How to Stop Windshield Wipers from Squeaking


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If someone asked me what the sounds that can easily make me go crazy are, one of the first ones that would come to my mind would be the squeaking of the windshield wipers.

I don’t think there is anything more annoying than hearing this noise while you are trying to hear your favorite song, listen to your companion or just have a phone conversation.

Or, even worse is hearing this noise while you are trying your best to drive in heavy rain while trying not to crash into someone.

Unfortunately, I had to deal with this problem several times, and as this sound annoyed me so much, I became a true professional for it.

So, guys, here is my “How to stop windshield wipers from squeaking 101”!

I hope it will help you, so you don’t have to put up with this inconvenience anymore! 😊


Sources of the Squeaking Noise

There are several simple and common-sense reasons why you are hearing this noise.

First of all, it could be that your wipers are just dirty, because, let’s be honest – who even pays attention to them until some problem arises?

Also, your windshield might be covered with tiny dust or other particles that create obstacles for the wipers’ movement.

Secondly, it could be that the rubber on the wiper blades is worn out, too stiff or the fasteners are fixed too tight and these create the noise during the wiper’s movement.

Now, let’s cover all these issues and some additional ones more thoroughly.

How to Stop Windshield Wipers from Squeaking

What You'll Be Needing:

Ammonia-free Glass Cleaner
Used for cleaning windshield safely
Windshield Fluid
Enables easy movement of wipers
Used to soften wipers
Wiper Blade Rubber Refills
To replace worn out rubber parts

1. Remove the Dirt from the Blades

This is the most common reason why your wipers are squeaking and the solution is simple.

All you need to do is to hold the wipers and move them upwards away from the windshield, so they stay still and then take a paper towel soaked with a little bit of water and soap and then clean the rubber of the blades.

If the wipers can’t stand upward then hold each with one hand and clean it with another.

You might get surprised when you see how dirty the paper will be.

Also, you could use alcohol instead of soapy water.


It’s important to know that you should clean the arm and hinged parts as well, as they can have some build up and create the noise.

TIP: In case you face this problem while on the road where you don't have soapy water and other supplies, you can you some alcohol wipes to clean the rubber of the blades.

So, be sure to purchase a package and always keep it in the car.

2. Wipe Your Windshield

Although the wipers on your car may seem like the most obvious source of the noise it doesn't have to be that way. The squeaking noise is often created thanks to a dirty windshield.

The easiest way to remove any particles of dirt is to use an ammonia-free glass cleaner.

The cleaner mustn't contain any ammonia, as this chemical can damage tinting and lead to much faster deterioration of the plastic.

Use the cleaner on a microfiber cloth to clean the windshield and the best way to do this and not create smears is to move your hand vertically - from the top to the bottom of the glass.

In case you can’t obtain a glass cleaner without ammonia, you can simply use concentrated white vinegar the same way. However, please be cautious with it, as the vinegar can damage the paint around the windshield.

TIP: Believe it or not, baking soda can be quite useful outside the kitchen as well, because you can use it as well to remove any unwanted particles from the glass.

Just sprinkle a handful of it on a wet paper towel and use the same hand movement to wipe the glass.

3. Check the Windshield Fluid

Another thing we don’t think about until its too late is the level of the windshield fluid and realizing you are out of it the middle of a drive can be quite annoying and also very dangerous.

This liquid offers a double benefit: first of all the glass stays clean thanks to it and secondly that clean glass enables easy movement of the wipers.

Please be sure to check its level regularly, because a low level means that the glass is not wet as much as it should be and that causes friction and the squeaking noise.

4. Change the Position of the Blades

The blades of your wipers must follow the arm right behind and this might not be happening properly if the blades are too stiff.

Thus, if you hear squeaking, the reason could be that the blades are lagging and creating the noise due to their stiffness.

However, you can loosen them up by twisting the arm with your fingers.

It is important to do this because blades are supposed to lean perfectly on the windshield and not to be pressed to hard onto it or stay vertical.

Only this way they will clean the glass properly.

5. Soften the Windshield Wipers

There are several reasons why your blades are too stiff, and some of them are because they are brand new or because they became stiff due to weather exposure.

Blades should be bought every year, so if yours are still under one year old I suggest that you try to soften them first and if they are older, purchasing a new set is a better option.

The best way to soften them is to use ArmorAll, which gives the best effect when you pour some on a paper towel in a thicker layer and apply onto the blades.

Another good option is WD-40, but please be careful, because if you use to much, you can cause the rubber to get very dry and get damaged easily.

You should apply a smaller amount on a paper towel, apply it into the blade and then remove the remainder.

TIP: In case you are unable to get ArmorAll or WD-40, feel free to use plain alcohol, which you should also apply on a paper towel and rub into the blades.

By following this step you should definitely get rid of the squeaking sound.

6. Check How Tight the Fasteners Are

If there is too much pressure between the wipers and the windshield due to the fasteners being too tight you can rest assured that this will cause the squeaking sound.

You can easily adjust the pressure by using a wrench and turning the fasteners clockwise or counterclockwise depending if you wish to tighten or loosen them.

It is important that after adjusting the fasteners the wipers need to be able to move freely across the windshield, and not stay in place, which is a bad sign.

7. Replace Old Rubber Parts

If everything seems intact and the parts of your blades that aren’t made of rubber, as well as the arm, are in good condition, it means that the rubber inserts are most likely worn out and create the squeaking sound.

This happens often in very hot areas, where the rubber decomposes and breaks easier than in areas with cooler weather.

In this case, you are simply supposed to purchase new rubber parts and replace the old ones.

8. Replace Old Wiper Blades

Not only that you should pay attention to the rubber inserts, but also to the whole blades and replace them with new ones regularly.

Even though it might seem complicated, this is done easily.

Blades are connected with arms with joints that have mechanisms, that when opened let you detach an old blade and insert a new one.

Now, there is also another mechanism that connects blades and arms, such as push-tab or tension hooks.


9. Replace Old Wiper Assembly

The last and the biggest step is to detach complete wiper assemblies from your car and replace them with new ones.

This isn’t done that often and you should check with your mechanic if yours are worn out.

You can complete this step on your own as well by finding a nut in the bottom of the arm, that connects the whole wiper assembly to the car.

Afterward use a wrench to loosen the nut, remove the old arm and then replace it with a new one by tightening the same nut.

Final Word: On Stopping Windshield Wipers Squeaking Noises

Well, this is all I have prepared and really hope that many of you will find my tips helpful in the never-ending battle with the annoying squeaking sound.

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    1. Remove the Dirt from the Blades
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    3. Check the Windshield Fluid
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