Mars Is In Aries Now – Here’s What It Means For Your Zodiac Sign in The Bedroom

At 11:33 a.m. ET on April 30, 2024, Mars will move into Aries, a sign it particularly enjoys. Aries, known for its fiery energy, will be amplified by Mars, sparking increased drive and motivation.

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When Mars is in Aries, it also stirs up the energy in the bedroom for all zodiac signs. Curious? Here's what you can expect:


It's like a home game for Aries with Mars in their sign. Expect an increase in confidence and a bold approach to desires. Aries folks are likely to take the lead, making moves that are adventurous and straightforward. They're all about spontaneity, so their partners should be ready for some impulsive fun.

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Taurus might find the fiery energy of Mars in Aries a bit overwhelming, but it also spices up their sensual nature. They'll be more inclined to try new things, stepping out of their comfort zone. It’s a time when Taurus can really let go and explore more playful and passionate aspects of intimacy.

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For Gemini, Mars in Aries means a supercharged curiosity in the bedroom. They're likely to initiate conversations about fantasies and might be more eager to experiment. Expect lots of playful banter and a desire for a more dynamic and expressive sexual experience.

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Mars in Aries pushes Cancer out of their emotional comfort zone, igniting a fiercer side of their usually gentle nature. They might be more assertive about their needs and desires. It’s a time for Cancers to connect deeply with their partners through passionate and intense moments.

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Leo loves the spotlight, and Mars in Aries turns up the wattage. Expect Leos to be more aggressive and enthusiastic about pursuing their romantic interests. They'll likely take charge, ensuring that their presence is felt and enjoyed. It's all about drama, fun, and a bit of show-off in their actions.

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Mars in Aries might make Virgo a bit more impatient than usual, but it also brings a burst of confidence to express their usually reserved desires. They’ll be more straightforward in communicating what they want in the bedroom, possibly surprising their partners with their boldness.

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Libra usually likes to keep things balanced and harmonious, but Mars in Aries could ignite a more selfish streak, urging them to pursue their own pleasures. They'll be more inclined to express what they want directly, and their romantic encounters might be more intense and less about pleasing others.

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Scorpio already thrives on intensity, and Mars in Aries just adds fuel to the fire. Expect an even deeper exploration of desires and boundaries. Scorpios will be even more bold and direct, possibly taking their mysterious allure to new heights in pursuit of their passions.

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For Sagittarius, Mars in Aries is like a green light for adventure. They'll want to explore new territory in the bedroom, bringing a sense of excitement and exploration. Expect lots of enthusiasm and a willingness to try just about anything once.

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Capricorn might typically like to maintain control, but Mars in Aries encourages them to let loose a little. They’ll find themselves more open to spontaneous encounters, possibly setting aside their usual need for structure in favor of more immediate pleasures.

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Aquarius will enjoy the freedom and spontaneity that Mars in Aries brings. They might approach intimacy with an even more unconventional twist, exploring unusual fantasies or experimental methods. It’s a time for Aquarians to break norms and enjoy uncharted territories.

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Mars in Aries injects a dose of assertiveness into the typically dreamy Pisces. They might feel more emboldened to act on their fantasies and express desires more openly. It's a good time for Pisces to connect with their partners in a more passionate, direct way.

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