“Never Went Back Again…” People Are Sharing The Most Bizarre ‘House Rules’ They’ve Encountered at Someone Else’s Home

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What's the weirdest rule you've had to follow at someone else's house?

When you're a guest, it's important to be respectful by following their rules, like taking off your shoes or helping with chores.

But some rules can be really strange! Members of the 'Ask Reddit' community shared some examples after someone asked about the weirdest rules they've encountered as a kid. Scroll down to see for yourself!

"One square for pee. Two squares for poo. I did not follow that rule." - u/Acceptable_Sky_3771

"Grandparents of my childhood friend. We weren't allowed to step on the doorsteps/thresholds. We always had to step over it, never directly on. Still don't know why." - u/nothereforit_

"My aunt doesn’t let anyone kill flies in her house. She also lets rats and raccoons live in her attic because 'they have nowhere else to live'" - u/DrJones2424

"When I was a kid my friend’s dad made his kids line up on the couch and just sit there silently while he watched TV and drank a beer. If you were visiting you had to do it too." - u/Gen-Jinjur

"The rule was eat before you get there because you won't be fed while there. If you're there while they have dinner you sit in the living room or my friend's bedroom and wait." - u/gengarsnightmares

"A schoolfriend's parents had a rule where you couldn't wee directly in to the toilet water and had to aim for the inside edge of the bowl. I forgot one time and was never allowed back again because they'd heard me wee." - u/Norman-Wisdom

"If we slammed the door as kids, my dad made us kiss the door to make it feel better." - u/Esteban_Veg


"When I asked for a drink, her Mum gave me a baby bottle with squash in it. I laughed, but she didn't laugh back. My friend took her own bottle and started drinking. I asked the Mum if I could please have a cup instead, but she told me nope, and that children drink from bottles in their house." - u/RealisticBug5646

"My friend’s mom wouldn’t let her put any trash in the bathroom trashcan. There was a trashcan there but it was just there for show (???) They were directed to put all trash generated in the bathroom down the toilet." - u/ghostmommie

"If you need to pass gas you have to go outside and all the way to the mailbox." - u/Different_Ad9336

"There were four recliners, no couch or other chairs. She sat in one recliner & I sat in another. She asked, "What are you doing?" and informed me I was sitting in her dad's chair. The remaining chairs belonged to her mom & brother. Where was I supposed to sit? On the floor." - u/leebeemi

"I cannot sit on the couch at my dad’s house if his wife is home because she will feel “invaded.” She has to have the whole couch to herself. So I get to sit in a dining room table chair." - u/Mr_ElMagnifico

"In high school I had a friend whose dad was in the military. Not only did he make us do house chores (dusting, vacuuming, dishes) when visiting/sleeping over but he also woke us up at 6am by banging pots and pans to make us run around the neighborhood. he called it 'morning boot camp'" - u/tootles23

"They had a strict policy of 'no talking' during dinner, not because of any traditional reason, but because their elderly grandmother believed that a mischievous spirit living in the dining room would learn secrets and cause chaos." - u/MemeTownMayor

"Went to a friends house for a sleepover when I was about 7. The rule was: no talking at the dinner table. The dad was in the other room watching TV while myself, friend, his sister and mother were supposed to just eat in silence and the whole vibe was like 'don’t anger daddy.'" - u/johnsilver4545

"Guests eat last. My aunt's ex husband used to make me sit and watch everyone eat before I could be served food." - u/tooful

"In 1972 we were amazed when a colleague announced that no one would be allowed to smoke in his house." - u/DdraigGwyn

"After we ate and moved to the living area, the two hosts declared a period of silence to 'concentrate on digestion.' It wasn’t like a moment of silence, either, but like ten minutes or so." - u/DontCareTo

"I was at a friends house and I left my tampon wrapped in a small plastic bag in their trash. Their dad whipped it out and yelled at me for using tampons. (While holding the bloody tampon)" - u/tryingtolivemylife_

"If the lights were on you got yelled at for them being on and wasting energy, if the lights were off you got yelled at for being in the dark" - u/oatmeal_forever_

"You couldn't ask for/get a drink half way through a meal, you either had to ask for/get one before you were served or wait until you were done, I could never understand it." - u/disneydinosawr

"Once stayed at a relative’s place where they had a strict "No Radio Waves After Dark" rule. Post sunset, WiFi was shut down, phones were powered off, and even the microwave was a no-go zone. They believed that radio waves interfered with sweet dreams." - u/Professional_Stop_45

"They had a room in their basement that they let the dog shit in if they didn’t feel like taking it for a walk." - u/Wilbur_Cobb_

"(They) insisted that I put on this light blue bath robe (over my clothes) and white slippers to enter their home. The husband, wife, and adult daughter who lived with them were all wearing the same blue bath robes. This was in the US Midwest… just a “typical” American midwestern family"

"A friend in middle school brought me home to meet her parents. She sat down on the couch and I sat down next to her. Her mother immediately bellowed, 'WHAT are you DOING? You have NOT been invited to take a seat yet!'"

"Can't have your pants too long, because they might drag on her floor and get dirt on her floor, so I had to roll up my pants. Can't touch the walls, because the dirt from your fingers might get on her white walls." - u/michonne_impossible

"My aunt had a rule that nobody was allowed to use the bed comforters to actually sleep under. Comforters were just for looks, and had to be removed and folded up before going to bed." - u/YardSard1021

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