Ultra Quiet Shop Vac Reviews with Buying Guide

Shop Vac Noise Reduction

A vacuum cleaner can make it easy for you to get rid of all the dust in the shop or at home. Shop vacs are specifically designed to handle tough jobs like that in a workshop.

Be it a commercial site or a work shop, all the noise created by the vacuum cleaners can be really annoying.

Even a quiet wet dry vacuum can produce some sort of a noise.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case every time. There are quiet, wet/dry vacs available in the market that produce little to no noise. 

I am personally fond of all things quiet and in this guide I have put together the top 5 quiet shop vacs that you can consider.

Before you jump right into it, look into the buying factors that can help you choose the right type of shop vac.

ultra quiet shop vac

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What to consider when buying Shop Vacs?


Power is perhaps the first thing that you should look for before gauging other features of the shop vac.

The best shop vacs have motors that are rated 6.5 Peak Horsepower. PHP is the term that is used to analyze how powerful the motor is. 

The Air Power rating or AP is also an important aspect. It tells how well the vacuum cleaner can pick up the heavy objects. It is helpful essentially in the shops wherein the vacs can pick up bolts, screws and heavy debris.

You might also want to look into the suction pressure. This is helpful in case of liquids. The seal of the shop vac should be good.

However, the more powerful shop vac is – the more this shop vac will have decibels resulting in a louder noise.

But more of the noise depends on the manufacturer & model of the vac – so you don’t have to strictly stick with a low-power vacs.


Often, at times while buying a shop vac, people ignore the hose. However, if the quality of the hose is not good, it can cause even the best quiet shop vac to underperform.

A hose that is too thick is difficult to handle and one that is too thin will cut off suction within no time. It should be noted that you can always replace the hose or can even get an extension down the line.

In case your vac doesn’t come with plenty of additional accessories – a great way to reduce shop vac noise is to create a DIY shop vac muffler which will be useful in the way you use the vac as well.

Shop Vac Cords

Ideally, you should opt for shop vac cords that are longer.

Even though you can use extension cords to help you use the vac easily throughout the room, it is always a good idea to opt for vac cords that are long.

The quality of the cord is also something that you should be mindful of.

Tank Capacity

As opposed to the contrary belief, a shop vac with a large capacity might not always be the best option for you. For instance, if you wish to use the vac to clean your car then a small one will be ideal.

Whereas, if it is for a commercial space then the shop vac having a large tank capacity will work.


The shop vac should have a standard filter. There are certain shop vacs that have two filters as well. The ones with cartridge style are good for general use.

Whereas foam filters are good for liquids. If need be, you can actually pick extra filters for your shop vac.


The products should come with good warranties so that in case something happens to the device, it can be taken care of.

Opt for shop vacs that have warranty for at least 3 years. The longer the warranty the better it is.


Blowers were hardly available long ago. But these days each vac has a blower function. It works best when you want to clean those parts that are difficult to reach.

Look for this option in the shop vacs especially if you require that function the most.

Quiet shop vac decibels

The shop vacs can be quite noisy. If you are working in an environment where silence is very important then look for options that have the least decibels.

Looking up for shop vac decibels isn’t a bad idea, but sometimes, you might not find any. However, in this post, you’ll find only vacs which are produce less than 70 decibels of noise.

Silent vacuum cleaners are indeed required for keeping the noise minimum. Shop vacs with decibels below 70 are perfect.

Ultra Quiet Shop Vac Reviews

This filtered unit comes with dual flex hose that is 7-feetlong. You can carry it around the place with ease.

The 20-feet power cord enables you to easily cover all the areas due its length.

It is suitable for a variety of cleaning roles since it comes with 5 cleaning attachments.

The 16 Gallon wet and dry vac by Craftsman offers 6 HP suction enabling you to clean the fluids as well.

Using the high-speed exhaust port, you can use it as a blower as well. It is ideal for work places and workshops that have a lot of mess that needs to be cleaned.

What I liked the most about this shop vac is that it is very light weight and you can move it with ease due to the wheels.

With a warranty of 1 year, you can rely upon the brand. Moreover, it has a silent function that helps you get the job done without having to worry about the decibels.

User reviews suggest that the suction of this shop vac is excellent. It rolls well and has a silent operation that is suitable for both work and home.

The attachments also fit well. It is very sturdy and has got simple looks. Emptying this shop vac is also super easy.

I recommend it due to the amazing functioning and performance that it delivers. It works silently and enables you to easily clean away huge mess. It is worth each penny.

This wet/dry vacuum has a stainless steel tank of 5 gallon along with 4.5 PHP motor than gives amazing performance.

It has a full circumference dolly using which you can maneuver it as needed.

The top and side carry handles can augment amazing portability.

The accessories that come with this shop vac make it very versatile to use. It features a 7 foot hose, crevice tool, 3 extension wands, floor nozzle, foam sleeve as well as a filter bag.

It is indeed a one stop solution for household mess and heavy-duty cleaning that is needed in the workshops. It also has a variety of filters, adapter and accessories that make it ideal for any task.

Due to the awesome performance of this machine, you can use it in the jobsite, car, home or even workshops.

It meets all the modern requirements and has an attractive design that compliments any space. This multi-surface wet/dry vacuum is created for efficiency, convenience, and power.

The tank and lid are held together due to the secure latch system. The on board tool storage helps you easily keep it wherever you need to.

Forget about the machine that tips over as this one comes with a full circumference dolly.

As far as user reviews are concerned, the suction power of this shop vac has got good comments. It easily tracks all the dirt, leaves, pine straw and the like.

It can be used in multiple rooms thanks to the long extension cords. The blower features comes in handy in case you have pets at your place. The silent functioning of this shop vac is also incredible.

This shop vac by Vacmaster has a sturdy and stylish built.

It features a 7 feet long hose and a 12 feet long cord using which you can clean away the large spaces.

It has 2 extension wands and a multi surface floor nozzle that makes using it very easy.

What I liked the most about this shop vac is it’s on board accessory storage. It also includes a rear base so that you can keep everything at one place.

The dust sealed switch and balanced top handle design enables you to perform several tasks with the utmost ease.

Another awesome feature of the shop vac is that it comes with a weather resistant design. This makes it ideal for use under any weather condition.

So you can clean away the huge messes without having to worry much about the wear and tear.

Moreover, the product comes with a warranty of 2 years and has a stylish design suitable for your home or job site. It is perfect for carpets and bare floors.

You can convert it to blower as well. It has a HEPA filter that meets the EPA standards. You can use the remote control to turn it on and off.

The product has got amazing customer reviews. It is said to be really quiet and powerful. It is perfect to be used in job sites as it readily cleans bolts, washers and screws with utmost ease.

I recommend it due to its features as well as functionality.

This shop vac by Makita has a powerful 12 AMP motor and generates 135 CFM of suction power.

It takes on the most challenging applications very easily. 

The motor chamber is made of quality materials that absorb the sound to give a silent operation. It functions at a decibel level of 59 which is certainly amazing.

The machine is very lightweight and portable. You do not have to worry about the filter since it has an automatic filter cleaning system.

Its blow-back feature is timed on the pre-set intervals ensuring a long filter life.

The rocker valve of the wet/dry vacuum isolates the reverse air flow via each filter so that the suction is not interrupted.

Thus, it delivers impeccable performance. There is an onboard tool-activated outlet that starts and stops the vacuum.

In terms of user control, this shop vac is very reliable. You can easily determine your application, identify the required dust extraction attachment and use several connection accessories.

I recommend it due to the ultimate convenience and efficiency that it brings.

The model has wide-set rear wheels and enlarged steel caster front wheels that cause the centre of gravity to be lowered.

Thus, it facilitates easier movement and improved stability. The product has got good reviews due to its amazing features within affordable prices.

This wet/dry vacuum helps you experience the corded performance along with the cordless convenience.

It has a powerful 80 CFM along with a multi size no tip wheel design. This means that you can very well move the machine around without having to worry about any hassle.

You can simply use it while it rolls over the cords and thresholds. The 360 degree mobility helps the vacuum to stay balanced.

You can keep all the crevice tools, extension wands and floor nozzle conveniently in the accessory storage. Thus, you do not have to bother about carrying the accessories along.

The hose dock can be used to keep the hose when you are not using it. Not to mention the multiple carrying handles that allow for easy carrying and the removing top using which you can empty the dust.

What I loved about these shop vacs is that it seems very user friendly and you can get the work done within no time. It is mess free and helps you clean even the challenging spaces with ease.

The compact design of the wet/dry vacuum is space efficient. According to customer reviews, the product is very handy and the roll over feature is fascinating. It is ideal for small to medium jobs.

Even though there is a Ryobi 3 gallon wet dry vac as well, we believe that 6 gallon version is still as compact and yet it doesn’t increase the noise levels – so it’s definitely a better choice.

Moreover, the silent function of the machine makes it a great choice for those who love silence and peace. It is worth the price you pay.

On the Ultra Quiet Shop Vac Reviews

Shop vacs are a savior in the modern day work scenario. They can easily clean away messes that you would never even think can be cleaned.

Suitable for commercial use or at home, these vacs have incredible features. Moreover, the silent functioning makes it ideal. 

And if you decided to stick with smaller shop vacs, in this post, we’ve listed quite a couple of the best small yet powerful shop vacs. Therefore, anyone will find a vac that will fit their needs.

After evaluating the listed products, my personal favorite is Shop Vac stainless steel wet/dry vacuum. I am impressed with the heavy duty cleaning, ease of usage, and versatile accessories that it features.

It makes cleaning any space very easy and is a one stop solution for the modern cleaning requirements.

The superior quality of the product along with great user reviews makes it the best pick from the list.

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