The Crystals You NEED For Pluto Retrograde

Hey! Pluto is in retrograde and during this time, the planet appears to move backward, creating an optical illusion that affects our energy. Although Pluto is part of the outer group of planets, its retrograde periods still influence us, though perhaps not as intensely as Mercury's retrogrades.

Lasting about 5 months each year, this retrograde period may not feel as intense, but it still impacts our overall well-being.

Getting To Know Pluto

Pluto is known as the planet of power, transformation, and rebirth. When Pluto goes retrograde, it often brings to light hidden truths and power struggles.

This period can reveal manipulative or controlling behaviors in ourselves or others, leading to repetitive circumstances that highlight toxic relationships or patterns.

It's a time when destructive behaviors may surface if we're not careful, as Pluto encourages openness and honesty, making it challenging to keep secrets.

While Pluto's retrograde presents challenges, there are ways to find balance and emotional clarity, such as through crystal healing. Working with crystals can help promote balance during difficult astrological transits, offering support and guidance through challenging times!

Best Crystals To Work With During Pluto Retrograde

During Pluto retrograde, certain crystals can be particularly helpful in addressing the challenges of this transit. Here are some of the best crystals to work with during this period:


Hematite is especially powerful for releasing negative behavior patterns that no longer serve us. Pluto retrograde often brings attention to destructive or addictive behaviors, and hematite helps us let go of these patterns. If you've been struggling with obsessions or negativity, hematite can help restore balance and focus on more positive activities.


Another beneficial stone for Pluto retrograde is amethyst, which enhances willpower and reduces destructive behaviors. This crystal soothes emotions and promotes balance and healing, making it easier to release the underlying emotions that lead to addictive behaviors.


Pluto's influence encourages introspection and exploration of hidden emotions, making moonstone an ideal crystal for this transit. Moonstone is intuitive and gentle, allowing you to delve into your emotions without fear. It facilitates deep reflection while making the process more manageable and comforting.


Pluto's influence encourages us to explore buried emotions, which can sometimes lead to feelings of fear or anxiety. Tourmaline helps to dispel fear, making it easier to confront these hidden emotions. It also promotes self-compassion and understanding.


Retrograde transits can bring up negative or overwhelming emotions, leaving us feeling drained. Citrine is great for promoting positive energy and optimism during this time. It helps to balance heavy emotions with feelings of gratitude, allowing us to find the silver lining in challenging situations.


Known as the "Star Stone," Moldavite has connections to celestial energies due to its formation from a collision between Earth and a meteorite. It has high vibrations and healing energy, helping us connect to our higher selves and tap into universal wisdom during Pluto retrograde.

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