Insiders Reveal Horror Stories About New Clothes, You’ll Never Want To Wear Them Before Washing

Shopping for new clothes is supposed to be exciting, but what if those fresh outfits harbored hidden dangers?

Insiders share alarming insights in a Reddit post that might make you think twice before slipping on that new shirt or pair of pants!

Some Fabrics Are Treated With Pesticides

User u/cdcyclist recounts their experience working in a garment factory, highlighting the extensive use of chemical treatments on fabrics.

According to them, "Some fabrics are treated with chemicals the way food is treated with pesticides because it sits in a warehouse before shipping and they don't want moths eating it or rats nesting in it."

New Clothes May Have Been Worn Before

Former retail worker u/tomorrowistomato pulls back the curtain on the lack of washing for clothes in stores.

They reveal, "One article of clothing might be tried on by over a dozen people in a single day, and not all of those people have great hygiene."

Moreover, they stress that items returned to stores often find their way back onto the sales floor, potentially carrying unknown histories and hygiene issues.

Possible Severe Allergic Reactions

The consequences of wearing unwashed clothes can be severe, as illustrated by u/snaughtydog's harrowing experience.

They share, "I broke out in hives from the chemicals in the clothes. Full body hives. It itched SO bad."

This ordeal escalated to urgent medical care, including oral steroids and emergency room visits.

Use of Formaldehyde

Another person, u/RickAstleyletmedown, warns of the potential dangers lurking in new clothes.

They caution, "Some companies use formaldehyde and other chemicals to prevent wrinkles and help clothes stay looking nice on the rack."

In light of these revelations, it's clear that washing new clothes before wearing them is more than just a precaution—it's a vital step in safeguarding against potential health hazards. 

By taking this simple measure, you can enjoy your new wardrobe additions with peace of mind, knowing that they're clean and safe for wear.

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