Is He Overreacting? Husband Upset After Wife Doesn’t Clean Before His Friends Come Over

A 36-year-old man took to Reddit to describe a day when he came home from work with some friends from the office, only to find his home in complete disarray.

According to his post, his stay-at-home-mom wife was nowhere to be found and his three kids were running amok and causing the mess.

The man immediately confronted his wife — but was left feeling a little unsure about how he handled the situation.

"My wife does her best to keep up with the cleaning and keeping the house tidy and I feel for her, I really do so I told her she doesn't have to clean up all the time since the kids are running up and down all day and making huge messes.

"I did tell her that she only has to make sure the house is clean when we have guests over and she agreed with me."

According to the man, his wife breached this verbal agreement when he arrived home after work with a few coworkers in tow.

"When I opened the door all I could see was an utter mess, food and toys and clutter everywhere," he continued. "I was shocked I was embarrassed and just mortified that my friends saw my home looking like this."

He went on to explain that some of his friends were visiting his home for the first time, and they subtly commented on the messy state.

After they left, he found his wife sleeping and confronted her about the untidy house.

He expressed his embarrassment and blamed her for not tidying up before his friends arrived, even though he had sent her a text about it.

She defended herself, stating that she didn't see the message and argued that it was the kids' fault for the mess.

Most people in the post criticized the man for expecting his wife to keep everything spotless. But others saw a bigger issue at play.

"YTA (You're The Asshole). You basically sprung this upon her, didn't check to see if she happened to see the one text where you just casually decided to spontaneously bring home people that day, and showed literally zero care that she wasn't feeling well," said the top comment.

Another commenter added, "SAHM stands for stay-at-home mom, not stay-at-home maid. Her priority is the children. Not to be on call to make the house look unrealistically tidy in an hour's time."

The fact that the man didn’t check on his wife's well-being when he came home was troubling. Discovering she was sick but still choosing to ignore her and express embarrassment only compounded the issue.

The responsibility for the children and the house falls on both spouses, regardless of employment status.

Studies have shown that husbands often add to their wives' workload by neglecting household chores.

In this case, the husband expected his wife to clean the house at short notice, disregarding her other plans for the day.

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