69 Leo Tattoos You’ll Fall In Love With

Discover 69 Leo tattoos that perfectly capture the essence of this bold and charismatic zodiac sign. From regal lions and celestial constellations to creative designs that blend strength with beauty, these tattoos celebrate the vibrant and fearless spirit of Leo!

This elegant letter tattoo of Leo on the hand is simple yet beautiful to look at.

This artistic one-line drawing of a lion's head captures Leo's boldness and simplicity, reflecting their straightforward yet powerful presence.

A realistic lion head drawing tattoo with flowers entwined in the mane symbolizes Leo's strength paired with their innate warmth and generosity.

A minimalist Leo constellation on the finger subtly honors Leo's celestial identity and fiery spirit, while keeping the tattoo subtle.

This little lion head portrait tattoo on the hand in a minimalist style emphasizes Leo's courage and leadership in a sleek, modern design.

This dainty floral Leo constellation beautifully blends Leo's fiery essence with their appreciation for beauty and creativity.

Minimalists will adore this simple arrangement of zodiac symbols on the forearm, representing the different placements in your chart.

Leo zodiac symbol on inner forearm by First Jing

Source: First Jing

This colorful take on the Leo lion combines geometry as well as the Leo constellation in a spectacularly gorgeous galaxy tattoo.

A half lion face, half skull tattoo overseen by a single eyeball symbolizes Leo's fierce strength and mortality, with the eye representing their powerful intuition and vision.

We're in love with this kawaii art tattoo of a lion cub! Proves Leos are just little cuddly kittens at heart.

blue lion sketch tattoo by Tattooist Ilwol

A mini Leo constellation on the shoulder subtly honors Leo's celestial pride and radiant energy.

A sitting lion with the sun behind his head on the wrist captures Leo's regal nature and association with the sun.

fingers game leo by puro tattoo studio

Source: Puro Tattoo Studio

A finger tattoo with 'L' on the right index finger and 'EO' on the left celebrates Leo's identity with a playful and personal touch.

A playlist tattoo with the Leo symbol signifies Leo's dynamic and vibrant presence in life's soundtrack.

A mini wrist tattoo of two lions facing each other represents Leo's strength and the harmonious balance of their dual nature.

lion eye tattoo by Venom Art Tattoo

Source: Venom Art Tattoo

This diamond-shaped tattoo containing a single lion's eye highlights Leo's sharp vision and majestic allure.

Snoopy leo constellation tattoo by Masa Tattooer

Source: Masa Tattooer

Snoopy and Woodstock looking up at a Leo constellation add a whimsical and endearing twist to Leo's starry significance.

A tattoo blending florals into the Leo zodiac symbol with birth flowers symbolizes Leo's vibrant personality and their connection to life's natural beauty.

A lion surrounded by flowers reflects Leo's strength harmonized with their warmth and love for beauty.

An incomplete lion head tattoo signifies Leo's constant growth and evolving journey of self-discovery.

A lion ready to pounce captures Leo's fierce determination and readiness to seize opportunities.

Leo personified as a girl or goddess embodies the sign's regal and powerful spirit in a feminine form.

A girl embracing Leo as a lion symbolizes the harmony between Leo's fierce nature and their deep capacity for love.

A lion confidently looking forward at land, buoyed by waves below, represents Leo's fearless leadership and resilience amidst life's challenges.

A Leo constellation with stars replaced by rubies symbolizes Leo's radiant and luxurious nature, shining brightly with regal elegance.

A leopard tattoo represents Leo's fierce, agile, and confident personality, highlighting their predatory prowess.

A lion head overlaid with a red skull outline and red shooting stars above captures Leo's strength, courage, and fiery spirit, intertwining life and mortality.

A cute, colorful Leo constellation tattoo reflects Leo's vibrant, playful, and dynamic essence, celebrating their joyful spirit.

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