7 Types of Loud Neighbors and How to Deal with Them

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Every one of us has that one neighbor. You know what kind of neighbor I am talking about.

The kind which either makes a lot of trouble or just simply tries to be as annoying as possible.

Whether they yell, laugh loudly, talk out loud, sing or play an instrument, these types of neighbors can sometimes make us feel very angry if we are tired or very happy when we are sad.

One of my neighbors is like these people. He always talks on the phone so loud that the entire street can hear him. He tends to yell, curse and - my favorite - make funny jokes.

He cheered me up so many times with his jokes, that when he asked “June, do you get mad when I talk on the phone? I heard a lot of people complaining about me”, I just said how sometimes he can really make people frustrated, but as for me personally, his jokes and laughter are one of the things that can cheer me up when I feel sad.

On the other hand, most of people would just call police on noisy neighbors.

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In this article, I will try to class all types of neighbors and make suggestions of how to deal with any of the types, so strap in and let’s begin.

7 Types of Loud Neighbors & How to Deal with Them

1. Noisily amicable

This type of people is, in fact, very warm-hearted people. They often want to help you with anything, being amicable to everyone, which is why most of the people like them.

But they do have one bad habit and that is they talk really loud without even noticing it.

How to deal with the noisily amicable loud neighbors:

The best way for you to “deal” with them is simply telling them they were being too loud. They will usually act calmly and try to lower their voice so you could keep your good hearing.

Well, at least until your next encounter, when they usually forget it again.

However, if you can’t sleep at night due to the level of noise (and possibly music), we highly recommend you to report loud music at night. This is something that can’t be intentional and if the music continues after the warning – you’ve got only one solution.

2. Quiet as an Elephant

Everyone who lives in a flat would meet this kind of person. They always try to be as quiet as humanly possible, knowing there are other people living in the same building.

But do you know how plans usually go down the toilet?

That’s exactly what happens with the quietness of these people. We can literally hear everything they do, from vacuuming to a baby crying.

Eventually, we all know that it’s not all their fault. Sometimes buildings are just built that way, with bad sound isolation.

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To deal with these 'noisy neighbors':

That’s why every building has a timetable, so you could finish your work at the time when most of the other people are either awake or off to work.

Even if it happens that the timetable is not followed, you can just go knock on these people’s doors and ask them nicely to stop, since they are reasonable people.

3. Caring as a Sloth

These types of people don’t really care about another people’s business.

They do their own thing, clean up, playing piano or guitar, without even realizing how much noise they produce and how it affects other people in the same building.

Don’t get me wrong, these people are often friendly and have good personalities, but they often get carried away, which results in creating a lot of noise, whether directly by them or by television or some musical instrument.

types of loud neighbors

How to deal with caring 'noisy neighbors':

What can you do about this? Well, you can always go and ask them if they could keep it a bit lower, and they would usually agree.

Unless when they get really carried away, for example when throwing up a large and loud party.

Then it is not easy to convince everyone to keep it down a bit, so in some cases, even police can get involved.

But don’t worry, this doesn’t happen a lot since nowadays there is a timetable in every building and when it comes to a party, people who organize a party have to inform all the tenants by leaving a note for everyone to see.

No matter how annoying your loud neighbors can get – you need to have a different approach for nice neighbors who are just being loud at occasions.

4. Ask me and I will stop

These types of people usually mind their own business, do their thing and they knowingly do it noisily, expecting you to tell them if that bothers you.

I can’t help it but hear the drill when mentioning people like this.

Everyone knows the feeling when you get up in the morning, drink coffee, make yourself ready for work, and then you just hear that terrible sound, pounding in and outside your head.

What to do with these type of loud neighbors?

Although it is annoying, sometimes it just has to be done, so you can either deal with it or leave your flat until it is over. That’s why you shouldn’t take it out too hard on these people.

If it really bothers you, just go knock on the door, explain that you have a headache and ask them if they could postpone their work a little. I am sure most of them would understand.

Planning a revenge isn’t always the best option – and simply asking is one of ways how to get neighbors to be quiet. If you haven’t tried this first, you should definitely give it a try before taking any further steps!

5. The man in the high castle

Ah, the type of people who think they have a right to do anything they possibly want.

Whether it is about some spoiled rich teenager, rude famous person or simply insolent individual, this type of people can be very frustrating to deal with when it comes to having your peace of mind.

They don’t care what you want, why you complain and will rarely agree to stop what they’re doing if you just asked them nicely.

And what’s worse than a noisy neighbor? A rude noisy neighbor who is hard to cope with!


To deal with the noisy neighbor up in the high castle:

In order to change their mind, you will either have to show them what it’s like to be you, by making them “taste their own medicine”, confront them, which is never a good idea, or simply call the authorities to intervene.

If you want to have some fun, just use the first method. You might find it is both successful and amusing at the same time.

And it could leave a lasting impact on your neighbor, which could possibly make your life much easier in the future. See more about how you can take revenge on your noisy neighbors here.

6. Worst Type of Loud Neighbors

Just when you’ve thought that it can’t get any worse – you’re missing your old neighbor since the new neighbor is at least two times worse than the previous one.

These types of people enjoy annoying other people just because they feel they are more dominant than you, making you feel subservient and powerless to stop them.

Or they simply don’t like you and want to see you suffer. You probably know some people who would hold a grudge if you complained about them in any way.

They usually keep doing the thing which annoys you the most just because of that and they rarely fear the consequences.

Now, you could go confront them about it, but these people are usually inclined to physical violence, which could bring you more problems than you wanted if the situation escalated any further.

A big mistake you could make here is trying to make them feel the same way you do.

This tactic would just make it even worse for you because these people would think of a new way to annoy you more than you annoy them.

Call the police if it gets too much out of hand.

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7. Psychologically ill people

Many doctors say that the worst thing that could happen to us is losing our mind.

There is no worse illness than the ones where you lose the ability to think freely. Though that is not their own fault, sometimes we find psychologically ill people from our environment very disturbing.

We are often too afraid to talk to these people if the noise they make bothers us. Sometimes that fear is justified, sometimes not.

Sometimes these people are kind, sometimes they are not. With psychologically ill people you can never be a 100% sure.

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How to deal with psychologically ill loud neighbors?

Then what can we do? If you hear a noise coming from their house or a flat, the best thing you could do is call the police.

It’s not worth to risk your life because, as mentioned, you can never know for sure if they are peaceful or not.

So, it is better to leave it in the hand of professionals, who knows how to deal with it and who can even help them appropriately if needed.

Final Word: On the Different Types of Loud Neighbors

There you go, people! We’ve gone through all types of noisy neighbors and the best ways of dealing with them.

Whether you live in a flat or in a street in a noisy neighborhood, I am sure these tips will be useful for you.

In the end, I would like to mention the best way to deal with noisy neighbors is to actually get a proper sound isolation and make your house or flat soundproof.

Whether you’re dealing with a yelling or rowdy neighbour – none of it would matter if you couldn’t hear them and luckily for you, there are plenty of soundproofing techniques you can try out.

That would require more money, but it could eventually be profitable because you wouldn’t have to think of a way to try to stop your noisy neighbors.

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