Noisy Footsteps? Here’s How to Make Heels Quieter

walk without noise in heels

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Many women derive pleasure in the click-clack sound of their high-heels as they walk down the hallways.

High-heels are undeniably classy and professional, and they invite admirations from onlookers.

However, they can be annoying, especially if you’re working in highly conservative corporate places where silence is a priority.

Imagine walking on a wooden floor or in a hospital ward with patients sleeping that how annoyed patients can be.

Well, since you came here I am certain you’re a responsible woman wanting to know how to quiet noisy heels from the annoying click-clack sound.

I’ve been there too, so, I made a research about effective solutions which I reviewed hereunder to also help you overcome the noisy heels.

Firstly, let’s have a chat about the causes of such a noise in your high heels.

walk without noise in heels

What causes noisy high heels?

There are several factors attributed to the emergence of noise in your heels, and that include how you walk and the impact the heels make with the floor.

Before you start wondering how to get quieter heels, you need to figure out how not to walk in heels first.

When you walk, particularly in over-sized high heels, the possibility is that you might worsen the click-clack sound your heels usually make.

You’ll turn to drag the heel instead of lifting it gently from one step to the other.

That being said, make sure your feet fit snuggly and comfortably in the shoes. But, at the same time, avoid wearing heels that are too tight as they can cause you pains.

I am one person who never let a day pass without wearing heels, and one day my boss complaint about the noise I always make walking into her office. It turns out that she really didn’t like the sound of heels walking!

This was mainly caused by oversized heels I was accustomed to, so since then I’ve changed into fitting heels and can now walk comfortably without too much of the noise.

Another point on the best way to walk so you can reduce the sound, is to try lowering the height of your feet when you’re walking down the hallways or any hard surfaces.

That is the best way to reduce the sound the heels make without having to pop out any dollar. The impacts the heels have with the surface is directly linked with how elevated your feet are.

What Causes Noisy High Heels?

If you do not want to modify your heels or inconveniently change the way you walk, you could perhaps try harder not to walk on hard surfaces.

Good luck if you’re working in offices solely made of wooden floors; then you have to consider looking for amicable solutions.

How to Make Heels Quieter

Now that you understand how the sound came about, it’s time to devise plans on how to walk quietly in heels. The best solution includes, among others:

What You'll Be Needing:

GoGoHeel Quick Tips
They act as heel noise stopper
Fancy Feet Women's Gel Ball
To absorb shock and reduce noise
Anti-slip Self-adhesive Shoes Heel Sole Pads
Absorb impact and shocks and prevents slipping
Hush Heels Foot Foam
Easy to install, pre-cut heel silencer
Gaffer Tape
Fabric to wrap around the tips

1. Using High Heels Caps

Most heels, especially Stiletto models, have pointy tips that contribute largely to the noise when you walk on hard surfaces.

And these are the same tips that make the heels sink in grass.

I won't say leave out the tips, but, instead have heels caps that attach effortlessly on the tips to reduce the impact that the heels have.

They act as a kind of heel noise stopper. These caps are available in many colors to help match your beloved heels.

The good part is that you need no hammer to fit them in.

While doing my research, I came across the GoGoHeel Quick Tips, a product found on Amazon. My choice was basically inspired by a wide variety of features and benefits this product has:

Using High Heels Caps
  • It covers the metal tips entirely and thus reduce the click-clack noise and also prevent slipping.
  • Apart from reducing the noise, it also lengthens the heel’s durability. We know that heels are prone to wear out in time, so having this high heel protector is a plus.
  • The caps are discreet, meaning people will rarely notice you made some modifications on your heel tip. Moreover, they come in a variety of colors to complement a variety of heel colors.
  • In the package there are 4 caps so you can change if the first pair wears out because walking on hard surfaces, especially concrete floors, can quickly reduce longevity of these rubber caps.

These caps can make a huge difference on your heels. However, note that the caps will not kill the sound completely, but will reduce it substantially.

Instead of spreading the noise all-over, the rubber caps are made to absorb the shock and impact.

Now you can walk confidently knowing that you’re not annoying anyone or waking up patients.

For better results, I recommend combining the caps with other alternative solutions such as gel cushions.

2. Using Gel Cushions

Using Gel Cushions

If you’re a bad walking girl like me, I suppose the gel cushions would be the best solution for you. These cushions have adhesives which can adhere firmly onto your heels, and then do the job.

How do they reduce the annoying noise?

Well, the difference is not that much compared to the heel caps - like a heel noise stopper - because they all absorb shock.

These gel pads can significantly reduce the sound and let you walk quietly. You might find the Fancy Feet Women's Gel Ball helpful with its variety of features:

  • This gel pad prevents your feet from sliding forward. It can be advantageous if you’re wearing oversize heels too.
  • They absorb impact and shock to reduce the noise while walking in your heels.
  • You can actually paste the pad anywhere, and can also use it in different pair of heels.

Like the heel caps, these gel cushions are discreet unless, of course, you let your friend know.

If you’re an admin clerk and walking throughout the day, these gel cushions can bring the comfort you need in addition to suppressing the click-clack noise.

The advantage of the gel pads is that you do not have to alter the outside of the shoe. But they are not really advantageous if you have exposed heel’s steel tips.

In that case I would recommend combining them with the heel caps.

Important: you have to replace the gel cushions on a monthly basis as effectiveness reduces from one month to the other.

If you wear your heels occasionally then you might consider replacing after a long time. 

3. Using Rubber Soles

rubber soles for heels

Rubber soles are also effective in silencing your noisy high heels. The heel caps I have discussed above are made of rubber, so rubber is a great material to absorb impact and shock.

I know you’re probably wondering where you will get this rubber sole if you’re not a cobbler. There are many shoe repair shops where you can take your heels to.

The downside is that it can be expensive because cobblers often follow a fixed rate.

The cobbler will install the rubber sole underneath your heel and let it absorb the noise while walking confidently down the hallway.

To avoid the rubber getting worn out quickly, ensure that you ask for a heavy-duty rubber.

If you’re wearing Stiletto heels with heel tips, it would be great if you have both the rubber soles and the caps for a complete solution in noise reduction.

A rubber sole on a heel tip may not last that long, but a rubber cap does.

If you’re hands-on you can actually buy the rubber sole for yourself and do the work to cut the labor costs. 

Amazon sells the Anti-slip Self-adhesive Shoes Heel Sole Pads in packages of 9 pairs. It is an ideal product for ladies high heels to absorb impact and shock.

At the same time, it helps prevent slipping.

4. Using Foot Foam

Have you heard of foot foam? It is also effective in reducing the noise made by your high heels.

Using Foot Foam

You may have a pre-cut one like the Hush Heels found on Amazon or a huge portion which you have to cut according to the size of your high heels.

The good part with Hush Heels is that it is almost effortless to install. Simply peel the adhesive and paste it, then get going.

But, avoid walking on wet floors with this foot foam as it may be slippery.

If you do not find your right size you can buy the larger portion and cut it to your customized sizes.

Like other effective solutions, foot foam is also made of a shock-absorbing rubber.

5. Using Sound Booties

If you are looking for the perfect shoe silencer, then you should consider getting some sound booties.

These are usually textile slippers that feature an elastic opening. Often, they are used in music studios and TV sets to eliminate the possibility of the mics picking up the sound of feet moving. 

Sound booties are quite effective. Besides, they are reusable and easy to make, if you want to.

However, this option is limiting and not many people may find them practical.

That is, unless you have no problem walking around the office with some cloth wrapped over your entire shoes!

Looking for DIY Solutions?

Don’t worry if you’re cash strapped because there is the bright side as well.

Before I could spend my money on anything, I try to see if I cannot do the job on my own.

DIY solutions are helpful to ease your bank balance. The DIY solution I found is the duct tape and felt heel cap.

6. DIY felt heel cap

DIY Felt Heel Cap
  • Buy a felt fabric and then cut it into customized sizes of your heels
  • Make sure you bought a durable and thick felt
  • Then use a super glue as the adhesive to affix the heels to the felt
  • Do not wear the shoes immediately. Instead, wait for at least a minute until the glue has glued firmly onto both surfaces

Even though I said buy a felt, you may find a roaming felt in your household perhaps from your husband’s car.

Or, you can ask from a mechanic nearby to give you a used felt.

If you buy you’re still safe because you can replace the one attached to the heels with another piece in future.

7. Duct tape method


Chances are, you have a duct tape roaming in your household. It can also work in silencing your noisy heels.

To apply this duct tape method, you have to wash your heels first because any debris can make it ineffective.

Let the heels dry, and then attach the duct tape. This can be several layers to make sure it is thick enough.

Remember to cut it into small pieces in line with your heels.

The downside of the duct tape is that it does not really solve the slipping, only the noise problem. 

On top of that you have to apply several layers, which is not really a problem if you need a cheaper method to quiet your noisy heels.

8. use Gaffer Tape

Rather than use duct tape, you can as well use some gaffer tape which will work in the same way. 

Gaffer tape, however, is a better heel silencer than the duct tape. Should you decide to go with this option, you will simply follow the same procedure as the duct tape method.

Gaffer tape works better because it is not made of vinyl. Instead, it is made of fabric, which is better at sound dampening. Besides, it is better at heat resistance. 

Be sure to add in a couple of layers when fitting your noisy heels. You will achieve better results in both sound and impact absorption.

9. use Sandpaper on Your heels

Use Sandpaper On Your Heels

One of the ways that manufacturers deal with noisy shoes is by including rubber soles on the heels.

However, your high heels may have the rubber soles and you are still wondering how to make heels not click when walking.

You probably have some sandpaper in the garage. Well, that should do the trick. Rub the sandpaper on the underside of the heel.

The sandpaper will change the texture of the heel, undoubtedly. This will ultimately help make your heels quieter.

10. Buy Quiet High Heels

Instead of these hassles of having to buy additional materials to modify your heels you can opt for factory-silenced high heels.

Let’s face it, getting some sound dampening shoes will make everything so much easier.

Manufacturers have realized how annoying the click-clack sound is, so they are making less-noisy heels.

They basically use rubber materials to absorb the impact and shock on the heels and the toe area. There is nothing new here; it is just that the heels come with soundproofing. 

Well, the bad side is that not all heels are soundproofed.

It is less likely to find your favorite heel that is quiet, and so that may prompt you to opt for traditional methods of modifying your beloved high heels

how to make heels quieter

On how to stop heels from making noise

You can make your high heels quiet by following my well-researched techniques. Gone will be the talks people have about you making noise when walking on hard surfaces.

Yes I agree it gives you class to have that click-clack with elevated height of your feet. But not all working environments tolerate that. If you just wear them for weddings then that is fine.

I have discussed how to walk quietly in heels and shared some effective solutions on how to stop heels from clicking.

In a nutshell, I have touched on the gel cushions, heel caps, rubber soles, foot foam, and other DIY solutions.

Furthermore, I have highlighted tips on how to walk to avoid making too much noise.

Practice these tips then you will master that, and perhaps you might not even see the need to silence the heels.

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I want to quieten my noisy heels

Noisy Footsteps? Here’s How to Make Heels Quieter

how to make heels quieter

Are you walking noisily in heels? Distracting your co-workers when you walk? Want to walk quietly in heels? Here's how to make heels quieter.

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  1. Using High Heels Caps
  2. Using Gel Cushions
  3. Using Rubber Soles
  4. Using Foot Foam
  5. Using Sound Booties
  6. DIY Felt Heel Cap
  7. Use Duct Tape Method
  8. Use Gaffer Tape
  9. Use Sandpaper on the Heels
  10. Buy Quiet High Heels
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