What do you make sure to clean before guests come over?

Introducing guests into your home is always an exciting but nerve-wrecking experience, especially when you want your home to look clean and inviting!

Experts agree that paying attention to certain cleaning tasks can make a BIG difference in the overall presentation of your home.

So, here are eight things you should always clean before guests arrive!

1. Places Where Food Is Prepared

If you’ve ever visited someone’s place and seen a nasty stovetop or kitchen it makes you really not want to eat anything there! Especially if there are food particles or stains on the countertops, stovetops, kitchen islands that may attract pests! That's one way to frighten your guests...

Also, pay special attention to areas where food preparation occurs, ensuring they're sanitized to maintain a hygienic environment for cooking. There's nothing that ruins an appetite more than seeing a dirty food prep area!

If your oven door is covered in an embarrassing layer of oil and grime that won't budge, use a dishwasher tablet.

2. Grimy Bathroom Sinks & Faucets

Imagine stepping into a beautiful home, only to notice that their bathroom is a grimy mess! Especially the tap... when it's greasy and gunky, it makes my skin crawl trying to use the tap without touching it!

So before your guests arrive, make sure to clean sinks, faucets, and countertops to ensure they're sparkling clean!

Another trick is to sit on the toilet and whatever is in your direct line of sight should get extra attention.

Can't seem to get rid of that pee smell? Try this easy and cheap hack to eliminate them once and for all!

3. Bathroom Mirror

Toothpaste splatters on bathroom mirrors at people's homes really give me the ick, but when it's your home you may not always notice it! Make sure to grab a soft microfiber cloth and clean your bathroom mirror till its spotless.

3. Living Room Sofa

The living room area is where everyone gathers and spends most of the time during their visit. Unfortunately, the living room sofa is where a lot of spills and stains occur (especially if you have a habit of snacking in front of the TV).

So make sure to spot clean any stains or spills (use our DIY Ultimate Stain Remover recipe - it works every time) on your sofa, so guests can feel comfortable sitting on it.

4. Floors

If you have light-colored floors, dirt, furs and hairs tend to stick out like a sore thumb. Vacuum carpets and rugs, and mop hard surfaces to remove any traces of dirt or spills. Pay extra attention to high-traffic areas such as entryways and hallways to ensure they're spotless and presentable for guests.

5. Smells and Odors

Ever stepped into a home and notice a musty smell? You probably won't notice if your house smells strange to guests, because you're used to how your home smells.

However, you should still air out the house to eliminate any stale or musty odors that may have accumulated. This involves opening windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the space.

Running out of time? Use any of these quick hacks to get your home smelling amazing!

6. Entryway

The entryway is the first impression guests will have of your home, so it's important to keep it clean and clutter-free. Sweep or vacuum the entryway floor, and wipe down any surfaces such as tables or shelves. Provide a designated area for guests to hang their coats and store their shoes to keep the entryway organized and welcoming.

7. Guest Bedroom

If you have a guest bedroom, ensure that it's clean, tidy, and inviting for overnight guests. Make the bed with fresh linens and pillows, and dust surfaces such as nightstands and dressers. Provide extra amenities such as clean towels, toiletries, and a water pitcher to make guests feel comfortable and welcome during their stay.

8. Outdoor Spaces

If you'll be entertaining outdoors, don't forget to clean and tidy up outdoor spaces such as patios, decks, or gardens. Sweep away any leaves or debris, and arrange outdoor furniture to create a comfortable seating area for guests. 

Do this to ward off flies outside and keep mosquitoes away with this easy homemade spray.

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