Mom Surprised to Find That Other Parents Clean Bathtubs Before Their Kids’ Baths

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The newest parenting discussion making the rounds online is all about bathtubs.

Some parents argue that it's necessary to thoroughly clean the bathtub with soap before letting their kids bathe.

Others, though, say they've never even thought about it and just plop their kids in without any extra scrubbing.

So, who's got it right?

It all started with a debate in a parenting Facebook group, later shared by TikTok user @mama_tiktok_here.

In a short video, she talked about a parent asking if it's common to clean the tub before bath time.

The mom confesses she's never done a full scrub-down of the tub every night before her kids take a bath.

"I mean, I'll give it a good clean a couple of times a month, but not every single night," she says. "Am I the only one who does this?"

Lots of parents were just as surprised as the mom in the video, sharing that they usually don't give their tubs a deep-clean every evening before bath time.

"Absolutely not. My tubs are clean, but I definitely don't scrub them every night," one TikTok user shared.

"I feel like if you use chemicals right before the bath, it's like having a 409 bath," another user pointed out.

"I mean, if by clean she means splashing a bit of hot water in there before they hop in, then yeah, I do that," another user admitted.

But some couldn't imagine not giving their tubs a thorough scrub before their kids bathe.

"I've got five kids. I scrubbed the tub after every single one of them, EVERY NIGHT," one mom commented.

"I can't even imagine all the germs just sitting there, and then bathing in it," another user wrote.

"Everyone showers before the kids get in, so they're washing off dirt and stuff. Why wouldn't you clean the tub?" another user wondered.

Many families have their own way of doing bath time, but some wonder if it's safe to put kids in the tub without cleaning it first.

Over time, moisture in tubs can lead to fungi and mold growth. Experts say a bout 10% of the bacteria found in tubs comes from fecal matter, which can get stuck in the bathtub ring.

However, you're unlikely to get sick from E.coli or other harmful bacteria unless you drink a lot of the bathwater.

Even if there's bacteria in the tub during bath time, it gets diluted by the water and isn't a big threat to your kids' health.

Chemical-based cleaners used to clean tubs can actually be more harmful, irritating the skin and lungs.

Instead, it's best to clean the tub weekly using safer options like baking soda, bleach, or a mixture of water and vinegar with a dash of lemon juice for a fresh scent.

These won't harm your kids' health and are good at tackling grime buildup.

It's important to keep bathing areas clean, but missing a week or two isn't a huge deal.

Parents have a lot to juggle, and they shouldn't be judged for occasionally skipping deep cleans. The priority is keeping the kids clean and healthy, not obsessing over spotless tubs.

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