He Added Dish Soap To His Laundry and The Results Are Amazing

Have you ever had a favorite piece of clothing ruined by an oil stain? That's exactly what happened to Reddit user buckeye2114 when a few splotches of cooking oil marred his favorite sweatshirt.

sweatshirt stains

Like many of us, he went through the usual laundry routine, only to find the stain stubbornly persisted even after multiple attempts.

"I had a few splotches of cooking oil on my favorite sweatshirt - so I washed it like normal without knowing and stuck it in the dryer - which should have been a huge no-no!" He lamented.

"Only after taking it out did I realize the stain and know it probably had been set in at that point!"

"Desperate, I tried basically everything," he confessed. "Tide pen first. Washing again. Crazy sounding home remedies from WikiHow - baking soda with WD 40? followed by some dish soap."

"It made it even worse and the spots even bigger! Took it to a dry cleaner and then they couldn't get it out."

But just when he thought all hope was lost, he decided to give it one last shot.

dish soap

"Last ditch, just tried saturating the spots in dish soap, way more than I used in that previous attempt - sticking it in the machine again, and what do you know, it worked! The spots are barely visible anymore!"

In response to buckeye2114's revelation, fellow forum members chimed in with their own tips and tricks:

  • "1 part Dawn and 1 part vinegar in a spray bottle...get em at the dollar store. Any dish soap works as long as it doesn't have the sudsing agent (ex. no on Palmolive)"
  • "Rubbing alcohol works great too! Just don't rub too hard."
  • "I do this all the time. Sprinkling salt on the dish soap after it is applied to the stain can also help get out the really tough oily stains."

But Is It Safe To Use Dish Soap In The Laundry Machine?

Using dish soap in the laundry machine can be safe if done cautiously. 

Dish soap is designed to cut through grease and food residues, which can be effective for removing stains from clothing. It can be safe if done cautiously.

Only use a small amount. Dish soap is highly concentrated and can create excessive suds in a washing machine. You typically only need a few drops for a standard-sized load of laundry.

Certain types of dish soap may not be suitable for use in high-efficiency (HE) washing machines. HE detergents are specifically formulated to produce fewer suds and work more efficiently in these machines.

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