Zodiac Signs and The Aura Color That Brings Them Luck


Aries, you'll find your lucky color for 2024 is red. Surrounding yourself with this color will inspire you to take bold leaps of faith.

With the north node in your sign all year, you'll feel a contagious zest for life as you pursue your goals courageously.

To boost your power, try imagining a red light from your root chakra during meditation.


Since spring 2018, Taurus, Uranus has been shaking things up for you. This year, expect major intuitive and creative insights.

When you feel nervous or anxious, meditate with yellow crystals like citrine and imagine a yellow light at your solar plexus chakra to welcome these insights.


Your power color for 2024 is silver, easy to embrace and harness. With Jupiter entering Gemini in late May, luck is on your side.

Consider investing in silver jewelry for social, business, and networking events to stand out and make the most of this fortunate year.


You're protected by a higher power this year, Cancer. With Jupiter entering your 12th house of spirituality, deepen your connection with the divine.

Your color for 2024 is pure white. Dressing in white, using selenite crystals, and meditating surrounded by white light will help you harness the wisdom of the year.


Connections will be key for your personal growth and evolution, Leo, as Pluto activates your seventh house of relationships.

Dressing in light blue or wearing accessories of this color during presentations or communications will enhance your message.

Use light blue crystals over your throat chakra to boost your connection to your voice during meditation.


You'll feel a sense of power and strength throughout the year, Virgo, thanks to Juno infusing your relationships with authenticity.

The color orange will help you integrate individuality and connection. Surround yourself with orange flowers to boost your mood and emotional processing during interactions with others.


Hey Libra, get ready for another year of personal evolution! The south node has been clearing out what doesn't fit your path, and this trend continues in 2024.

Pink is your lucky aura color this year, helping you practice self-love and care. Start the year with a high vibe by making your own aura cleansing mist with roses and rose essential oil. Spritz yourself whenever you need an energetic boost.


2024 makes you the master strategist, Scorpio. Pallas Athene, the asteroid of wisdom, will be in your sign most of the year, enhancing your intuition.

Shades of purple align perfectly with this energy. Try wearing amethyst or purple agate jewelry to open your crown chakra and absorb positive vibes.


Power comes in different forms, Sagittarius, and in 2024, it comes as clairvoyance. With Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, you'll see below the surface of situations.

Surround yourself with indigo to enhance this ability. Dive into the unknown with confidence and style.


In 2024, it's all about self-care for you, Capricorn. Ceres, the asteroid of nurturance, will be in your sign, encouraging self-parenting.

Green is your color, promoting balance and connection with nature. Consider adding more plants to your home or garden this spring.


Get ready to tap into your raw power, Aquarius. Pluto returns to your sign, inspiring transformation and impact.

Crimson is your color, symbolizing strength and determination. Incorporate it into your wardrobe to show the universe you're ready for anything.


2024 is about building a strong foundation, Pisces. Dark yellow is your power color, representing focus and lifelong learning.

With Saturn deepening its presence in your sign, you're ready to create something meaningful. Whether it's expanding your studies or starting a business, embrace this unique shade of yellow for support.

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