Woman Finds Strange Item In Grandfather’s Belongings, Only People In Their 70s Will Know What It Is

A woman stumbled upon a mysterious item while rummaging through her grandfather's belongings—a metal contraption with a red rubber thing.

Perplexed by its appearance and unsure of its purpose, she turned to the internet in search of answers.

To her surprise, the online community seemed equally puzzled by the peculiar contraption.

No one could provide a satisfactory explanation—except a few in their 60s-70s who recognized the vintage item from their youth.

"Omg I just showed my husband he doesn’t know what it is. Lol I told him it was a for glass bottle to keep the fizz in..." One person said.

"You’re correct," someone named Robert replied. "We used it on bottled soda so it wouldn’t go flat."

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