The Coolest Zodiac Signs, Ranked By Coolness

Virgo (Least Cool)Virgos may sometimes come across as uptight or overly critical to some, leading them to being seen as uncool.PiscesPisces can come across as out of touch with reality or overly idealistic. Among pragmatic or down-to-earth people, they can seem a little alienating rather than cool.CapricornCapricorns’ serious and goal-oriented outlook may sometimes be seen […]

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The 4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Serial Killers

This article is inspired by research by Dr. Jan Ruis, a doctor who studied the birth charts of 300 serial killers. According to Ruis, a serial killer, by FBI standards, is someone who kills two or more people in different incidents. Similar to how certain behaviors in childhood, like bedwetting, harming animals, isolating oneself, playing with […]

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