How to Soundproof a Dog Crate and Stop Dog Barking in Kennels

how to soundproof a dog crate

I have always been a dog person (Well, that is an understatement, seeing as I have five of them at the moment).

Usually, I prefer adopting them while they are still puppies so that I have all the time to get attached to them and teach them a couple of tricks.

Dogs are just loveable creatures and most households will own one as a pet at some point or another.

However, the one annoying thing, besides cleaning up after them, is the constant whining and barking especially when they are still pups.


With my first two puppies, I had to go through the torture of their barking and whining.

It was so bad that I even considered giving them away.

The whining was especially terrible at night as I prefer not to bring them to bed with me.

While trying to find a solution to all the noise, I stumbled upon the dog crates.

The fact that I could make them soundproof seemed very lucrative and I immediately bought one.

I worked on soundproofing it further and I loved the results.

Although you can not make the dog crate 100% soundproof, it certainly helps in reducing the noise levels in your house.

If the barking and whining of your adorable creature get on your nerves, then this article will be of great help to you.

Here's how to muffle dog barking and soundproof dog kennel.

how to soundproof a dog crate

How to Soundproof a Dog Crate

What You'll Be Needing:

Snuggle Puppy
A toy that helps to soothe down your pet
Kong toy
A toy that pops out a treat when your pet chews on it in a particular way
Crate Cover
Put over the dog crates to reduce the amount of sound that passes through
Absorption sheets
Usually made of sound absorbing materials that deaden the barking noise from your doggo
Sound baffles
Decorative and great for absorbing echoes within a room

First, what are soundproof dog crates?

Soundproof dog crates are little crates for your dog, usually made of sound-absorbing materials.

The materials used to make the crates usually absorb your dog's barking.

They also reduce the reverberations so as to reduce the intensity of the barking.

Soundproof dog crates can also be of comfort to your dog.

You know how anxious they get when there’s a big storm? 

In case this happens when they are in the crate, they will be able to sleep right through it all!

Because soundproofing the dog crate will not get rid of the noise completely, there are a couple of other things you could do to ensure that you keep the barking levels to a minimum.

how to stop dog barking In Crate

Reassure your dog

Dogs will generally bark more whenever they feel frightened.

It is, therefore, important that you make sure your dog feels safe whenever you leave them in their dog crate.

Here is some good music that is designed to help your dog stay calm.

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Don’t leave the dogs in the bathroom

Most dog owners will prefer to leave their dogs in the bathroom when they go off to work.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this.

The materials used in the bathroom are not sound absorbing and as a result, the sound will travel through the walls much faster.

Avoid emotional farewells

Giving your dog emotional farewells will leave them distressed.

As a result, they may end up barking and whining for hours until you get home.

If you would like to leave, try as much as possible to leave without hugging your pup. 

This way, they will get accustomed to you leaving much faster and they won't take it as hard.


Get your doggy exhausted

If they are tired, they won’t have the energy to keep barking.

Try as much as possible to get your doggy tired by playing with them during the day.

If possible, take them for a walk every evening. This way, when they get to their crate, all they will want to do is sleep.

Find a dog sitter

If you are able to pay for one, get a dog sitter to stay with your favorite animal whenever you are away.

With a sitter, you are assured that the dog has someone to play with so they won’t feel too lonely.

In case you are not able to pay a pet sitter, you can try asking family and friends to look after your dog when you are away.

A neighbor who has kids can also be a good option if they agree to it.


Place the crate in a comfortable room

As I mentioned above, it is important that your dog feels safe even when you are not around.

Placing the crate in an unfamiliar room such as the basement will only get them agitated.

Try putting the crate somewhere that your doggy feels comfortable and is used to.

The living room or the bedroom can be a good place to start.

Train your dog to stay in the crate


Disciplining your doggy is absolutely fine. It is, actually, necessary.

Most dog owners will argue that they cannot discipline their dogs as it seems so cruel.

However, you will have to train your dog to stay in the crate and be comfortable.

Of course, during the first few days, they will whine and bark whenever you place them in the crate. Giving in and letting them out will only complicate thing.

Be firm and you’ll notice that with time, they will be able to stay in the crate without causing too much trouble.

Get your pup a toy

You should really consider getting your dog a toy if you do not have one already.

dog quietly playing with toy

Comfort toys make the dogs to be less anxious and because they are usually easily distracted, a toy can also help keep them distracted from barking while you were away.

For Fluffy, my third pup, I got the Snuggle Puppy that really worked wonders in soothing him down.

Alternatively, you can get the Kong Toy that will pop out a treat when your dog chews on it in a particular way.

This could take hours so you are assured that your dog will be occupied for some time.

Soundproofing the Dog Crate

Now that we have taken care of the doggy, it is time to get to the crate.

I love soundproofing projects and happily take them on whenever I can.

However, soundproofing the dog crate was quite a challenge. Here’s why.

When it comes to blocking out sounds, it is important to seal even the smallest gaps as they will let sound pass through.

With a dog crate, this is not possible.

You have to ensure you leave enough space to allow your dog to breathe.

This, however, means that there will still be some space that will let sound pass through.

It is because of this that a dog crate cannot be entirely soundproof.


You can, however, increase the sound-absorbing potential so as to reduce the noise that goes through.

Seeing as I had to factor in the breathing, I decided to take the following steps as I was working on soundproofing my dog crate.

1. Buy some dog crate covers

These are simply covers that are put over the dog crates to reduce the amount of sound that passes through.

Although you can get regular covers at a much cheaper price, I personally decided to go for soundproof covers just to make them more efficient.

When buying the covers, be sure to get those that perfectly fit the dog crate.

The covers are usually readily available and are easy to get. I recommend this crate cover.


If you do not have the money to buy dog crate covers, you can try placing a blanket on top of the crate.

This, however, should be done with caution as it is important not to make the crate too dark or too hot.

2. Get Absorption Sheets

To further enhance the sound absorption, you can get some absorption sheets for the dog crate.

Absorption sheets are usually made of sound absorbing materials that deaden the barking noise from your doggo.

They come with grommets that allow you to hang the sheets in the dog crate and therefore, cover up the walls.

As a result, this creates a relatively dark and warm crate that is just perfect for sleep.

Of course, you can use old sheets as well, rather than buy some absorption sheets.

They may not be as effective but will reduce the noise levels a bit.

3. Soundproof the Wall

How to Block Noise From the Neighbors

Alternatively, if your neighbors are bothered by the barking but you are not, you may try soundproofing a wall or even an entire room. 

This option is certainly more costly that soundproofing the dog crate.

If the neighbors upstairs keep complaining, you can try soundproofing the ceiling.

Likewise, soundproofing the floor will take care of the complaints from downstairs.

If soundproofing, or generally DIY is not your thing, then you can opt to get a soundproof dog crate.

Of course, this will cost you more than an ordinary crate but will certainly be worth it.

4. Soundproofing a Kennel

If you are planning to soundproof the kennel as well, then you will have to use different methods from the ones above.

The noise levels in kennels can be extremely high because of hard surfaces in the kennel.

The sound is reflected off these surfaces causing a lot of echo and reverberation.

The aim, therefore, will be to reduce the echoes as much as is possible.

You can use acoustic tiles on the walls of your dog’s kennel.

Because of the industrial strength adhesives, acoustic tiles can directly adhere to walls and ceilings. 


They are usually made from recycled cotton materials that make them great sound absorbers.

Another good thing is that they come in a variety of designs, sizes, and colors.

Acoustic panels are yet another good option for soundproofing the kennels.

You get to choose from a variety of fabrics and you can even get custom made panels by having images printed on them.

Acoustic panels usually offer great sound absorption for mid to high frequencies. 

You also have the option of using sound baffles.

These are usually lightweight and are easy to suspend from the ceiling.

They are decorative and great for absorbing echoes within a room.

On Soundproofing the Dog Crate

When it comes to the doggy, you certainly want the best for them. After all, they are just like your own child.

Soundproof a Dog Crate and Stop Dog Barking

Neighbors who are constantly complaining about your dog's whining and baking may eventually have you kicked out of the apartment.

A dog crate soundproofing DIY project is all you need.

After having a terrible two months with my first two pups, I was very much relieved when I successfully soundproofed the dog crate.

With the other three, it has been an easy journey.

Without the neighbors constantly knocking on my door, the dogs and I are very happy.

Who knows, I just might get another puppy soon!

I want to soundproof my dog crate

How to Soundproof a Dog Crate

how to soundproof a dog crate

Sometimes they can be too noisy with that incessant barking and whining. We show you how to soundproof a dog crate and stop a dog from barking in them.

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  1. Buy Some Dog Crate Covers
  2. Get Absorption Sheets
  3. Soundproof the Wall
  4. Soundproofing a Kennel
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