The 4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Serial Killers

This article is inspired by research by Dr. Jan Ruis, a doctor who studied the birth charts of 300 serial killers. According to Ruis, a serial killer, by FBI standards, is someone who kills two or more people in different incidents.

Similar to how certain behaviors in childhood, like bedwetting, harming animals, isolating oneself, playing with fire, and chronic lying, are common among notorious killers, Dr. Ruis wondered if there might be specific astrological signs that show up more often in murderers.

Spoiler alert: Scorpios aren't as menacing as we've thought.

Keep reading to find out more. Remember, no matter our astrological signs or life circumstances, we ultimately make our own choices!

"Mutability" of Your Sign & Murder

In astrology, signs are grouped into three categories: cardinal, which starts things off; fixed, which keeps things steady; and mutable, which adapts to change. 

Mutable signs come at the end of a season, symbolizing transformation, which can be seen as a metaphor for death. People with mutable signs are known for having short attention spans, being able to adapt easily, and getting bored quickly, which can be a dangerous mix for criminal behavior.

Dr. Ruis suggests that the serial killers he studied exhibit some of the negative traits associated with their ruling planets. He notes that these individuals often become fixated on their fantasies (Neptune), lack empathy, constantly seek stimulation (Mercury), lack clear life goals, have low self-control (Jupiter), and feel a weak sense of personal power.

Their lack of empathy or guilt (Neptune), surface charm (Mercury), and inflated self-esteem (Jupiter) are typical characteristics of psychopathy.


Geminis are known for their cleverness and imaginative thinking, which can make them engaging conversationalists and innovative thinkers.

However, when it comes to committing murder, these traits can lead to a killer who is excessively talkative, writes letters to the police or media, and tries to deflect blame onto obscure entities like David Berkowitz did by blaming his crimes on a supposedly satanic dog.


Virgos, as mutable earth signs, are known for being hardworking and meticulous. They obsess over details, enjoy finding patterns, and strive to improve everything and everyone around them. They excel in roles like detectives, attentive partners, and meticulous organizers.

However, on the dark side, there are individuals like Ed Gein, who was methodical, had a strange fixation on his mother, and infamously made suits out of human skin. 

There are probably more Virgo serial killers out there who have escaped justice due to their precision, careful planning, and ability to create pristine crime scenes.


People born under Sagittarius are ruled by Jupiter, which can make them inclined towards excess and adventure. They often feel exhilarated when taking risks. This personality trait might lead them to be the life of the party, enjoying polyamorous relationships, going on spontaneous road trips, and enthusiastically sharing tall tales.

However, in the darker spectrum, there are individuals like Ted Bundy, a double Sagittarius (both sun and moon), who used his adventurous spirit for sinister purposes as a serial killer.


Pisces people are highly attuned to the collective emotions and often navigate between dreams and nightmares. This sensitivity might lead them to engage in artistic pursuits like painting, enjoying calming scents, and expressing themselves through poetry.

However, it can also lead to feelings of ennui or a sense of nihilism. Pisces individuals are prone to letting their emotions and fantasies overpower them, which can lead to darker manifestations.

For example, individuals like Richard Ramirez, who lived with disturbing voices and acted out violent sexual fantasies, or John Wayne Gacy, who infamously portrayed a crazed clown while committing heinous crimes.

Conflicting Evidence From Another Zodiac Study

According to a study by, water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, along with mutable fire sign Sagittarius, were equally represented among serial killers, making up forty percent of those considered.

Interestingly, another finding from the same study was that while Capricorns weren't the most common sign overall, they were responsible for the highest number of victims. Seems like the ambitious sea goat doesn't settle for anything less than the top spot.

I believe that Capricorns tend to be motivated by gain when committing murder, driven by a mix of greed and sadism, often seeking to secure assets or solidify their status, much like Marcel Petiot.

Aries, on the other hand, may kill due to poor impulse control, experiencing blackouts when angry, or because they believe their actions are heroic or merciful, similar to Herbert Mullin, who infamously thought his murders prevented earthquakes.

Cancers may resort to killing because of emotional instability, feeling the need to destroy what they can't control. Leos might kill out of love or a desire for attention, while Libras may do so for street credibility or because their significant other persuades them to, as seen in the case of Bonnie Parker, who was a Libra.

Scorpios, known for their assertiveness and desire for dominance, may commit murder to establish their superiority or simply to test their ability to evade capture, as exemplified by Gary Francis Postea, suspected posthumously to be the Zodiac Killer.

Lastly, Aquarians are less likely to commit murder and may be averse to getting involved in violence, viewing it as a primitive impulse beneath them. They may prefer to delegate such actions to others, keeping their own hands clean!

Taurus, the discreet murderer

Some reports suggest that Taurus tops the charts in terms of kill count, but they're not typically driven by a desire to commit murder. After all, dealing with prison food and cleaning up a crime scene are tasks nobody wants to tackle—perhaps this is why they often get caught.

Among the ranks of Taurus murderers are infamous figures like H.H. Holmes, a con artist who built a horror house, as well as Michael Ryan, David Copeland, Karla Homolka, Albert Fish, Levi Bellfield, Orville Lynn Majors, Robert Black, Steve Wright, and Martha Beck.

If we widen the definition of murderers to include politicians and cult leaders, we find even more Tauruses in the mix. The likes of Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin, Saddam Hussein, and Jim Jones, infamous for the Jonestown massacre, were all born under this sign!

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