Dynaliner Review: Will It Reduce Noise in Your Car?


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What is Dynaliner?

Dynaliner from Dynamat is one of the most effective automotive thermal insulators available on the market today. 

It is extremely lightweight and ideal for use on top of your Dynamat Xtreme, because it is soft, and made of thousands of cells of a closed self-adhesive rubber, which are closely packed together, to give it a near-perfect zero air infiltration.

This is the key to heat, oils and water reduction. It does not hold water, and therefore it will not promote the production of mildew or dust, like other under carpet padding insulators. Dynaliner is also durable, and tear resistance.

This revolutionary new product will provide you with a high acoustic absorption that has excellent thermal insulation properties for all vehicles.

The cells within it accept all incoming sound waves and they dissipate them immediately. You can also use it for the floor and headliner of your vehicle.

Dynaliner will not only reduce the noise levels in low-frequency areas, and the noises caused by the engine rumble, but it will also give you an improved air conditioner and heat efficient vehicle, with excellent imaging.

Dynaliner also has the highest heat blocking properties and it is available in a single synthetic foam layer.

It will double the total thermal resistance and provide excellent insulation for the roof, the floor, the firewall, doors quarter panels and also under the hood.


It helps your vehicle run great

Have you ever wished that your vehicle drove and felt like it was brand new, or an expensive luxury vehicle?

Well, who wouldn’t? 

This is what Dynaliner does.

It makes your car feel solid and ride smoothly. A feat that is achieved by eliminating vibration, noise and heat, you will also feel like you are driving a brand new vehicle.

quiet road noise

It is the top choice for consumers and car builders and it turns all types of cars into cool, comfortable and quiet rides. The sound system in the car will also sound much better, as there are no distractions from outside noises.

It is a product that is heavily in use in the US and UK markets, and one that is soon to hit all other countries as well. It is uniquely patented with a chemical formula that is not found in most other companies.

All Dynamat products have to conform to the federal motor code 302 (ISO 3795) and this means that all of their products are safe to use in your vehicle without any fear.

They have a vast temperature range from 54 – 300 degrees Fahrenheit and they will not give off a bad odor with time or degrade in performance.

How do you use it?

Dynaliner is perfect when used on top of the Dynamat Xtreme.

The Dynamat Xtreme is a thin and super sticky rubber that is bonded with an aluminum alloy skin whose formulation makes it the most perfect sound control material. It is easy and simple to cut and install into your vehicle.

The heavy aluminum and butyl rubber usually contour and stretch better than all other products on the market and they do not tear easily.

They can also conform to any interior surfaces, plus they stay in place without requiring any special surface prep.


When you place the Dynaliner on top of the Dynamat Xtreme, you create the perfect insulator for your vehicle that is durable, heat resistance and tear-resistant.

This is the highest heat blocking product you can have in your vehicle, plus it is usually a single layer of synthetic foam, which means that it is not heavy enough to damage your car.

Other products you can use together with Dynaliner


This is perfect to use under the carpet for extra padding and in situations of extreme heat and noise. It kills low-frequency exhaust noises on the road.

It is 3/8 inches in measurement and has a four-layered compost barrier material with a vinyl barrier that is usually sandwiched between the two layers of acoustic foam. In addition, there is a urethane layer on top of everything.

It is supposed to provide an under carpet barrier for sound in the vehicle’s interior, but you can also use it in commercial and residential areas as well. This material can withstand high temperatures of between -40 degrees to 225 degrees.

Its effectiveness however, depends on the material that forms the effective barrier between the noise and the listener. This is in between two layers of acoustic foam and it’s the perfect absorption and sound insulation system.

Dynapad is excellent to use with the Dynaliner and gives you the maximum sound blockage system to ensure that your vehicle runs as quietly as possible.


This is used for maximizing the sound pressure levels on cars and custom sound systems. It is an exotic layered damping material that structurally reinforces the body of the car for maximum sound pressure levels.

It was specifically designed for power classes of the dB Drag racing, the SPL rules, and the IdBL. It comes with two layers of non-flexible panels that help in preventing the ballooning effect which is common with SPL vehicles.

Dynaplate also reduces the vibrations on your car better than any other product on the market. It gives you the best bass output and does not modify or alter the interior of your vehicle.

This is actually the only damping material that is available for SPL competitions. It flexes less than other sheet metal materials and it weighs only a quarter of what they weigh.

Conclusion: Dynaliner Review

Dynamat Company has a wide variety of products that help you cut down on heating in your vehicle and also minimizes noise on the road. It is a company that has been recognized globally as a leader in acoustic solutions, and with good reason.

The company was established in 1989 and has so far served more than 3,000 storefronts, which means that you can trust them when it comes to your car.

Their products may be expensive, but they have had excellent reviews over the years, and they are easy to use and install. You simply peel back, cut and stick on your vehicle.

Dynaliner will offer you great service for a long period of time, and you will finally get to enjoy your favorite music in a quiet, cool environment in your vehicle as you drive, which makes life extremely fun and interesting.

It is, however, advisable to use all of the above products together for the best results.

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