Your Zodiac Sign As A Bad Roommate

Living with any sign can bring its quirks and charms, but these exaggerated traits sure make for a colorful cohabitation experience!

Aries: Always up for an adventure, even if it's 3 AM and involves rearranging the furniture for "optimal energy flow." Your kitchen has never seen so many impromptu (and fiery) cooking contests.

Taurus: Their side of the room is a fortress of comfort with a no-entry policy. If you touch the thermostat, prepare for a cold war colder than the leftovers they refuse to throw out.

Gemini: They've mastered the art of talking to you through the bathroom door. With Gemini, you never need a radio—just their endless stories about people you’ve never met.

Cancer: Sentimental and loving, but their side of the fridge is an emotional museum of expired products they can’t part with because "each yogurt has a story."

Leo: The spotlight must always be on them, even if it’s just the living room light. They use your Netflix account to exclusively rate movies based on their own performances in drama class.

Virgo: Your apartment has never been cleaner, but you can't help but wonder about the passive-aggressive notes in every corner of the apartment. They also have a schedule for cleaning the schedule.

Libra: They spend more time deciding where to put a new painting than they do paying the rent on time. Their charm can smooth over any late bill, but it might not work as well on you after the third late notice.

Scorpio: They plot quietly how to get revenge on the neighbor who plays loud music. Your secrets? They knew them before you moved in. At least the mysteries of your missing snacks will always be solved.

Sagittarius: They're always planning a trip to somewhere, which might mean you get the place to yourself—unless they decide to host a pre-trip party. And a during-trip party. And a post-trip celebration.

Capricorn: They've itemized the rent bill and included taxes, handling fees, and emotional labor. Meetings about household budgets are mandatory, and yes, there will be a PowerPoint presentation.

Aquarius: They’re experimenting with a hydroponic garden in the bathtub and discussing conspiracy theories at 2 AM. Your apartment’s WiFi is strained under the weight of all their devices.

Pisces: They meant to do the dishes; they just got distracted by their third existential crisis this week. If you need them, they'll be in their room, under a pile of art supplies, probably crying over a sad movie.

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