Why Did We Hit Old TVs Whenever They Stopped Working?

Ah, the good old days of fixing TVs with a smack on the top (it's always the top, not the side)!

It's like a universal trick passed down through generations. My dad always said, "If it ain't working, give it a whack!"

Whether it was TVs, refrigerators, or even the radio, a good smack seemed to do the trick.

But then why do we smack old TVs whenever they didn't work?

Despite lacking a scientific basis, giving the TV a good whack seemed to magically fix issues like fuzzy screens or poor reception—at least temporarily!

Some say it jostled internal components back into place, while others believe it was just a superstitious ritual passed down through generations.

The "Science" Behind Smacking Old TVs

The scientific reason behind smacking TVs is not entirely clear, but there are a few theories that attempt to explain why it sometimes worked:

  1. Loose Connections: Over time, the internal components of a TV, such as circuit boards and wires, can become loose due to vibrations or temperature changes. Giving the TV a gentle tap or smack might temporarily reseat these connections, restoring functionality.

  2. Mechanical Sticking: In older TVs with mechanical components like switches or relays, smacking the TV could help dislodge any stuck parts, allowing them to move freely again.

  3. Thermal Expansion: Changes in temperature can cause materials inside the TV to expand and contract, potentially leading to intermittent electrical connections. A sharp tap might momentarily shift these components back into alignment.

  4. Psychological Effect: There's also the possibility of a psychological effect at play. People might perceive that smacking the TV fixes the issue simply because they expect it to work, similar to placebo effects in medicine!

While these explanations offer some insight, the true reason behind the effectiveness of smacking TVs remains somewhat elusive and anecdotal!

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