67 Libra Tattoos That Will Leave You in Awe

libra tattoos

In this article, we showcase 67 amazing Libra tattoos that will leave you in awe. Featuring elegant scales, stars, and creative designs, these tattoos perfectly capture the balance and harmony of the Libra zodiac sign. Whether you're a Libra seeking tattoo ideas or just love beautiful art, you'll find plenty of inspiration here!

The quintessential Libra scale featuring a brain on one scale and a heart on the other symbolizes Libra's eternal balance between intellect and emotion.

This tattoo of Libra balancing two hearts, separated by a colorful ocean of waves, captures Libra's harmonious and loving nature amidst life's complexities.

A fine line style sun tattoo with the Libra symbol in the center radiates Libra's quest for balance and harmony.

The Libra symbol designed like a sun setting over a horizon reflects Libra's role in bringing peace and equilibrium to the world.

This delicate and dainty Libra lettering style tattoo embodies Libra's graceful and refined personality.

libra constellation cats by Playground

Source: Playground

A black cat and a white cat sitting pensively on the Libra constellation highlight Libra's duality and contemplative nature.

A frayed Libra symbol signifies the struggles of a distracted, impatient, and indecisive Libra, yet still striving for balance.

A creative representation of the Libra constellation with cute icons brings a playful and whimsical touch to Libra's balanced character.

If you look carefully, there's a sleeping face amidst the Libra constellation in this tattoo, which symbolizes Libra's peaceful and serene essence.

In this tattoo, the Libra scale is weighing between "sins" and "forgiveness," reflecting Libra's constant search for justice and balance.

Goddess of Libra tattoo by Banul

Source: Banul

The goddess of Libra celebrates the divine and balanced nature of Libra's essence.

Libra tattoo with lotus flowers by Anya Barsukova
Libra balance tattoo by Bang Bang Tattoo

Source: Bang Bang Tattoo

A minimalist balance scale tattoo on the forearm captures Libra's straightforward pursuit of harmony and fairness.

This unique sword tattoo balances the sun and the other the moon signifies Libra's equilibrium between opposing forces.

This fun tattoo has the Gemini twins guiding a Libra goddess riding Taurus through a star arch depict Libra's connection to other signs and celestial harmony.

A Lady of Justice tattoo is perfect for Libra as it embodies Libra's core values of fairness, justice, and equilibrium.

A floral Libra constellation is always pretty and dainty, reflecting Libra's love for beauty and balance in nature.

This tattoo featuring the Unalome symbol, Libra symbol, and a butterfly in a line represents Libra's journey towards enlightenment and transformation.

This "Stay Wild" tattoo on the hip captures Libra's free spirit and zest for life.

A zodiac tarot card of Libra scales merges mysticism with Libra's inherent sense of balance and justice.

This spine tattoo of Libra scales, the moon, constellation  symbolizes Libra's core attributes running down the spine of her being. The name is also a nice touch!

A creative modern take on Libra scales featuring a one-line drawing highlights Libra's artistic and contemporary approach to balance.

These goddess tattoos honor the celestial and harmonious qualities of the Libra spirit.

A tattoo of the Grim Reaper holding the Libra scales reflects the deep and sometimes somber balance between life, death, and justice that Libra represents.

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