Say Goodbye to Oven Door Grime in Seconds With This Easy Hack

Cleaning oven door grime can feel like a never-ending struggle. Many cleaning products don't seem to work effectively, or they're designed for metal surfaces rather than the glass of the oven door.

Despite trying elbow grease and baking powder, the grime persists, mocking your efforts. 

While the simple solution might be to clean it more frequently, let's be honest, that's easier said than done.

But nothing beats the pains of cleaning your oven glass. With all the splatters and grease from cooking, the glass gets so thick and grimy, we can hardly see the food we're cooking.

I tried using store-bought oven cleaners, but they seemed too harsh and the fumes were really smelly. Plus, they didn't do a great job.

But then, I notice that people on TikTok were cleaning their oven doors using a dishwasher tablet.

So, I decided to give this viral hack a shot to clean our grimy oven door – and I was blown away by the results.

The method is straightforward: dip a dishwasher tablet in warm water and rub it over the oven glass. As I moved the tablet along, it started to dissolve, but it lifted off a ton of grime in the process. 

When the tablet completely fell apart, I used my hand to spread the rest around, and it was pretty gross.

oven door cleaning hack dishwasher tablet dirty

Once I couldn't feel it sticking to those stubborn 'baked-on' spots anymore, I grabbed some paper towels and a bit more warm water to wipe it all away. I was amazed at how much yellowy-brown grime came off.

The whole process only took about 10 minutes, and the oven glass looked spotless – the photos don't even do it justice.

So... I highly recommend trying this method to clean your oven door! While there's some scrubbing involved, it's not too intense, and you only need gloves as special equipment.

For next time, I'll use a spray bottle along with a small bowl of warm water, make sure the tablet absorbs enough water before scrubbing, and apply a fair amount of pressure when scrubbing with my hand.

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