7 Unusual Places Bedbugs Are Hiding In Your Home

bed bugs laptop

Bedbugs are known for being really good at hiding, which makes getting rid of them a real pain.

Most folks think they only hang out in beds and sheets, but they can actually hide in some pretty weird places around your house! 

Here are seven spots you might not expect to find bedbugs lurking:


Bedbugs are drawn to warmth, which makes electronics an ideal hiding spot. They may seek refuge inside gaming consoles, computers, and even televisions.

Picture Frames

The narrow crevices of picture frames provide a cozy hiding spot for bedbugs. Check behind frames and along the edges for signs of infestation.

Wall Cracks

Small cracks and gaps in walls offer bedbugs easy access to hiding spots near their food source. Inspect walls, baseboards, and molding for any signs of bedbug activity.

Clocks and Alarm Clocks

Bedbugs may find shelter inside the mechanisms of clocks, especially those with intricate designs or multiple components.


Books and magazines provide ample hiding spots for bedbugs, particularly if they are kept close to sleeping areas. Check the bindings and pages for signs of infestation.

Ceiling Fixtures

Bedbugs can crawl into ceiling fixtures and hide among the wiring and insulation. Be sure to inspect light fixtures and ceiling fans for any signs of bedbugs.

Pet Beds

If you have pets, their bedding and sleeping areas can also be susceptible to bedbug infestations. Regularly wash and inspect pet bedding to prevent bedbugs from taking up residence.

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