“What If He Pees?” People Disgusted When Mom Puts Baby In Her Kitchen Sink While Cleaning House

With new parenting hacks popping up left and right, not all are getting a thumbs up, especially when it comes to stuff involving babies.

Some might sound cool at first, but when it comes to the little ones' safety, people tend to have strong opinions.

That was what happened on TikTok, where a mom faced criticism for her approach to multitasking while caring for her baby.

In a video viewed over 1 million times, mother and fitness influencer @theminiboss__ showed how she cleans her kitchen with her baby in the sink.

Via @theminiboss__

"New moms: wash your baby in the sink so you can clean your kitchen while they can have sensory time," she wrote in the video.

Her baby seemed content in the sink, lying in a plastic bathtub with a cloth covering his body.

While the mom saw this as a practical parenting hack, many disagreed.

The top comment replied sarcastically, "Put baby in dishwasher, with dishes. Then can get vacuuming done too."

"No thanks. Watch your baby." Another comment said.

"I have a toddler and another on the way and would never turn my back on my child in the tub. It only takes seconds. Bathing your kid in the sink is fine, but you need to have eyes (and preferably hands) on them AT ALL TIMES."

Others were appalled that the mother would bathe her baby in the same sink she uses for washing dishes.

“After taking a microbiology class I avoid sink baths for littles. Way too much risk for bacteria even if you do keep it clean,” one user revealed.

“I always find it weird when people do this and that’s why I don’t eat at everyone’s house lol,” another user commented.

“What if the baby pees in the sink…and then you wash dishes in the same sink,” another user pressed.

In response, the mother replied that every mom knows what's best for their baby. "I swear it’s the only way he’s happy if I put him down. chairs nope. bassinet nope. bath? happiest baby ever".

Regarding safety worries, the woman assured viewers that she never takes her eyes off the baby for more than a few seconds.

“He’s in a very low amount of water and I’ve done many baths where I sit and stare, so I know he’s okay and I’m right next to him the whole time,” she commented in response to one user.

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