Best Quiet Tumble Dryers 2024: Reviews and Buying Guide

best quiet tumble dryers

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It is quite easy to keep your clothes dry and fragrant during the summers.

But when it comes to the rainy season and unpredictable weather, having a tumble dryer in place can be a saviour!

Moreover, if you have limited space in your apartment for drying the clothes then a tumble dryer can come in handy!

I am constantly looking for ways to reduce the sound in and around my apartment. Appliances that are efficient and silent at the same time are something that I am always vouching for.

In this buying guide, I am going to share the 5 best quiet tumble dryers that will save you from the disturbing noise.

  • 1.5 Cubic Foot Capacity
  • Wall Mountable
  • 19. x 16 x 23.8 inches
  • 2.6 Cubic Foot Capacity
  • Multiple Installation Options
  • 17.1 x 23.6 x 25.6 inches
  • 2.6 Cubic Foot Capacity
  • Wall mounted or free standing
  • 17.2 x 23.8 x 27.5 inches
  • 2.6 Cubic Foot Capacity
  • Free standing
  • 16.8 x 27 x 24.9 inches
  • 2.65 Cubic Foot Capacity
  • Wall mounted or free standing
  • 17.1 x 23.6 x 27.5 inches
best quiet tumble dryers

What to consider when buying Tumble Dryers?

Before you dive into the top picks of silent tumble dryers, here is a list of factors that play an important role in selecting them.

How flexible is the dryer?

Gone are the days when a dryer used to be placed right next to a washing machine.

Moreover, it used to require a full installation including ventilation.

However, tumble dryers these days do not need dedicated ventilation. You can opt for silent tumble dryers that can move with you.

It can be very well placed in different locations as per your need.

What about programming?

More often than not it is advisable to go for tumble dryers that don’t have too many settings as it can get little confusing.

Opt for a dryer that has the basic settings for cotton, delicate or synthetic clothes. This will help you keep your precious clothes well maintained for years.

Electric or gas?

Modern age gas tumble dryers use the natural gas connection that is used to generate a hot stream of air which removes all the moisture from the clothes.

On the other hand, an electric tumble dryer can also be used to quickly dry all the wet clothes.

You can choose from the two types of tumble dryers and select one based on feasibility. In case you opt for an electric tumble dryer, you should see how energy conversant it is.

What Else Should You Look For?

Some other features that you can look into are the drum size of the dryer, whether or not the machine has reversible doors, child locks, and the functionality of programming lights.

You might find some of the dryers to be integrated which means that they shall fit in your cupboards.

However, most people prefer the freestanding ones that are fully visible and have better capacity.

Thus, you can choose the perfect tumble dryer by considering all the points mentioned above.

Below are the top 5 silent tumble dryers that I would recommend.

Best Quiet Tumble Dryers 2021

Trust me when I say this, Panda compact laundry dryer has got your back if you stay in an apartment or a small living space!

I have been looking for quiet dryer options that deliver excellent performance and I can’t help but admit that this is one of the best in the market.

Do you get paranoid each time you use an appliance thinking that it will create noise? Then this product is the one for you.  

Simply keep it in your laundry room without worrying about disturbing others as it is really silent.

However, it should be noted that this dryer is suitable for small loads so you can put your lounge wear, t-shirts and baby clothes in it. I was amazed by its compact size and amazing design.

The black and white combination is very adorable and complements the décor of any place.

Moreover, since it is very energy efficient, it doesn’t make your electricity bill escalate! Not to mention the extremely easy user interface that enables you to operate it with utmost ease.

According to the reviews, it delivers optimum performance when half loaded with clothes.

Also, it is advisable to regularly change the filter to keep the machine running smoothly. The vent was also reported to be “not too hot”.

I recommend this tumble dryer due to its awesome performance, compact design and quiet functioning.

With a capacity of 2.6 cubic feet and its adjustable time control, this tumble dryer is one of my favorites.

It includes the wall mounting kit using which you can easily mount it anywhere in your apartment. This will help you save up a lot of space.

This dryer is very durable because of its stainless steel inner drum and offers 5 drying options that you can choose from along with varying temperatures.

What I liked the best about this dryer is the enhanced drying that it offers due to its Lint and Air filter.

You can very well operate it using the easy set control knob that provides timed and convenient drying.

Based on the customer reports, this laundry dryer takes heavy loads like jeans and towels and efficiently dries them within 45 minutes to 1 hour. It’s portable and easy to mount.

The biggest peril of having a tumble dryer is the noise that it makes.

Have you ever started off with laundry hoping not to wake up the sleeping baby or your family members?

It could be quite a struggle but not with Magic Chef Laundry dryer as it has a silent function that helps you peacefully dry clothes with little to no noise.

I recommend this product because of its easy wall mounting option, durable design and an integrated viewing window that comes with a swinging door to easily dry the laundry.

This 110 Volt dryer can be wall mounted or used as a free-standing tumble dryer.

It comes with a viewable window door and is made with sturdy stainless steel drum. 

The front load dryer has a gorgeous white exterior and weighs as luttle as 45 pounds thus making it very easy to carry.

This electric dryer is vented and has a manual timer using which you can decide on how long you want it to run.

What I absolutely liked about this machine is that it works seamlessly without putting off much moisture or heat, thanks to its duel filters.

Unlike the larger dryers, clothes come out wrinkle-free and do not feel burning hot.

According to the user reviews, this tumble dryer works really well and is easy to use. Moreover, its impeccable design and value for money performance are really impressive.

I used to be bothered about the noisy dryer that I had before which is when I decided to look for something that is as silent as possible.

I must say, Avanti Portable Dryer has met all my expectations when it comes to being noise free.

This laundry dryer works wonderfully in an apartment and has a lent vent which is very easy to clean and remove. I recommend it since it is portable and well suited for urban living.

The vented dryer by Haier has made it on this list due to its temp dryness sensors that detect when the clothes are dry automatically and protects the clothes from over-drying.

It is also great for saving energy while optimally drying the clothes.

The electronic control of the appliance ensures that your dryer performs well.

Since it is wall mountable, it takes no floor space. You may also place it on top of a portable washing machine to easily get the laundry done at one go.

This vented dryer gives you all the ultimate control and you can choose from its three settings i.e., Normal, Heavy Duty and Delicate depending on your need. It has 5 timed dry settings that make sure your clothes are perfectly dried.

You can gauge the progress of the dryer through its cycle progress LED and end-of-cycle signal.

When the filter has to be replaced, the machine indicates through its filter indicator. This helps in keeping the dryer working fine.

A lot of user reviews point out that the dryer works best when the load is kept small and the filter is clean.

Most importantly, it does not require any installation and can be simply plugged in and used. You are advised to keep it on top of something as all its function buttons are on the bottom.

I personally liked this vented dryer because of its automatic dryness sensors. It is very space efficient and perfect for those who stay in apartments.

Not to mention the silent function that makes it ideal for small settings.

If you are looking for a quick dryer that does the job without taking up much space then this one is for you!

It comes with a wall hanging bracket and provides an over the top placement.

You may also use it as a freestanding dryer based on your choice and requirement.

Since I have to travel every now and again, I am always looking for dryers that are portable and feasible to use.

Happy to report that this electric tumble vented laundry dryer meets my expectations.

All that you need to do is to set up the exterior venting and plug this into any 120-volt outlet. You have the option of choosing from its 5 dry cycle settings.

It has a hinged lint filter with double layers that help in delivering excellent performance.

With its adjustable leveling feet, you can place it just as you wish to. The temperature sensors and variable heat setting is a very promising feature.

While living in an apartment, it is a struggle to find quiet dryers that will help you escape the trouble of going to the Laundromat.

This Smart+ product does really well when it comes to functioning silently.

What I loved the most about this tumble dryer is it’s easy to use facet. It works just fine without damaging the delicate clothes and surprisingly handles heavy loads well.

On the Quietest Tumble Dryers

With a quality quiet tumble dryer in place, you no longer have to wait around for your turn in the apartment launderette.

It is perfect for times when the weather outside is terrible and you need to get your set of clothes dried.

Out of the listed tumble dryers, I would highly recommend Avanti Automatic Portable Dryer. It gives complete control to the user and has an excellent look.

The dual filters ensure that your clothes are appropriately dried. It is ideal for the modern lifestyle and is significantly silent than its counterparts.

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