What You’re Supposed To Store In Those Cabinets Above The Fridge

Wondering what to do with that hard-to-reach cabinet above your fridge? I used to jam all sorts of pans and pots in there, and it became a bit of a headache to reach.

But with some clever organization and planning, I realized those cabinets can become a useful storage space for items you don't use frequently but still want to keep.

By making use of this otherwise hard-to-reach space, you can keep your kitchen more organized and make the most of every inch of storage.

Ideas For Your Above-The-Fridge Cabinets

1. A wine rack

Store your collection of wine bottles in a wine rack to keep them organized and easily accessible, perfect for occasional indulgences or entertaining guests.

2. Seasonal or decorative dishware

Keep holiday-themed plates and serving platters tucked away until needed for special occasions. You'll only be touching them once or a few times a year anyway!

3. Infrequently used small appliances

Stow away appliances like a waffle maker, slow cooker, or bread machine in the cabinet, freeing up valuable countertop space while keeping them within reach for occasional use.

4. Specialty baking pans or molds

Store specialty baking pans or molds, such as bundt pans or cookie cutters, in the cabinet to keep them organized and protected until your next baking project.

5. Party supplies

Keep a stockpile of party supplies like paper plates, napkins, and disposable cups on hand for impromptu gatherings or special occasions, ensuring you're always prepared to host guests.

6. Large serving bowls or trays

Store oversized serving bowls or trays in the cabinet to keep them out of the way when not in use, yet easily accessible for serving appetizers or displaying culinary creations.

7. Non-essential kitchen gadgets

Tuck away non-essential kitchen gadgets like a spiralizer, egg slicer, or garlic press in the cabinet to declutter your countertops while keeping them readily available for occasional use.

8. Backup or surplus pantry items

Use the cabinet to store surplus pantry items such as extra bags of flour, sugar, or rice, ensuring you always have essentials on hand without overcrowding your primary pantry storage space.

9. Baking ingredients

Keep baking ingredients like chocolate chips, nuts, and sprinkles in the cabinet to preserve their freshness and prevent clutter in your main pantry area, making them easily accessible when you're ready to bake up a sweet treat.

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