17 Annoying Things People Didn’t Realize They’d Hate About Their Home Until Moving In

Ever moved into a new place and realized some home features weren't as peachy as you thought?

From pesky staircases to cramped pantries, we all have unexpected annoyances we've encountered post-move.

That's why Reddit user u/itspolkadotsocks asked people to share what didn't bother them about their homes until they actually lived with it, and the answers were revealing.

Check out what they had to say:

"Hood over the stove that doesn't vent outside, in an otherwise good, functional kitchen. WHY DO PEOPLE TAKE THIS SHORTCUT (especially since in this house, you can see where the old one did vent out)???" – u/fsu2k

"Windows that extend nearly to the floor. Can't put any furniture against that wall without blocking the windows and making them hard to open and close." - u/PagelTheReal18

"The fact that the sun which should hit our house and garden is blocked out entirely from October to end of March by the building behind us. Now I know why previous owners put this place up in early spring 🤦‍♀️" - u/ActivatePlanZ

"Open concept! I thought I would love it, but now I would kill for a separate kitchen area. It makes our house feel like an apartment." - u/readysetn0pe

"When the house was built they opted to add a third toilet/sink combo right beside the kitchen instead of having a pantry.... So now I have no pantry and guests get to do their business inches away from the counter I’m cooking our meal on." - u/tiny_tiina

"The outside HVAC units are both just outside the master bedroom windows. Noise, noise, noise. Who thought that was a good idea?" - u/ItsRaevenne

"Flat roof. What no one told us is that a flat roof in the winter is a nightmare in Michigan. After 8 years of living with it, we finally had the roofline rebuilt to a normal slope and never looked back. Twenty years later and never had a leak in that room again." - u/mothernatureisfickle

"My husband was adamant that he wanted all bedrooms upstairs for safety/privacy. Four years later he agrees with me - there's nothing worse than your bed being upstairs after a long day, and all of your clothes and toiletries being upstairs when you need to change or if you forgot to brush your teeth, etc. Never again!" - u/allthestars93

"We have a bay window in the master bedroom, and small windows on our front door. But other than that we have little visibility to our front yard. It's actually not possible to see my whole driveway from inside. It's simply annoying that I can't tell when someone pulls into my driveway." - u/mikethomas4th

"Not my current home, but I moved in somewhere that only had one drawer in the kitchen. I didn't realise when viewing, because who counts drawers? Anyway it was super inconvenient, and since then when looking at our current home we checked the number of drawers!" - u/Flaming_bort

"Black. Shower. Tile. and I'm the a**hole who picked it out. It won't come clean and the hard water/soap scum is way worse. it has looked awful since we put it in." - u/Disastrous-Soil1618

"Two bedrooms have light switches on the wall on the side where the door hinges are. Just inconveniently placed, but we can’t switch the doors because of room configuration so we’d have to pay probably hundreds of dollars to have the light switches moved just to satisfy that bit of inconvenience." - u/Rainbow-Mama

"Our kitchen is really small. Just not enough cabinets. We had no place to put our good china, so it's still boxed up from when we moved in. Appliances that we don't use much are in the attic, same with things like the turkey roaster - we simply don't have the space to keep them in the kitchen!" - u/louisianefille

"We have two bathrooms. The upstairs bathroom has a tub, but no shower. I did not realize how much I'd hate showering downstairs." - u/valadil

"My first house had plaster walls. Sure it looks good...but it freaking SUCKS if you need to cut a hole or even just hang a friggin' picture. When I tried cutting the (plaster) for the new fan, huge chunks of plaster broke off and the hole ended up being all jagged and ugly." - u/j_grouchy

"Cathedral ceilings, no attic! And to top it off, no ceiling light in the dining room. How do we put in a light with zero clearance above the ceiling? I hate painting the damn walls go up to 10' 6" from 8'. Wasted heat!"u/Pumasense

"Two story living room with a loft. It is beautiful. But oh my god, my house is loud, there are no private conversations, and it's a huge pain to heat and cool because of this." - u/hazelowl

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