What’s the first thing you notice if someone’s bathroom isn’t clean?

Bathroom cleanliness. It's like the litmus test for how well a house is kept. You walk in, and boom, you can tell if it's been looked after or not.

From gunky faucets to TP shortages, there are clear signs that a bathroom could use a bit more TLC. So, let's dive in and talk about those obvious telltale signs that scream, "Clean me, please!"

1. The icky grim around faucets & sinks

When a bathroom isn't clean, one of the first things that catches your eye is the buildup of grime around faucets and sinks.

This accumulation of dirt and soap scum can make the fixtures appear dull and unsanitary, leaving a negative impression on guests.

2. The top of the toilet bowl & under the toilet seat (!)

Especially noticeable, particularly to male guests, is the cleanliness of the area at the top of the toilet bowl and under the toilet seat. Any visible dirt or stains in these areas can be off-putting and suggest a lack of hygiene.

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3. Toothbrush or makeup sitting out on the counter

Personal hygiene items like toothbrushes or makeup left out on the bathroom counter can make the space appear cluttered and unkempt. Especially when it comes to your toothbrush or makeup, exposed to a flushing toilet, is pretty gross.

It's best to hide them away under the sink to create a more organized and clean environment for guests!

4. Bathroom odors is a clear sign of neglect

One BIG unmistakable sign that a bathroom hasn't been cleaned properly is the presence of unpleasant odors.

Lingering smells indicate that bacteria and grime have been allowed to accumulate, and can be a dead giveaway that the bathroom is overdue for a thorough cleaning.

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5. Toilet paper running out

Oops. Running out of toilet paper is a major inconvenience for guests and indicates a lack of attention to detail and a sign you're not ready for guests. Make sure to restock the toilet paper before guests arrive to avoid any awkward situations!!

6. Toothpaste splatters on bathroom mirror

I've been to someone's bathroom where every area was cleaned except the mirror. And trust me, I almost threw up.

Toothpaste splatters (and other dubious stains) on the bathroom mirror are unsightly and can make the entire bathroom appear dirty. Not many people notice their own mirrors (after staring at it everyday while brushing their teeth, but it's obvious to guests if you haven't cleaned it.

7. Hardened soap gunk on soap dispensers

Soap dispensers can accumulate gunk over time, especially if soap drips and hardens. A quick rinse with hot water and a scrub can refresh the dispenser and make it look like new! Easy hack.

8. Stray hairs in the bathtub or sink

Stray hairs in the bathtub or sink are a clear indicator that the bathroom hasn't been cleaned recently. If you (or your husband) trim your beard over the sink, make sure you rinse the sink thoroughly of the tiny hairs, because no one wants to guess what is that!!

9. Sticky door handles/knobs

Sticky door handles or knobs are not only unpleasant to touch but also suggest that the bathroom hasn't been properly cleaned in AGES.

Wiping down these surfaces with a disinfectant can help remove any stickiness and improve the overall cleanliness of the bathroom.

10. Dirty bathroom vents

Dirty bathroom vents not only detract from the appearance of the bathroom but also indicate a buildup of dust and debris.. and possible mold. Cleaning these vents regularly can improve air quality and prevent odors from lingering in the bathroom.

11. Stains on bathroom door

Stains on the bathroom door, no matter their origin, can be a major turn-off for guests. It's important to address these stains promptly to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of the bathroom.

12. Fresh guest towels to dry hands

Guests expect clean and fresh towels to dry their hands, not your bath towel, please!! A dingy or matted hand towel suggests it hasn't been changed recently and is icky to use.

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