14 Crazy Stories of Nightmare Mothers-In-Laws That Will Make Your Blood Boil

Having a nightmare mother-in-law can be really tough.

From meddling in your relationship to downright sabotage, these stories will leave you fuming with frustration and shaking your head in disbelief.

Brace yourself for these 14 outrageous stories of mother-in-laws that will make you see red!

"I invited my husband's family for Thanksgiving. No one ate my meal and it was really embarrassing. I later found out that my mother-in-law cooked a large meal and fed everyone before they arrived to my house."

"I was in hospital after my C section when she came to visit me. I asked my husband to help me sit up. I was in a lot of pain. She tells my husband, “ You have done so much of work. You sit”. Then she proceeds to grab my hand and literally jerked me upright. The pain was incredible!!!"

"My mother-in-law believes firmly that houses should stay unlocked so family can walk in and out uninvited as they please. My SO and I do not adhere to this so our doors are always locked so my mother-in-law's reaction was to take my SO's keys and make copies so she could come and go as she pleased."

"My wife has some pretty bad health issues and MIL thinks she should stop taking her medication and, you guessed it, go to church more. She once tried to steal my wife's meds to "prove" they were just poisons and the wife would be better off without them."

"How about the time we asked her to feed the cat while we were on our honeymoon. We returned to discover that she had rearranged, literally moved, furniture, pictures on walls, kitchen cabinet & drawer items, etc."

"She had her priest call her daughter before we were married, to tell her that she would be excommunicated from the Catholic church and burn in hell if I married her. When I learned about it, I called the priest and told him he was going to burn in hell no matter what."

"When my husband and I told her about my miscarriage, she said that we shouldn’t have even told anyone I was pregnant in the first place, and that I had brought “undue heartache on the family.” I haven’t spoken to her since."

"When my son was one week old he was hospitalized for jaundice, as she drove us to the hospital she said it was obviously my fault for not feeding him enough and if he survived she should be his caretaker while I was helplessly crying."

"She tried to take my kid out of preschool without my permission and then she shoved me around after I confronted her about it at my other kids school pickup. Fun times!"

“I don’t want it to be a girl. I want it to be a boy. My son DESERVESSSS a boy”. Right after the cannons went off pink at our gender reveal. Mind you she already had a grandson who was still a baby that she saw weekly, and my husband and I went through 2 years of fertility treatments to conceive this baby. We just wanted healthy and happy."

"When I was pregnant with my son, she took my now ex husband and I took Starbucks to “talk.” This talk was her insisting we get rid of all our “not approved” media. Basically anything not Christian or football. She especially wanted me to get rid of my True Blood DVDs and vampire books, as well as my massive horror movie collection."

"While I was pregnant my MIL stated she will not let me bottle feed my baby 'cause her daughter breastfed her two boys and she herself breastfed DH and SIL and I mustn't be lazy."

"My MIL brought me weight loss tea and training gear when she came visiting her granddaughter. I am 3kg heavier compared to my pre-pregnancy weight..."

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