Best Soundproof Curtains 2022 (Noise Reducing & Sound Absorbing)

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I live in a busy metropolitan area.

Cars and people are always buzzing by, dogs are constantly barking, and children are frequently screaming and playing. Needless to say, all this commotion can create quite the amount of noise.

This noise can make it hard for a writer like me to concentrate on things like this very article that you are reading right now.

As a result, I frequently saw myself being distracted by dogs and speeding cars and would put  my work aside until I could re-focus.

This was until I decided to invest in soundproofing curtains. These thick, noise canceling curtains can help not only to cancel out the sounds of the outdoors, but helps reduce echo from the sounds within your own home.

They do this while also keeping out light glares and other similar distractions, allowing you to focus better on the task at hand.

But what is the best material for soundproofing curtains, can you make them yourself, and do curtains block noise? These are some of the questions you’ll have answered in this post so stay tuned.

If you are looking to buy these acoustic curtains, either to help you concentrate or to get a little extra peace and quiet, then this buying guide of the best Soundproof Curtains available is for you!

  • Made with 3 layers
  • 2x sound absorbing effect
  • Our Choice for Living Rooms
  • Our Top Choice
  • Noise reducing, better TV viewing, 90% blackout
  • Level 5 Light Control Level
  • Made of poly velvet
  • Block out over 90 percent of outside light and up to 40 percent of unwanted noise.
  • Perfect for adding vintage flairs
  • Made of Polyester
  • Blocks out 99% sun light and reduces noise
  • Excellent for big patio door, glass french door, yard, rooms
  • Faux Linen Blackout Fabric
  • Block out above 85% sun light and prevent harmful UV ray
  • Add a touch of classic style
  • Made of Polyester
  • Lowers outside noise and insulates against heat and cold
  • Gives an expensive look to any room.
  • Made of Polyester
  • 85%-99% light blocking, thermal insulated, soundproof, fade-resistant, energy efficient
  • Affordable
  • Our Budget Choice
  • Reduce Outside Noise for More Peaceful Sleep
  • Good for nappers like late-shift workers, seniors, infants and toddlers, college students
best soundproof curtains

Best Soundproof Curtains 2021

When it comes to soundproof curtains, we had to feature the RYB Blackout Sound Absorbing curtains as our number 1 choice.

Why? Because it comes in 3 thick layers. That is 3x the resistance sound waves have to pass through.

The curtains are very heavy which is extremely good for blocking out noise.

Coming in different colors as well as different sizes, these curtains make a promise that is true to their name in that they block out nearly 100% of all outside light.

This makes these the ideal curtains to hang up if you ever want to have a peaceful candlelight dinner with your sweetheart without any bright streetlights streaking through your windows.

But you've come here for the soundproofing, or rather noise cancellation, abilities of these curtains, correct?

Well, you will be happy to know that these curtains can do that just as well as they block out light, with outside noise muted almost to the point of it being non-existent.

This is thanks to the design of the curtains, which has 3 layers of thick fabric including a detachable felt in the middle, allows them to drape easily around most windows and absorb the sound.

No curtain out there gives you quite as much light and sound blocking capabilities as the RYB 3-layer Blackout curtains, making your home as peaceful as you could possibly want it.

When it comes to soundproofing curtains, Half Price Drapes is a brand name that you may see again and again.

Of their many offerings, one of the best is the Hotel Blackout Grommet Curtain when it comes to protecting your home from the outside world.

soundproof curtain

The material that these curtains are made from help immensely to help you unwind after a long day, canceling the majority of outside noise and light that can come into your home.

In fact, the blackout effect of these curtains is so effective that you will keep out nearly 90% of all outside glare, making it easier to watch TV or go to bed for the night.

Offered in a variety of colors, these sound insulation curtains, not only help to reduce noise, but are also great for helping to reduce your energy bill by maintaining the temperatures inside of your home.

For cleaning and maintenance these curtains are machine washable, keeping the curtains from wear and tare.

On the negative side of things the material of the curtains, while strong and great for noise reduction, heat, and sound, the curtains sometimes can have a loose thread or two.

As a result, the curtains may end up getting caught on loose hooks or nails and creating long and ugly strands.

This problem is not something that happens to everyone, so take it with a grain of salt and don't let it influence your purchase much.

If you do, you could be missing out on one of the best soundproof curtains from Half Price Drapes.

As mentioned in our “Things to Look For” section, velvet is one of the best materials you can get when looking for soundproofing curtains.

This is the first positive to be found with the Half Price Drapes Cabernet Blackout Velvet Curtain.

velvet soundproof curtain

The velvet material that is used to make the HPD curtain has multiple fiber layers, which aide the curtain in its quest to keep noise levels in your home at a bare minimum.

This material also helps the sound insulation curtains to keep out almost 90% of light, giving you the best environment for activities such as studying or sleeping.

Perhaps the greatest thing about the Sideli is the absolutely astounding number of options that you have available to you.

These curtains come in numerous size, style, and color options, especially in comparison to other brands of noise blocking curtains. This gives you a power of choice to get the type of noise reducing curtains that best fits your interior design.

The biggest issue with these curtains is that they are a bit thin and light for soundproof curtains.

As a result, especially (again) with lighter color options, the amount of light and noise that these curtains cancel may not be as great as some of the other brands you have available to you.

That isn't to say that these curtains don't more than do the job that you buy them for.

Even with a few better noise-reducing curtains available, the amount of diversity that the HPD curtains gives to you make them a contender not to be messed with.

Sometimes if you want quality you have to be willing to pay a good price for it. Such is the case with these soundproofing curtains, the H. Versailtex Premier.

At around $40 for these curtains, this is one of the more expensive offerings that we have on this list of soundproof curtains. 

With that said, if you have the extra cash lying around to pay for these bad boys, then it will be money well spent.

These curtains are heavy-duty, durable and has thermal insulation, made specifically with large windows or patio doorways in mind.

With a size of 100x108, these large curtains are designed to cover as much surface area as possible to keep noise, light, and heat from escaping into your home from even the largest of openings.

Therefore, if you have a large window and most of the soundproof curtains don’t fit at all – you’d require custom soundproof curtains. And H. Versailtex Premier will save you extra cost thanks to its extra-wide dimensions.

Despite their large size, these noise proof curtains are fairly easy to install.

While the extra heft may be a bit challenging to lift by yourself, the sturdy steel grommet rings at the top of the curtains are made to easily slide over your curtain rod of choice, making the process of hanging them go as smoothly as possible.

Sure, they may be a bit expensive when put against some other soundproofing curtains, but you get what you pay for and then some.

The H. Versailtex Premium Blackout Curtains are a strong and heavyweight curtain that is sure to bring comfort and elegance to any home!

Unlike some of the other choices that we have in this guide today, the Deconovo Blackout Drapes only come with one large curtain per-package.

As it turns out, one is all you will need for these noise-reducing curtains.

The single panel Deconovo curtains come in a large, 100x95 inch size that is designed to do the job that double-panel curtains usually do.

As a result of being a singular unit, there is less likelihood of light escaping through cracks in the center of the curtain as it drapes itself over the entirety of your window with no breaks.

For those that like to have a choices, you will be pleased to know that the Deconovo Drapes come in a number of colors, from traditional black or gray to bright blues and oranges.

As you may expect, however, the lighter the color, the more light is likely to escape into your room from the window.

There is no doubt that these curtains are great for noise cancellation, with outside noise being kept to a minimum inside of your home.

But what is also of note with these curtains is the amount of thermal insulation they provide, as they absorb the heat and cold and keep the inside of your home as comfortable as possible.

While there are better curtains available in terms of reducing light, the Deconovo curtains are high-quality for noise reduction

and temperature control, making them a great buy.

If you want a great set of blackout, thermal protection, sound dampening curtains and don't care whether or not you can pronounce their name properly, then the H. Versailtex Classic Grommet Curtains are the extremely specific curtain you are looking for!

As mentioned above, these sound absorbing curtains have a lot of different features that people look for in soundproof curtains, not the least of which is the noise absorption.

With the heavy weight and large, 52x108 size for each single panel, the Classic Grommet provides some of the best noise reduction capabilities thanks to the large surface area that they cover.

This large size also aides in the curtain's ability to keep out light, covering every inch of most window frames and then some.

In addition, the special thermal insulation that these acoustic drapes are made helps to maintain temperatures in your home and keeps out the elements, which in turn will help to keep energy bills low.

Every pair of these sound dampening curtains comes with a special, 8-year quality warranty, which means that should these curtains become damaged (either by accident or frisky pets), then they will be replaced free of charge.

This, and the low price, makes the H. Versailtex Classic Grommet curtains a risk worth taking!

A common misconception about soundproof curtains is that they tend to be more expensive than regular curtains.

While this is certainly true in some cases there exist quite a few curtains that are exceptions to this rule, such as the NICETOWN Blackout Curtains.

At under $30 dollars for two 52x84 single panel, these sound dampening curtains are quite affordable in comparison to many of its competitors.

For this affordable price you will be able to drape your home in great acoustic sound and cancel outside noise thanks to the three-pass microfiber in the sound dampening curtains.

Of course you will want these sound absorbing curtains to help you keep out light as well, and these thick blackout curtains can do that in spades, allowing you to cloak your home in complete darkness if you wish.

If matching the color scheme of your home is an issue, the NICETOWN curtains come in a variety of colors that makes it easy to mix and match them with the various rooms in your home.

The only drawback to choosing your favorite color of soundproof curtains is that choosing a lighter color, such as gray, can sometimes reduce the amount of light that is actually kept out from these acoustic drapes.

While you are here to look for a curtain to soundproof your home you will still want something that can also keep light out, so this may be a bit of a negative to some buyers.

This is only a small sacrifice to make, however, when it comes to the noise reduction and cost efficiency of the NICETOWN Blackout Curtains, giving your home the noise-free comfort that you are looking for!

There is one major issue with the Snow City Blackout Curtains that needs to be stated off the bat: these noise reducing curtains only come in packages of single panels.

However, each panel cost around half the price of the other options on this list, and is our budget choice if you only require a single panel.

With that in mind, there certainly are benefits to purchasing these curtains as is, the first of which is if you have smaller windows.

At sizes from 42x63, a single curtain would easily do the job of soundproofing a window in a smaller area such as a dorm or apartment.

Second, these sound deadening curtains are just as good, if not better, than a lot of blackout, sound blocking curtains that you can purchase.

These noise reducing curtains can block out almost the entirety of outside noise and light, with 99% of both being canceled out.

This is an effect that you can get using a single curtain on a smaller area, or doubling up on bigger patio doors for maximum protection from outside elements.

Seeing as these noise blocking curtains can set you back a few bucks, it's a good thing that they, in turn, help you to save on your energy bills with the amount of heat that they can reflect.

You also won't need to replace these noise reducing curtains anytime soon as the material and grommets of the blackout curtains ensure that they will last for a long time.

We're not going to sugarcoat it and say that these acoustic drapes are not a steep investment, especially if you plan to cover multiple windows in your home.

But we would be remiss to say that these sound deadening curtains are not worth every penny, with the Snow City Blackout Curtains providing noise protection for homes and windows of any size.

So, Do Soundproof Curtains Really Work?

For this, it depends on what you are looking for. If you are asking if Soundproof Curtains work to cancel out all noise, then the answer will be no, they don't.

Sound will still escape into your home from the outside as you would need something more than a curtain to eliminate all outside noise.

What a soundproof curtain does do, however, is reduce the level of noise both inside and outside of your home.

Thanks to the thick design of these acoustic curtains and the multiple layers of their materials, echos in your home will be reduced as they are absorbed by your soundproof curtains.

As a result, the amount of noise that you actually hear within your home will be dramatically lessened, especially for echoing noises such as construction work and barking dogs.

Therefore, it’s really important to go with thick drapes for soundproofing which is very often found in curtains that block sound.

For maximum noise protection, try pairing noise reducing curtains with a soundproof window.

This combination, while a bit costly, will give you as much noise canceling capabilities as possible without the need of replacing the walls in your home.

Things to Look for When Buying Soundproof Curtains

Overall Size

What we mean by this is the length and width of the noise cancelling curtains you are looking to buy.

Usually when you buy curtains, you will want to get ones that can match the size of the window that you plan to hang them on.

This is not the case when it comes to soundproof curtains, as you will want to buy curtains that are about three times wider than your window and that are as much as 10 inches longer.

This may seem excessive, but the extra size of the curtains will help to maximize their coverage and increases their ability to cancel out noise.

For maximum effect, you may even want to try curtains that go from ceiling to floor.

You will need to measure your window frame for this one if you don't want to be walking on your sound absorbing curtains, but the extra length will help ensure the most covered surface area for your window.


In addition to length and width, the weight of your soundproof curtain is also an important factor to consider.

You will likely want to keep an eye out for heavier curtains when you are shopping for curtains for soundproofing.

While a heavier sound absorbing curtain can certainly be a pain in the butt in it's own way, especially when attempting to put them up by yourself, the heftier curtains actually play a pivotal part in the sound canceling ability of the curtains.

The rule usually is that the heavier the curtain, the better it is at reflecting and absorbing sounds, especially lower frequency noises such as those exhibited by heavy machinery.

If you find that outside noise is still intolerably loud, something to try is tripling or even quadrupling the layers of your noise absorbing curtains.

You'll obviously need a heavy-duty rod to do this, but the effect is a lot more noise getting absorbed by your curtains.

Curtain Rods

For your curtain rods you are going to want something that can both hold the weight of the curtains in question as well as aid in the overall noise canceling ability of the curtains.

Even though you’re avoiding noise cancelling your windows, you’ll still have to get a curtain rod along with the special type of a curtain.

For this, your best bet is wrap-around rods. These curtain rods attach into the walls at a curve. 

This is useful when hanging sound absorbing curtains as it will eliminate any gaps at the edges of the curtain, which maximizes the area in which they cancel any noise.

If need be, you can also use double rods. These rods will allow you to basically double up on the layering of your sound absorbing curtains, which will in turn increase noise reduction while minimizing the amount of light that will get into the room.

Double rods are likely the way you will want to go if you plan on buying multiple curtain soundproof panels to increase the amount of noise protection that you can get.

Another potential solution is to forego curtain rods altogether and instead replace them with ceiling-mount brackets or rod pocket curtains.

These brackets, as you might have guessed, hang down from the ceiling and helps to give you more floor-to-ceiling coverage for your curtains, which helps increase the noise-deadening area.


When buying noise cancelling curtains, your best bet is to look for a curtain that has extra fibers in the material that they are made out of, like velvet curtains.

For this, your best bet will be to look for something that is either made with 100% polyester, a suede or heavy velvet material.

That’s one of the reasons you’ll find most of the best sound reducing curtains are made out of suede or velvet.

Also be on the lookout for curtains that contain layers labeled as insulated, thermaweave, thermalayer, thermal insulation etc. as these materials also contain extra fibers that aide in noise absorption.

Not only this, but these thermal-protective layers are great ways of keeping cold and heat out of your house and keeping the energy bill low.

Finally, extra liners can aide tremendously in noise-deadening, and are included in many of the curtains that you can buy.

These liners include light blocking blackout liners, curtain liners, and window liners and all provide an extra layer that sound will have to go through to escape into your home.

Other Factors

In addition to the above, there are a few smaller factors that you may want to consider before making a purchase:

  • Price: Nearly everyone is on some kind of budget, so you may want to keep an eye out for the soundproof curtain that has the right cost for you
  • Amazon Reviews: It goes without saying that the best people to consult when making a soundproof curtain purchase are fellow buyers. To be sure that you are getting the highest quality of curtains, you will want to look at the Amazon Reviews and find the curtains that have at least 50 reviews and have a rating of 4-5 stars.
  • Window Measurement: A lot of the noise cancelling drapes that we will be talking about are large enough in size to cover just about any type of window. With that said, it's better to be safe than sorry, so you may want to know the measurements of your window frame, just in case.
  • Color: While much less important in terms of the quality of the curtain, some people may prefer to have selection of colors for their curtains at their fingertips, so you may want to look for the brands that provide the buyer with the greatest options of colors.
  • Ease of Installation: You are going to be likely buying some fairly big and heavy curtains for your soundproofing needs, so you will want to make sure to eliminate as much difficulty as possible by finding curtains that are easy to install despite the size.
  • Grommets: While not as important as some other aspects, a strong, steel grommet in which to hang your curtains from will ensure that they stay in place, are easy to open and close, and not easy to accidentally tear down, if you're not using rod pocket.
  • Easy to Wash: You already have enough problems with the outside noise you are trying to muffle, so you likely don't want to add dirty, stained curtains to the list. For this, you may want to make sure that the curtains that you are buying are machine washable and don't stain easy.

Final Verdict: What is the Best Soundproofing Curtain?

While not exactly the cheapest option when looking for soundproofing curtains, the HPD Italian Textured Faux Linen Hotel Blackout Grommet Curtain is perhaps the all around best noise reducing curtain around which we have featured in this quiet curtains review.

This is due to many factors such as the large size, easy installation, amount of protection it provides your home from outside elements, like thermal insulation, and the all around easy cleaning and maintenance of the acoustical curtains for reducing noise.

That isn't to say that every other curtain soundproof on this list can't hold its own.

Each of them made this list for a reason, and all of them have the ability to soundproof your home. How effective are soundproof curtains? Well, it will depend on the quality, material, and the size.

No matter if you take our word for it or you find your own solution, you now possess all the tools you need to buy the perfect sound deadening curtains!