How to Block Snoring Noises and Have a Peaceful Sleep

how to block snoring noises

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If you have a partner that snores loudly, and you are a light sleeper like I am, then it can be very hard for you to sleep through a whole night peacefully and without waking up.

In my case, my husband is a very deep sleeper and a committed snorer.

It has been hard to sleep next to him, and I often found myself lying there in the middle of the night, looking at the ceiling, and wondering what did I do to deserve this.

Running to another room was not an option.

It would solve the problem for that night, but it is not a long term-solution.

how to block snoring noises

First of all, we started searching for the cause of snoring.

And we found several most important points:

  • Age – The older you are, the more likely it is for you to start snoring. As you become older, your throat will get narrower and your muscles will get weaker, so you are very likely to start snoring.
  • Having a few kilos more than you should – Fatty tissue is something that can lead to snoring. Being overweight also means that you probably have no muscles, and being all “relaxed” can lead to snoring problems.
  • Sex – It is more likely for a man to have a snoring problem than a woman. It is simply because of the structure of our bodies. Men have narrower airways, so this would make them snore more.
  • Sleeping posture – It is more likely for people to snore if they sleep on their back. In that way, the flash just “melts” over the throat, and blocks the air flow.
  • Medications, cigarettes, and alcohol
  • Sinus problems

Then, I tried different things.

How to Block Snoring Noises and Have a Peaceful Sleep

I sent him to his doctor to check if his snoring was a cause of some serious illness; luckily, it wasn’t.

He quitted smoking; that did not help either.

I felt so powerless and had no idea what else to try. But I found a few solutions over the years.

Naturally, some of them are better than the others, but I do hope that some of these will help you get through the night peacefully, and wake up as fresh as a daisy.

How to Block Snoring Noises

1. White Noise Machines

I have been mentioning these white noise machines quite often; they are very effective when it comes to “killing” the background noise.

These little white noise machines emit a sound of such low frequencies that you cannot actually hear it, but it masks all of the other sounds and tricks your mind into not hearing them at all.

White Noise Machines

It is very simple to use it. Just put it next to your bed, turn it on, and it will camouflage other sounds in the room just by tricking your mind.

They are very safe to use.

They do not emit anything but this certain type of sound, so you can even put them in your children’s room, if they have any problems sleeping. 

From my experience, these white noise machines have a very good effect on masking the snoring, and especially if you combine them with something like earmuffs or earplugs.

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2. Mobile Apps

A little bit cheaper solution to the snoring problem than white machines would be mobile apps.

There are numerous numbers of applications on AppStore that you can find and test out for free, or very cheaply.

These applications work on a principle that is similar to the principle of white noise machines.


In most of the applications, you can adjust the type of sound that you want to listen to and that you find relaxing, and listen to it while sleeping.

You can combine, for example, the sound of waves and woods, or rainy day in a café, or campfire and birds’ chirping; all to your liking.

You can just let it make the ambient for everyone in the room, or you can use some headphones.

3. Sleep headphones

These sleep headphones can help you listen to some music, listen to that ambient sound from your Android phone, or similar; whatever makes you feel relaxed.

Headphones can be uncomfortable even during the day, and not to mention how uncomfortable they can be in the night.  

But these headphones are made so they do not fall out of your ears, and they are very soft. 

Additionally, they are attached to a band that you can wrap around your had to secure them in your ears a little bit more, and hold the headphones in place.

sleep headphones

4. Sleep Earplugs

If you are not sharing a bed or a room with a heavy snorer, these earplugs might be just the solution you need.

It is the first thing that would come to anyone’s mind when they think about how to block the unwanted sound during the night.

But there could be a problem with this.

They could be a little bit uncomfortable when you first put them inside of your ear.

It is very important to find the right type of earplugs that suits you.

For that reason, you should probably try some earplugs that are specifically made for sleeping.

And not only that they are made for sleeping, but they have a special NRR 31 formula that would make them reduce the sounds in your surrounding by 31 decibels.

In most of the cases, 31 decibels decrease is enough to block the snoring noises.

Additionally, they are very soft and they would adjust to your own ear, so there would be no pinching.


5. Earmuffs

These sleeping earmuffs are not only good as a cover for your ears and block from snoring, but they can be a great sleep mask.

This one is the one that I like the most.

It is very flat, so I can turn around countless times during the night, and it wouldn’t get uncomfortable.

There are some other types of earmuffs that are good for traveling.

I, personally, do not travel often, but my husband does, so I got him this earmuff/ sleeping mask/ pillow to use when he is in an airplane, and he says that it is working wonders for him.

I just wonder how people who sit next to him manage to sleep and what does wonders for them!

6. Practice relaxation techniques

Practice Relaxation Techniques

You are very familiar with the fact that you sleep very bad when you are stressed out, I am sure.

And even if you manage to get yourself to sleep, you would wake up a lot.

For this reason, there is a thing that I would recommend you trying, even though it might sound funny. It is trying out breathing and relaxation exercises.

When practicing these exercises, you would fall asleep much faster and sleep much sounder.

That is something like a yoga meditation.

You will be more relaxed, and not pay much attention to the surrounding sounds.

Here is something that I like to practice from time to time. Not only does it help me fall asleep, but relax in general:

7. Play low music or radio

This method is similar to the white noise machines.

The idea is to cover up the noises of snoring in your room by distracting yourself and tricking your mind into hearing something else.

Of course, you will have to find a type of music that suits you.

For me, it is hard to sleep when there are voices, so I always like to put on some classical music, or some ambient instrumentals.

Music with words always makes me want to sing along, and there goes my sleep.

There are some very, very pleasant mixes that could easily be found on YouTube, so check a few, and see how they work for you.

Play Low Music Or Radio

8. Combination

There is always a possibility for you to combine different methods.

For example:

  • Sleeping earmuffs and sleeping headphones/earplugs
  • White noise machine and earplugs
  • Meditation and relaxing music

To be honest, the possibilities of combinations are just endless.

The only thing that you have to do is try different approaches to your problem, and I am sure that there would be something that would suit you just fine.

It is impossible that the snoring noises are that loud that nothing can mask or kill them.

On Blocking Snoring Noises


And these were my tips for you.

I hope that you will try them out, and find something that works on your partner, roommate, or even you if you are thoughtful enough.

In any case, these are some of the things that might help you with the night monster known as snoring.

Sleep well!

How to Block Snoring Noises and Have a Peaceful Sleep

How to Block Snoring Noises and Have a Peaceful Sleep

Does your partner or roommate snore loudly? Does it affect your sleep? Here's how to block snoring noises so you can have a peaceful sleep! Click to read!

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  1. Use White Noise Machines
  2. Use Mobile Apps
  3. Wear Sleep Headphones
  4. Sleep with Earplugs
  5. Wear Earmuffs
  6. Practice Relaxation Techniques
  7. Play Low Music Or Radio
  8. Use a Combination
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