it is good to know that it is aluminum-coated which means that it is heat resistant, reflecting the heat and keeping your car hood cool.

Its installation is rather easy. But it should be applied directly onto the metal body of the car and its trim will cover it, so it stays out of sight.

Mass Loaded Vinyl

As expected of automotive sound deadeners, MLV is great at reducing car noises, rattles, clutters, vibrations, road noises, etc. Another crucial quality is reduction of heat inside the car hood.

Moreover, it enhances stereo system of your car, so the sound within the car is more audible.

Besides cars, it may be used to soundproof machinery and appliances.


However, it should be mentioned that one of the most effective materials is also automotive self-adhesive insulation made of butyl. This sound deadening mat is thick enough to ensure successful sound deadening.

You would think that this material is bulky but it’s not. It is very lightweight, which is important for efficiency and sound insulation.

In order to work smoothly, it needs to be installed properly. You only have to pay attention to an indicator so that you wouldn’t have any wrinkles.

Proved as excellent solutions for car noise problems, here are the best products available in the market, so choose one according to your needs and finances:

Floor Underlayment

On the other hand, if you have problems inside your house, this material would be more than effective to soundproof your floor.

It can be made of foam, vinyl, rubber, felt. Usually, it is made of felt (from recycled fibers) which adds to the sound absorbing performance of a floor.

Basically, it makes the room much more audible and the sound is clearer since it eliminates any possible noise or vibration from underneath.

soundproof floors

The fact that it is thick and dense is important for sound deadening because the thick material is always effective.

Specifically, it is used to reduce sound transmission of floors, especially hardwood, laminate, or engineered floor.

In fact, it is installed between flooring and subflooring. It is easy to install it since you simply lay it down over your subflooring with an overlap.

As a result, it provides cushion over the subfloor, which in turn reduces the sound.

If you suffer from noise beneath you or you simply want to improve vibrations and acoustics of your home, this product will meet all of your needs:

Sound Deadening Paint

Sound deadening paint, or also called soundproof coating, may not be the first thing to cross your mind, since it is not that widespread. Also it is considered as being somewhat a “myth” among soundproofing materials.

However, it is designed to reduce an unwanted sound coming into your house through your walls and making them vibrate.

Therefore, if you want to ensure your tranquility at home, you should consider applying this material to your walls since they may present very susceptible to vibrating and transmitting sound waves.

This material can reduce the noise by converting the sound waves and vibrations into low-grade heat.

soundproof paint

It usually comes in the packaging of 1 gallon. Its benefits are that it is easily applied by brush, roller, or spray, it is easily cleaned, it is non-toxic, and it manages to dampen ringing and vibrations, especially in metal structures, and it won’t crack or chip.

Also, it should be noted that it is the most effective when dealing with mid-frequency noise. So, if you are dealing with loud noises and vibrations, it is best to combine more solutions.

If you want to sound deaden your walls but without harsh smells and messes and spills that are impossible to clean, your option may be this product:

Sound Deadening Spray

Sound deadening spay has a wide range of quality, so make sure you read up!

The cheaper versions are sold in an aerosol can are not the most effective but can definitely serve as short-term solution for your noise problems. 

Aerosol can deadeners are mostly used for spot treatment whether on a car or truck. Also, you can spray the areas and fill in gaps between mats, if necessary.

And it could be applied over machinery whose noise you want to dampen.


There’s one spray on deadener that we really like though, and that’s Second Skin’s Spectrum liquid deadener.

It’s a very effective sound deadener, because you’re not limited by the size of the aerosol can’s nozzle. 

You apply it with a spray gun and a compressor. The result is much higher quality, but you have to give up the convenience of an aerosol can.

Both materials are great for places which are hard to reach. Also, they are fire-resistant and may be useful in preventing rust.

For even better sound deadening you can apply a few layers. And, once applied, sprays won’t crack or chip except for by heavy impact.

So, if you need a quick fix for the road noises and vibrations, pick the sound deadening spray option that works best for you:

Where Could Sound Deadening Materials Be Used?

Does anything occur to you? If only one thing comes to your mind, it is not your fault because there is indeed one which is the most widely known and used.

However, there is more than one place for which this material could be effectively used, for example:

  • Pumps
  • Generators
  • Cabinets
  • Industrial rooms
  • Trucks
  • Cars

You only had cars in mind, right? That is understandable but there could also appear rattles and vibrations in these other places, especially in industrial rooms.

However, a large amount of people use sound deadening materials specifically for cars.​

You may have already heard of automotive sound deadening material. It refers to materials designed for reducing noise and vibration inside a car.

A car noise could be anything from tire hums, engine whines, rattles, vibrations, wind, exhaust. All of them are influencing your door panels while they are not being gentle with your eardrums either.

The point of sound deadening is exactly reducing the excess noises. Moreover, car heat could be reduced while stereo sound quality could be improved.

sound deadening car

It should be mentioned that car and road noises compete with your car’s stereo system. That is to say, the lesser car noises are there, the better audio system is.

The comfort that you get within the car is priceless. You would be able to speak with your passengers without raising your voice, or you would get silence you were so eager to finally capture.

What is important is that you do not need a very strong or effective sound deadening material in order to achieve a muffled car sound.

Instead, you could apply a product which is able to reduce a few decibels and your car could become a quiet heaven.

But how come cars do not already have some deadening material installed? It is not that simple because, usually, most cars do have some material installed but they are not that effective and adequate.

Simply, this is the manufacturers’ field of responsibility and choice, and the only thing you can do, if you are not satisfied with your car interior sound, is to apply one or more sound deadening products.

As an additional sound deadening material, double glazed windows could be added to a car so as to more effectively reduce or block a noise.

However, keep in mind that even if you deaden your car, it is not quite possible for it not to have any single rattle at all.

Final Word: On the Best Sound Deadening Materials

Considering all of these sound deadening materials, at least one of them can meet your requirements. It depends on your needs and locations for sound deadening.

As my husband always says, you shouldn’t be satisfied with a little when you can eliminate all of excess noises and enjoy in both your car and home.

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