Best Soundproof Blinds: Reviews and Buying Guide


Besides the doors, windows are the biggest culprits for letting in unwanted sounds into a house. If you live in a noisy building or area, you will find it quite annoying that you can't get some peace in your home. 

The good news is that a little soundproofing could go a long way into making your home more comfortable. One of the easiest ways you can soundproof your window is by having some soundproof blinds installed. 

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Soundproof Blinds

The bad news is that these blinds can't block out the noise completely. Sure, you will notice some reduction in the amount of noise coming in. If you want to get the best results, you are better off using some other soundproofing methods for your window

That said, soundproof blinds can help reduce the noise significantly. Well, if you are on the lookout for some shades to help deaden the sound from outside, this article will come in handy. 

In this article, we will highlight some of the best options available in the market, as well as several tips to help you get the most from your soundproof blinds.

  • Cordless - safe for kids & pets
  • 100% Blackout
  • UV Rejection
  • Ships true to size
  • Offers sound absorption
  • Ideal for indoors
  • Modern & Stylish
  • Energy-saving attributes
  • Protects agaisnt UV rays
  • No drilling needed
  • 98% Blackout
  • Child safety device
  • No screws, drills or brackets needed
  • Cordless lift mechanism
  • Designed in USA
  • 100% Polyester
  • Customizable
  • Made in USA


Before we delve into the list of the best blinds, it's important to mention that there are different types of soundproof blinds. Although the shades will be similar in design and shape, some are better than others when it comes to noise reduction. Let's have a look below.

Types of Soundproof Blinds

Honeycomb Cell Blinds

Honeycomb cell blinds use closed cells to trap air. They consist of two layers, and they get their name from the hexagonal shape that resembles a honeycomb. Thanks to the number of cells and the two layers, honeycomb shades do an excellent job of blocking out noise. 

When looking for the best honeycomb shades, I would suggest you go for those with a blackout fabric. These blinds can be ideal for a bedroom or an entertainment room. Besides blocking out unwanted sounds from outside, they also help in blocking out light and heat.

Because they block the light, some people prefer pairing them with another blind type, like the wooden blind. Otherwise, they either stay up or down. A fact that makes them ideal for rooms that require privacy, such as a bathroom.

Honeycomb cell blinds also come with several other advantages. They help keep your home warm during winter, stay cool during summer, and are safe for kids and pets. 


Roller Blinds

As their name suggests, they come in the form of rollers and fully insulate the window. It is for this reason they also get referred to as insulated blinds. They occur either as a specially made thermal coatings, or layers of many fabric types.

Roller blinds are effective in blocking both sound and light. But if you need light in your room, you can roll it up at an ideal distance that will let in the amount of lighting you need for the area.

Window Shutters

It's impressive that you get to choose whether to install them inside or outside of your windows. If your windows are dangerous, these blind shutters are ideal to use. You not only enjoy protection from them but also block noise from entering your room.

Fortunately, the market today gets flooded with thousands of all the soundproof blind types explained above. As a result, it becomes challenging to know what soundproof blind to choose. To help you out, we researched to determine the best soundproof blinds currently available on the market. Luckily, we were able to pick a few, and here are their reviews.

6 Top Soundproof Blinds on the Market 

If you are looking for a soundproof blind that is safe for your kids and pets and blocks out both sound and light, you should consider the SBARTAR 100% Blackout Window Shade. It comes as cordless, meaning that your children or pets cannot get trapped into it.

Also, it offers optimum privacy when the shade gets lowered because they block all unwanted views from outside. 

With its unique honeycomb design, the SBARTAR 100% Blackout Window Shade absorbs noise remarkably and insulates the room.

It is the best to use during both the winter and summer season, for it helps in retaining keeping out the heat. 

UV rays are harmful to your skin, and you need not worry about them when using this soundproof blind. Its UV rejection and 100% blackout ensures that you enjoy 100% light and UV rays blockage.

Operating the SBARTAR 100% Blackout Window Shade is not rocket science, you only need to pull it up and down. The window blinds pull easily, and you get to control them as you wish.

Do you love white and cool silver? This soundproof comes with either color on each side. You get to choose which color to appear on the inside and outside side.

Are you tired of ordering soundproof blinds that do not fit your windows?

The makers of Calyx Interiors Cordless 9/16 – Inch Cellular Honeycomb Shades will ship true to size.

The company makes no deductions for you. But if you need an inside mount, you need to order a window shade smaller with a minimum of ¼ - inch of your window's width.

What makes this soundproof blind ideal is its ability to absorb sound, attributed to its honeycomb construction. It also insulates the room and helps maintain the temperature inside. 

If you need privacy, the Calyx Interiors Cordless 9/16 – Inch Cellular Honeycomb Shades will work out best. The shade's fabric blocks out light. As a result, this window shade offers a dark environment when applied.

You need not worry about your furry friends or kids getting hurt by the shade's cords as it comes with none. 

It also comes with some mounting hardware to make things easier. The accompanying bottom rail and PVC headrail match with this soundproof blind.

Because of its design, the Calyx Interiors Cordless 9/16 – Inch Cellular Honeycomb Shades is ideal to use only indoors.

It is among the most modern soundproof blinds found on the market today. If you are cautious about style, then this window blind will suit you best. 

These cordless cellular shades feature 100% polyester yarn, meaning that it cannot harm the environment.

It is a perfect combination of quality and performance. You not only enjoy a quiet environment when using this soundproof blind but also improves the appearance of any room. 

By helping maintain the temperature in the room, the CHICOLOGY Cordless Cellular Shades is ideal to use during the hot and cold seasons.

Its design also attributes to energy-saving attributed to its thermal insulation advantages. The materials used in its making contributes to it serving you for many years. It lifts up and down quickly, making it ideal to use by anyone. Because of its cordless nature, it poses no threat to your young ones or pets.

It also helps filter excess light and protect you and your loved ones from the harmful UV rays. You can complement your interior décor by choosing a CHICOLOGY Cordless Cellular Shades with a color that suits your room.

Despite it having a pocket-friendly price, you get the exact size you need when you order!

Some people don't love altering their walls, making them non-fans of soundproof blinds that require drilling to mount them.

If you are that kind of person, the SCHRLING Thermal Insulated Blackout No Drilling Roller Shade will work out great for you.

You get to mount it either by sticking it on your window frame or by using the hooks that come with it. It looks great when installed, improving your room's beautiful look. 

Its ability to block out sound, UV rays, and light gives you peace of mind.

You may wonder what happens if you can't get your window's size and shape. It is nothing to worry about because the manufacture customizes the roller shade to fit your window. 

Besides, you also get to choose the color you want. You only need to contact the warm customer service for details.

The safety precautions that come with the SCHRLING Thermal Insulated Blackout No Drilling Roller Shade are top-notch. It comes with a cord tensioner to help tighten the cords to prevent your little bundle of joys or furry friends from getting hurt.

Operation is a breeze, and cleaning it is a piece of cake. You only need to wipe it with a cloth soaked in a mild household cleaner.

Do you love doing small projects yourself?

Then you will like the Easy Lift Trim-at-Home Cordless Pleated soundproof blind. It is a DIY installation project. 

When delivered, you get to trim it to fit your window. You only require a kitchen knife to cut it: no screws, drills, or brackets needed during the mounting process.

You may wonder how one gets to know where to trim. No need to fret; it comes with a trimming guide and scale. Also, you need not drill your wall to mount it. The Easy Lift Trim-at-Home Cordless Pleated soundproof drill comes with a sticking application. 

You only need to peel and stick it to your preferred position. The sound absorption results are incredible!

What you'll love about this soundproof blind is its lift mechanism. It makes the operation process very easy. Its clean appearance is pleasing to the eyes and enhances the room's beauty. You will also love looking at its finished end caps and rounded bottom rail.

The shade's crisp pleats are not only for a great look but also offer enhanced privacy and protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays. The fabric used in making the Easy Lift Trim-at-Home Cordless Pleated soundproof blind helps keep the room cool. 

It comes with natural colors to choose from, and you get to enjoy value for your money attributed to the manufacturer's 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are looking for a high-quality soundproof blind, you may need to consider the Windowsandgarden Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Honeycomb Shade. 

If your concern is quality, note that it gets made in the USA, and uses original polyester. It not only prevents noise from outside but also limits the amount of light entering your room.

The manufacturer gives a guideline of 8 easy steps to choosing and installing this soundproof blind. You will have no problem if followed to the later. It comes in a range of colors for you to choose your favorite. 

To make it safe for the kids and the playful pets, the Windowsandgarden Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Honeycomb Shades comes as cordless.

You need not worry about your window's design or size because the manufacturer agrees to customize it to suit your window and needs.

What to Look For When Buying Soundproof Blinds

Perhaps the blinds in our list don't appeal to you. That's fine. So, you may want to go out and look for some soundproofing blinds. It helps to have some idea of what you should be looking for. 

Here are some of the essential aspects you must cross-check first if you are going to look for some blinds.


Type of Blinds

As described above, there are three types of soundproof blinds, and all have their strong points. The properties of each kind of soundproof blind will help you determine if it's suitable to cater to your needs.

Cellular shades are more effective in heat insulation and preventing sound from entering or going out of the room. Also, the shades' cells enable them to collapse with ease when you open them.

The roman shades and basic roll-up blinds are also great in regulating noise and insulating heat. Also, because of the sturdy materials used in its making, they block out light excellently. 

Insulating covers that fit your whole window will be the best option if you are looking for soundproof blinds that maintain your room's temperature as it protects sound from entering or leaving the room.

Method of Installation

Soundproof blinds have different ways of installing them. You need to consider the mounting method comfortable for you when purchasing a soundproof blind. 

Do you love working with your hands when free? Then a soundproof blind that requires DIY installation methods would be ideal.

Also, others require drilling holes into your walls to have them installed. If you don't like altering your walls, consider soundproof blinds that you'll mount by sticking them on the wall. But if the adhesive isn't sturdy, they may not last long before they fall off.

Soundproof blinds installed using snap-in brackets, or sturdy magnetic setup stays installed for long.

Insulating Properties

Soundproof blinds with insulation are not only great in absorbing sound but also prevent heat from escaping or entering the room. 

If you require a soundproof blind that will also help keep you cool during summer and warm in the cold season, you may need to consider buying one with thermal insulation.

To get the best insulating covers, you need to consider the insulating properties. Check out the materials used, and go for the thickest. Such a soundproof blind will also help in darkening the room.

Aesthetic Appeal

Consider where you want to put the soundproof blind. You wouldn't want to put a shade ideal for the bathroom over your sitting room window. It will make the room dull. 

If you need one for your living room area, consider a trendy soundproof blind. Also, ensure that it complements the room's interior décor and helps in improving its appearance. 

It doesn't mean that because a soundproof was invented ages ago is non-appealing. Some soundproof blinds from ages ago still look great when installed over a window. 

What matters is the design and the overall outlook. But of course, it must absorb sound effectively.


Consider where you want to put the soundproof blind. You wouldn't want to put a shade ideal for the bathroom over your sitting room window. It will make the room dull. 

If you need one for your living room area, consider a trendy soundproof blind. Also, ensure that it complements the room's interior décor and helps in improving its appearance. 

It doesn't mean that because a soundproof was invented ages ago is non-appealing. Some soundproof blinds from ages ago still look great when installed over a window. 

What matters is the design and the overall outlook. But of course, it must absorb sound effectively.


What color do you love? What color is the room you want to install a soundproof blind on its window? You should ask yourself these questions before making a purchase. 

You will derive pleasure and satisfaction from your favorite color. The right soundproof blind color will also enhance your room by complementing its interior décor.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Soundproof Blinds

1. Install Fitting Blinds

To ensure noise gets blocked from entering your room effectively, ensure you install a fitting soundproof blind. 

Before buying, measure the size of your window to get the exact size. Also, avoid loose soundproof blinds as the sound will still escape in or out.

2. Go For Double Cell Blinds

Double cell blinds come with two cell layers that run back to back. As a result, they are perfect in reducing noise. 

Their input comes as double, meaning that they block sound twice more than the single-cell blinds. Also, they insulate heat more, ensuring you enjoy a warm room during cold, and cooler summer.

3. Use Additional Soundproofing Methods

As stated earlier, soundproof blinds help in absorbing sound, but not entirely. To ensure you reduce the noise coming in or out of your room when you've installed a soundproof blind, apply other soundproofing methods. For example;

  • Add Some Soundproof Curtains

Blackout curtains are great in reducing the flow of noise in and out of your room. When combined with a soundproof blind, it will work like magic in blocking sound from entering or going outside your room. 

These curtains are ideal for applying to places that require silence, such as bedrooms and study rooms. Besides, if you can't afford to buy these curtains, you can make them at home.

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Noise Reducing Curtains
  • Use Weatherstripping to Seal Gaps

Weatherstripping is one of the cheapest DIY methods of deadening sound. More so, it is easy to install and takes only a few minutes of your time. 

When combined with your soundproof blind, it will effectively block noise from and outside your room. When weatherstripping get used to seal gaps and cracks in a window, no sound gets to pass through those seals.

  • Add Soundproofing Film and Wallpapers

Wallpapers also keep off noise from penetrating the walls. A combination of a soundproof film and wallpapers or either of them with your soundproof blind will protect your room perfectly from unwanted noise.

Noise from your room will also not be noticeable from outside or other places.

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  • Use Acrylic Panels

Acrylic panels are excellent in blocking noise. To install one, measure the size of the window you want to soundproof. Put into account the frame, and add an inch to cover it. 

Then get the panels from your local hardware and ensure they get cut to measured sizes. If there's no hardware near your place, or don't have them, try buying them online.

  • Install Double Pane Windows and Replace Your Doors

If your doors are hollow, then consider replacing them because they hardly absorb sound. Consider replacing them with particleboard-core, solid wood, and composite core doors as they are perfect in noise reduction. When a door has more mass, it dampens the unwanted sound.

Also, replace your windows with those with double or triple panes. When combined with a reliable soundproof blind, you will hardly hear noise from outside, neither will noise escape your room and disturb others.

  • Rearrange Your Furniture

Rearranging your furniture can help block sound or bass coming from your window. The trick involves placing your large furniture next to the wall where sound enters into your room. 

Placing carpets and thick rugs on the floor also helps muffle sound that comes through the walls and windows. While rearranging your room, consider its aesthetic beauty and light into your room. 


More Benefits of Using Soundproof Blinds

Besides reducing noise in our rooms, soundproof blinds also come with other benefits, giving us more reasons for installing them over our windows. Here are several other advantages of sound deadening blinds. 

Controls Light

Soundproof blinds control light efficiently through tilting their slates up or down. Even when you draw the curtain, the light coming through will get blocked by the blind, and the room will experience less and evenly spread light.

Window blinds also prevent people from seeing inside, making them ideal for privacy.

Enhance the Room's Beauty

Trendy soundproof blinds improve your room's appearance. Window blinds designed from wood or materials similar to wood look great when installed over the place. 

Also, with appropriate colors, they blend well with the interior décor.

Easy Maintenance

Materials used in making soundproof blinds require wiping them with a damp cloth soaked in a cleaner or dusting to maintain them. Also, they don't require frequent cleaning.

Unlike curtains that have to get removed for cleaning, window blinders get cleaned while still installed. Besides, they last long, and you get to replace them out of your will and not because of malfunctioning.

Is There an Alternative to Soundproof Blinds?

Yes. You can use the gliding panels that work like vertical blinds.

What differentiates them is that gliding panels come larger and look more stylish than the shades. They work well with porch doors or large windows. 

Conclusion: On Best Soundproof Blinds

As illustrated above, soundproof blinds are essential in helping to reduce noise in your home. They also come in different types, and all are useful as they fulfill various purposes. Depending on why you need a soundproof blind, either type can be ideal for you.

But not any soundproof blind is best. You need to consider some factors, as stated above, to get the right blind for you. Also, the tips described above will enable you to optimize the benefits of a soundproof blind.

What's exciting about soundproof blinds is the fact that they come with a bunch of benefits.

To enjoy the experience, get yourself one. If you are not sure of what to go for, use the best soundproof blinds discussed above as your starting point.

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