Woman Uses Curtain Rod To Triple Kitchen Storage (BRILLIANT!)

curtain rod kitchen storage

You know how it is—no matter how big your kitchen is, it feels like there's never enough space on the counters.

You're trying to cook up a storm, but between the toaster, blender, and coffee maker, there's barely any room to chop veggies, let alone spread out ingredients.

Plus, with everyone's busy schedules, the kitchen often ends up as a dumping ground for mail, keys, and random stuff, making it even harder to find space to work.

It's a constant struggle to keep things organized and have enough room to actually cook without feeling cramped and frustrated.

However, you can actually make a pot rack for less than $20 using just a curtain rod.

budget pot rack

If you can, drill into a wall stud to attach the rod brackets.

If not, use Command Hooks.

command hooks

Slide the curtain rod between them. Use S hooks to hang mugs, herbs, and small pails for storage. But keep heavy pots and pans in the cupboards to avoid overloading the rod. This trick not only saves cupboard space but also gives your kitchen a cool, European "working chef's kitchen" vibe.

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