Best Quietest Hair Clippers 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

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As an ex-hairdresser, I always tried to keep a calm and peaceful ambience in my salon.

One of the main rules that follow in order to achieve this is to use quiet tools which are great in quality.

If you have ever been to a professional salon to get a haircut, you know that the loud noise coming from hair clippers can be quite overbearing sometimes.

Not only you can’t have a proper conversation with your precious customers – but your customers could really benefit from the low noise trimmer.

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When it comes to hair tools and product, I tend to be a perfectionist! In this article, I will talk to you about the best hair clippers that you can find online which make the least noise.

Read on to find out about the 5 best quiet hair clippers that you can buy which will give you a perfect and peaceful trim, but also learn what makes a trimmer loud & how to choose a quiet one by yourself.

  • Accessories/Kit Included
  • Electromagnetic Motor
  • Intended for professional use
  • Accessories/Kit NOT Included
  • Magnetic motor
  • Designed for prolonged use and tough hair cutting jobs
  • Accessories/Kit Included
  • Whisper Quiet Pivot Motor
  • Affordable for professionals
  • Accessories/Kit NOT Included
  • Rotary Motor
  • For heavy-duty use
  • Accessories/Kit Included
  • Powerdrive Heavy Duty Motor
  • For personal use
best quietest hair clippers

What to consider when buying hair clippers?

If there is one thing that you do not want to mess up in your grooming process, it’s clipping your hair.

A mistake from your hand or by using a low-quality product completely alters your appearance in a second.

Not only you won’t get as much respect from the customers – but you will find yourself wondering how to make clippers quiet, which will spend you a lot more time and effort.

This is why it is important that you should always go for a good quality hair clipper.

Since you are reading this article, you have already decided that you prefer your grooming tools to make less noise, which is always a good thing!

What are the other factors that you should consider when buying a good hair clipper?


First and foremost, the safety factor when using the product is extremely important, especially if you are a beginner at using trimming/clipping tools.

Check if the product has properly designed guards, uses quality materials and has good protective mechanisms to prevent accidentally hurting yourself when using the product.

Easy to clean and maintain

Any product that comes with a steel blade can break or fail to function well if it was not cleaned or maintained properly.

Therefore, it is important that the hair clipper you plan to buy is easy to clean and maintain without having to too much time for it.

The motor of the device

The power and also the size of the motor of a hair clipper can make all the difference to the efficiency and the precision of the product.

And if you are wondering why do your clippers make a loud noise – the number one reason is the motor of the device.

The blade and the motor are the two most important parts of the product that usually determines the price. If you go for a cheaper/ low-quality motor, it is likely to burn out very fast.

Sticking with the “golden middle” rule is a good way to find a quiet yet reasonably priced quiet hair clipper.

Following are the 5 best quiet hair clippers I will be reviewing on this article.

I will be giving the priority for the noise levels that the device makes but will be closely looking at other important factors regarding the quality as well.

Best Quietest Hair Clippers 2021

Wahl has always been a prominent name in the grooming products industry, and this is another one of their popular and quality products.

It belongs to their commercial grade product line and targets the professional hairdressers specifically.

The blade and the edges are designed in a way that can give a precise and sharp performance that professionals require in order to give a laser-sharp trim.

It is a classic tool that can perfectly deliver the traditional on scalp-work such as tapering and fading with precision.

The housing is made of a durable aluminium material which gives a sturdiness to the product which is extremely important when working with sharp trimming and clipping tools.

You get an adjustable taper lever for more precision, 3 different cutting guides for inspiration and ideas, a styling comb, oil and a cleaning brush for maintenance and a blade guard for further protection.

The user favorite features highlighted in the positive reviews specifically include the impressively quiet operation of the device, making it able to use on children's hair without alarming them with a loud noise.

You might not know this already, but quiet hair clippers are required by kids with autism – and since this product passes the noise bar, it’s the number one hair clipper on our list. We highly rate these clippers as one of the best hair clippers for use with people who have autism.

If you are not a professional hairdresser but would like to have a professional looking trim without having to go to a stylist every other week, this product will surely be a favorite for you. 

The company has had some negative reviews due to sending out used/returned clippers to new buyers, but the performance of the device itself seems to be working consistently for many users.

This simple blade hair clipper by Andis is for those who want to get a nice clean trim without needing too many accessories to style.

For perfect performance, the company recommends that you oil the blades before and after use. This will further ensure lesser noise made when using it as well.

The motor type of the product is magnetic and gives a smooth and quiet trim for you with ease.

The high-speed motor and the design ensures that the product will not make any noise or heat up when using, making it a great product to use when trimming the hair of children.

The lightweight aluminum that has been used to build the housing is virtually unbreakable according to the company, and the verified user reviews confirm that as well.

Due to the simple and traditional design, these clippers are also ideal for professional users who are experienced and quick with their hands.

Even though the product is advertised to give a cool operation, if you use it for extended periods without pauses (which happens with non-professionals most of the time), it can get heated.

Andis Master 15-Watt Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper does not come with accessories such as combs and guards, which some users find to be a negative aspect of the product.

However, for those who require a heavy-duty clipper that is quiet and gets the job done well, this is a great choice to go for.

This Oster product allows you to cut through both dry and wet hair and has a smooth and quiet operation with its special Whisper Quiet Pivot Motor. 

You can adjust the blades between sizes 000 and 1, giving you a wider scope of styling possibilities. 

This is a simple and easy to use the product, especially for the beginners. The ergonomic design gives you a good grip when you hold the device which adds an extra level of safety.

The accessories that come with the product include 4 different guide combs to blend and style, a blade guard for safety along the lubricating oil and a cleaning brush for better maintenance of the product.

The high durability of the product is one of the most highlighted features in the user reviews.

It is recommended to give a good lubrication periodically in order to keep up the low noise levels and high efficiency of the device.

The metal teeth of the product have broken off after a while for some users, which is a negative factor.

The consistently even cut, the speed, power, and the quiet operation are the other common feedbacks about this Fast Feed Adjustable Clipper by Oster.

You get a 1-year limited warranty by the manufacturer when you purchase the device.

This is a heavy-duty hair clipper by Andis that comes with a detachable blade. It has a rotary motor that is powerful, can be used for heavy-duty clipping and yet rather quiet in operation.

Due to the high-speed motor, it gives a professional quality performance while being relatively smaller and lighter than many professional hair clippers out there.

You get a Ceramic Edge blade with the product, and it works with all the Andis brand Ultra Edge and Ceramic Edge blades.

If you have been an Andis user for a while and need a quiet yet powerful and professional quality hair clipper, this is surely the one to go for.

According to the user reviews, this Andis product is ideal for a fast-paced salon environment.

You get a speedy, precise, and powerful cut without making much noise, and you can change up the styles due to the detachable blade as well.

The motor of the device does not slow down with thick or coarse air, which is another positive point to highlight.

However, if you use the clipper occasionally and do not have any other Andis blades, you may not be able to get the best potential out of this product.

Last but not least, this Wahl product is one of the bestselling and most reviews quiet hair clippers that you can buy online.

It is not merely a hair clipper, but a complete hair and beard clipping kit that comes with guide combs, styling shears, and a cordless touchup trimmer as well.

While most quiet trimmers are the usually heavy duty and professional grade, this hair clipper and styling kit targets beginners and non-professionals who like having a nice styling moment by themselves at home.

The PowerDrive Heavy Duty motor in the device is to be thankful for the speedy, precise and most importantly quiet operation of the product.

The precision Ground Blades you get with the product is self-sharpening, allowing you to use the device for the long term without any difference in the performance.

According to the user reviews, this product "cuts like a dream".

The commonly highlighted positive features of the Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro include the quiet operation, the affordable price, easy to understand guides and instructions for beginners, useful accessories and also the close trim that it gives.

Some users, however, have faced problems when it comes to the durability of the product, even after maintaining it well. You get a limited warranty by Wahl for the product.

On the Quietest Hair Clippers

All the hair clippers mentioned above had their own pros and cons, with the main pro mutual to all the products being smooth and quiet operation.

While some of them are commercial grade targeting professional hairdressers, there were many positive user reviews by non-professionals on how they performed well for them as well.

ProductAccessories/KitClipper Motor
Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Senior ClipperIncludedElectromagnetic
Andis Master 15-Watt Adjustable Blade Hair ClipperNot IncludedMagnetic
OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor ClipperIncludedWhisper Quiet Pivot Motor
Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable BladeNot IncludedRotary
Wahl Deluxe Chrome ProIncludedPowerdrive Heavy Duty Motor

Considering all the features and feedback, the best quiet hair clipper, in my opinion, is the Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro.

It is a classic and simple design that comes with many accessories which can be used by both the professionals and those who self-style at home.

Most importantly, it is known for giving you a smooth and precise trim, without making any noise at all!

And if your priority is to minimize the sound of a hair trimmer – any of the trimmers listed in this post will do that for you!

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