Husband Interrupts Wife’s Shower Hoping She’ll Stop and Make Dinner – Internet Gets Upset on Her Behalf

A woman shared a frustrating incident on the subreddit "r/TwoXChromosomes" where her husband interrupted her shower to ask if she could start making dinner.

"We have three children, all over the age of 10. My husband was off work today and we’ve been doing errands separately and working around the house," she explained in her Reddit post.

Right before dinner, she hopped into the shower and was surprised when her husband barged in, demanding she start dinner immediately.

She recounted their conversation in the post, highlighting his passive-aggressive tone when he questioned if she planned on eating dinner.

Perplexed, she asked him what he meant, clarifying that she intended to eat later.

When she questioned why he was pressing about dinner, he insisted he needed her help cooking, despite being fully capable himself.

"Keep in mind the man is fully able, and he knows how to cook," she emphasized.

Perplexed by his demand, she told him he didn't need her help since it shouldn't be difficult for him to chop onions and cook meat.

But her response only seemed to anger him, and he left the bathroom without saying a word.

"I have been married to this man for 20 years and I promise in all that time I’ve never needed a welfare check while I am showering. We had the menu planned and groceries bought hours ago (I made a suggestion, [but] he said no and specified another entree)," she wrote.

She recognized the absurdity of him expecting her to abandon her shower and start cooking when all the ingredients and everything he needed were right there in the kitchen for him to use himself.

"Not gonna lie, this kind of makes me want to stay in this bathroom all night!" she joked.

Her post garnered 2,000 comments and 16,000 upvotes, with most people getting upset on her behalf.

"The audacity that some of these men have lol," remarked user bumblebubee.

BreadButterHoneyTea added, "It's kind of even worse because he asked you if you want to eat dinner. If my husband were to ask me that, I would think it's because he has cooked or ordered dinner, not because he wanted me to get out of the shower and go cook."

Some users had questions of their own.

"Has anyone ever been able to actually change a husband who acts like this? I feel like mine listens for a while and we make progress and then he just goes back into incompetence.

"He does take turns cooking now but can't for the life of himself see a dirty dish without it being pointed out. Then gets mad if I point out he didn't wash the dishes that didn't fit in the dishwasher," one person shared.

"Come in next time he is shitting and ask him about mowing the night would be best," MarcusRoland suggested.

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