When Are Bananas Too Ripe For Baking? (3 Signs You Should Throw Them Out)

No matter how skilled you are at baking, chances are you've tried your hand at making banana bread. And you've probably heard that very ripe bananas are best for the recipe!

Bananas can range from yellow with brown spots to completely black and still be good for eating and baking.

In fact, black bananas are excellent for banana bread because they're sweeter due to the increased sugar content from ripening!! 

They also tend to be moister, perfect for baked treats.

However, there's a point where bananas become too ripe and may not be safe to use.

There Are 3 Kinds of Bananas To Avoid

1. Moldy Bananas

If black bananas have mold on them, it's a clear sign they're not safe to use. It's best to throw them away or compost them at this point!

2. Bananas With a Bad Smell

Another sign that bananas are too ripe is if they have a strange or unpleasant smell. While black peels or brown spots are normal, be cautious of anything that looks or smells off.

3. Mushy Bananas That Are Leaking

Bananas that are leaking liquid or have a mushy texture should also be discarded. Trust your senses and inspect the fruit carefully.

Pro Tip: Freeze your ripe bananas to save them from going bad!

It's a clever kitchen trick to freeze bananas before they spoil, allowing you to use them later for baking!

When frozen, bananas can stay good for two to three months in the freezer. To freeze them, peel the bananas and cut them into chunks, or freeze them whole if you have space.

For best results, wrap whole bananas individually in plastic wrap or store sliced bananas in an airtight container to keep them from getting freezer burn and preserve their taste.

When you're ready to use them, thawing frozen bananas is simple. Just take out the desired amount from the freezer, put them in a bowl, and let them thaw at room temperature for about two hours.

Alternatively, you can microwave them in short bursts of 15 seconds, or use them straight from the freezer in recipes that require blending, like banana bread or muffins.

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