Do This To Ward Off Flies From Your Outdoor Areas

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Imagine trying to enjoy a leisurely barbecue with friends or a quiet evening on your porch swing, only to have it interrupted by swarms of flies. The constant buzzing around your head, landing on your food and drinks, can quickly turn a pleasant time into an irritating ordeal.

Luckily, Facebook user named Tabe Paxson recently shared a fantastic tip to help keep flies and other pests away from our outdoor spaces this season.

Here's the hack: all you need to do is put a bar of Irish Spring Soap into a mesh bag and hang it up in the areas where you usually spend time outside, like your porch or deck.

get rid of flies summer

Surprisingly enough, it seemed to work like a charm.

Tabe explained, "I hung one bar of Irish Spring and was shocked by how quickly and effectively it works. I thought I would share this for anyone else who's annoyed with the flies."

Interestingly, pests absolutely hate the strong scent of Irish Spring Soap.

Even just a light whiff drifting in the air is enough to keep flies away, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor activities without constantly swatting bugs.

And get this—even deer can't stand the smell of the soap! That's why some gardeners stuff bits of soap into nylon stockings and place them in their gardens to protect their plants.

Got an RV, camper trailer, or cabin you're closing up for the season? Throw in some chunks of Irish Spring Soap when you winterize.

Mice can't stand the potent aroma either, so they'll be much less likely to make themselves at home in your trailer during the colder months.

Who would've thought, right? With temperatures rising where I am this week, I'm definitely heading out to stock up on Irish Spring Soap to fend off any pesky flies trying to ruin my fun!

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