“It’s Just A Weird Mental Block” Women Say It’s Impossible To Clean While Their Husband Is Home

Does anyone else feel it's impossible to clean while their spouse is home?

Cleaning feels like a breeze when I'm home alone. I crank up my favorite tunes and zip around the house, feeling super accomplished.

It's like a race against the clock to see how much I can get done, and the look on his face when he sees the sparkling clean house is priceless!

But when my husband is home, it's a whole different story.

Him being around really disrupts my flow and I feel like I can't get any cleaning done. 

I thought I was alone, but apparently that's how many women feel.

It all began with a candid post from Reddit user u/PegasaurusTrex, who shared her frustration about trying to get things done while her husband is home.

"When my husband is home, he sits in the most central part of our home- the living room. And it's an open floor plan," she explained.

wife cleaning husband on sofa

"He turns off all of the lights, shuts all of the blinds, and plays video games super loudly. I just can't seem to work around him in that environment."

She continued, "I have to tiptoe around the house while he is on important calls and the other half I spend in an overstimulating, dark, man cave environment. I don't know why this is so hard for me, but it is!"

Immediately, her post struck a chord with many women who chimed in with their own experiences.

User u/monsingeetmoi echoed her sentiments, saying:

"Are you me?! Exact same situation. It’s been going on for the last 5-6 years and our house clutter and junk is stressing me out so much, yet I can’t do anything when he’s around."

Others shared humorous anecdotes about their husband's uncanny ability to get in the way of their cleaning efforts:

"If I'm cleaning the kitchen, he needs the kitchen," joked u/JustCallMeNancy, "If I just mopped he'll show up within 5 minutes, every time. It always seems like when I'm in a really good zone and listening to a podcast with ear pods on he's got something to tell me."

"Are you married to my husband?????" laughed u/Usual-Archer-916. "Mine's retired. And the thing about mopping is so spot on it's frightening."

To cope, some women suggested using noise-canceling headphones as a signal that they're in work mode and shouldn't be disturbed.

"Headphones signal work mode in my house—my husband better not talk to me when my headphones are on unless the house is on fire 😭," shared u/foosheee. "Make sure you’re communicating that expectation to him!"

Others commiserated over similar cleaning woes, like u/peachsqueeze66, who lamented: 

"I don’t have this issue. But I do have the issue of 'I just cleaned THAT' so of course you want to shave over the sink I just cleaned or make a sandwich on the counter I just cleaned, etc."

Ultimately, lots of women go through similar challenges with housework and their partner being around.

It can be annoying, but talking openly and setting some rules can make things better!

Whether it's using headphones or just asking for a bit of space, finding ways to deal with these situations can make home life more peaceful for everyone.

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